How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme in 2024

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme

Blog theme selection may not seem a problem to you but a lot of people struggle to decide which theme they should pick for their blog. The purpose of discussing the idea of blog theme selection is to help starters in choosing their blog theme.

Before we go into details, you must know what a blog theme is.

A blog theme is a design layout that provides an outlook for the blog and displays various web components for the readers to navigate through and surf the blog. It’s also known as a web template.

I’m not trying to convince you to pick some random blog themes. Instead, I want to educate you on theme selection so that whenever you choose a blog theme, it becomes easier for you to do that.

How to Choose the Best Blog Theme in 2024?

So here are my five tips on selecting the blog theme:

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Must look at the Industry’s top blogs

Looking at the industry’s top blogs means that you should go through some top blogs in your industry and try to figure out that what they have been doing on their blogs. It could be the color, optin boxes, popups, or post thumbnails that they are doing it differently. The best way to do that is by going through various blogs in the same industry. By seeing those blogs, you’ll understand the must-have things about the theme. If you suddenly choose something out-of-the-box that doesn’t fit in, it might not do any good to the blog. So it’s better to first look at the blogs in your industry and consider the pattern, or at least, some elements of the pattern.

So you can search on google for something like this; if in case you don’t know who are your real competitors.

looking on your competitors on google

The theme should be niche-relevant


It’s necessary to understand the niche and choose the blog that’s relevant to the niche. If you have a favourite niche that you have been following for some time and you’re going to launch your blog in the same niche, you should observe the commonalities between the blog themes of your niche. For example, in the blogging tips niche, most of the blogs have a theme-style in which there are small thumbnail images with the blog post excerpts.

The homepage layout consists of various snippets of the recently posted articles along with the small thumbnail pictures. It would be a good idea if you choose a niche-relevant blog theme.

Buy a blog theme from a reputable seller

dont be socially isolated

It’s recommended by the pro bloggers that we must try to use the highest quality blog theme either we use WordPress or any other platform. Usually, there are many theme or template sellers out there who sell cheap and affordable themes, but no one can guarantee that those themes would be development-wise perfect for use.

There is another factor of this problem; we often purchase blog theme from popular template marketplaces where hundreds of thousands of web developers sell their templates. It’s been seen that those templates sometimes have issues, whereas if you use a theme from a popular template subscription company, you won’t have this problem. Plus, in case, there is a problem, there is always a support system to help you out. I personally use Elegant Themes and Thrive Themes.

Avoid using free themes

I’m not a web developer, but being an experienced digital marketer and blogger, I can say that paid themes are way better than free themes.

The basic reason is that there is no guarantee that the random developer who made that theme didn’t put any hidden backlinks or codes to benefit him/her.

It used to happen in the past and I’m not sure that it has stopped or not.

Additionally, free themes are available for everyone and everybody is using them so your blog becomes one of the thousands of blogs with the same look and design; you might not want to do that.


Paid Theme
  • Themes are not usually much expensive.
  • Huge collection of designs.
  • Comes with advanced features and supported with many plugins.
  • You get personal support.


Free Theme
  • They have simple designs
  • Limited Options and settings.
  • You don’t get any personal support.

Please note that although i avoid using free themes, but if you are an experienced web developer and digital marketer and know things well in the market, So if you find a free theme which fulfils all of your requirements, there is no harm in using a free one either, but if you have money, I will ALWAYS recommend to go with a paid one.

Customisation and features

customisation and features

Before choosing any blog theme, make sure to find out that it has customisation options that allow you to make changes or use different features of the theme.

The benefit of a paid theme is that you can customise it and made necessary changes along the way, whereas, such options aren’t available in free themes. Nevertheless, some paid themes don’t have much customisation options too. The best way is to talk to the development team or the developer to figure out what options they provide to customise the theme.

Usually, they offer demo templates and if you get a chance to check out the dashboard or panel of the blog theme, then don’t hesitate to test it out and see they offer inside.

Testing a Theme for Mobile Readiness

It’s always a good idea to test your theme on different browsers so that you are assured that it’s mobile friendly.

Browser Compatibility

As a marketer, we need to check if its compatible with majority of the browsers on Windows/MacOs/iPhone/Android and on other devices.

Supported Plugins

Make sure to check if your theme supports the plugins you will need to use with the website or not.

Translation + Multilingual Ready

Not everyone do this, but if you do, it can be a great add-on.

SEO Friendliness

Seo has been an important subject for companies and blogs. If your blog isn’t SEO friendly, you will going to loose a huge chunk of traffic.

Read out my article on How to Improve Your SEO Technique to get started in SEO.

Other Aspects to Keep in mind :

  • Keep color combination in your mind.
  • It should go well with your logo otherwise you may need to change it as well.

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Your Part and Conclusion

So these were my five tips on choosing the blog theme and best wordpress theme. If you’re about to make a blog theme selection decision, these tips could help you make a better decision.

If you’re a blogger who some experience in buying and using blog themes, then you might want to answer the following questions:

What’s the one thing you look at when it comes to buying a blog theme?    

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