5 Surefire Website Traffic Sources for Bloggers

5 Surefire Website Traffic Sources for Bloggers

Have you ever wondered about additional website traffic sources for your blog?

Every blogger strives to get more page views, unique visitors, and clicks on the ads. But, does every blogger achieve that? It’s not hard to tell because you’d know many bloggers who quit blogging or abandon their blogs just because they don’t see any traffic or affiliate sales or Google Adsense income.

Sure, website traffic could make a difference in any blog’s growth and journey and earning more money online without huge investment. Therefore, I decided to talk about some surefire website traffic sources for bloggers. Because every blogger wants more website traffic on the site or blog. There is no question about it. That’s how everything gets started for them.

If they pumping out content but there is no sign of traffic after weeks of continuously publishing content, then there is something wrong. There could more than one issue in this regard; either they are pursuing a wrong content strategy or their website’s page loading speed is quite low.

Five Website Traffic Sources For Bloggers

Let’s break this down: a wrong content strategy means maybe you have chosen irrelevant keywords to target that have no demand in search. The solution could be trying out new keywords and experimenting with different ones so that you could tap on the right ones.

Secondly, your website hosting is not a high-quality service, which leads to the low pageloading speed of the website. The pageloading speed is a ranking factor, which means if your site doesn’t load quickly, then Google may not rank your site on the first page.

If your site doesn’t have such issues or you have already fixed these problems, then you can move on to trying some new traffic strategies that are surefire website traffic sources for bloggers and website owners.

Here are five website traffic sources for bloggers:

Answering on Quora

quora logo

Quora is questioning and answering website that allows people to ask questions as well as answer the questions. It’s a social media platform because it connects people; you can follow others and vice versa. There are many more features such as blogs which allows you to publish blog posts on the Quora platform. You can include relevant blog posts URLs or websites where necessary, but don’t spam it for promotional purposes.

If you want to grow on Quora, which would ultimately lead to getting more traffic to your website, then try to work on the essence of the platform, which is questioning and answering. If you shift your focus on pasting your website URL or a blog post link from time to time, then you may get spam warning and after continuous violations of their terms, your account could be terminated.

Start to answer with the abilities and help others out, you’d start to increase your followers, which would get you more attention as well as website traffic. The reason is that Quora allows you to mention your website URL in the bio, which is visible at the top of your profile. Whenever someone follows you, that person is likely to look at your URL as well. Chances are, you’d start to get some visitors from your Quora profile. Plus, you can mention the blog post URLs where it’s absolutely necessary for your answer to support the point with your blog post, which would increase the traffic too.

Bloggers like Ryan Biddulph & Ankit Singla also actively uses Quora to Generate traffic and they have recommended this formula over the time to other bloggers as well.

So don’t underestimate the slow and steady growth of your Quora profile. And, it’s certainly a good website traffic source for bloggers.

Pinning Images on Pinterest

pinterest logo

Believe it or not, sometimes, you pin an image from your blog post through a social media sharing button, and it starts to deliver traffic from Pinterest to your blog. Now, it may not happen every time you do this, but I have seen this happening. Before that experience, I never believed that it could be possible, but now I do.

Pinterest is one of the popular social media platforms, and if you aren’t active on Pinterest, then it doesn’t mean others aren’t. There are millions of active users on Pinterest that share, like, and comment on Pinterest.

Always try to add a special pinnable image to your blog post so that people find it easy to share the image on Pinterest. When they share the image from your blog post to Pinterest, they also share the link and title of the blog post automatically.

Long story short is that Pinterest can definitely provide you a bundle of website traffic, if you stay put and keep on exploring the platform.

Michelle has repeatedly mentioned in her income reports on how she is generating huge traffic from Pinterest and making huge out of it, every month.

Product Reviews

write product reviews

Reviewing products and writing about them might not be the cup of tea for many of you, especially if you have jobs or you run businesses, but if you’re a blogger, you’d consider this. A lot of bloggers like to try out relevant products to review them. Not only do they review to earn a commission from affiliate programs of those products, but they also review products to get traffic from the search engines. They know that people are searching for reviews to buy the product.

So it gives you an opportunity to find and use the product. Once you figure everything out about the product, go and write an in-depth review on the favourite that you’re using. It could your web hosting, software on the PC, or any other online subscription that you bought.

Guest Posting

guest posting

Guest posting has been around for a while, but the majority of bloggers don’t consider it important anymore because of the nofollow links. But I think it’s still relevant and considerable, even if it doesn’t bring any SEO juice to your site. [Although in my opinion it does, even with a no follow link]

The reason I’m a fan of guest posting is that it provides you with an avenue to present yourself on someone else’s platform. You get the mic and stage on someone’s show; you can talk about and build your fanbase by just providing value in the matter of a couple of thousand words.

The best part of the guest posting is that you build connections with not just new bloggers but you also meet their audience. So don’t guest post for SEO, but instead, do it for building a brand and getting recognized.

Blog Commenting

blog commenting

After guest posting, the next thing that bloggers used to prefer just for the sake of SEO juice was/is blog commenting. A lot of new bloggers still think that blog comments have dofollow links. WordPress changed that to nofollow a long time ago. Read this for further clarification on the comments nofollow link.

You might wonder why one should guest post after all. Well, the answer is that you could cash in on blog commenting by delivering valuable comments on others’ blogs. It works pretty much like guest posting, but guest posting gets more attention than blog comments. However, you can’t underestimate blog commenting.

The important part is that you have to choose the right blogs to comment; they must be relevant and from the same niche. Moreover, if you don’t deliver value in the comments, then it’s not going to make much of a difference.

Other Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Social Media Groups

Join social media groups and actively participate and help. Where possible, promote your site without spamming.

Run PPC ads

Although expensive but can generate quick traffic to your website. Learn How to Start Facebook Ads

Improve your SEO

SEO is one of the top 3 website acquisition channel for majority of the website. It can be a game changer if you know how to do seo. Learn How to Improve your SEO Technique.

Focus on recurring traffic

Generating traffic is one aspect, but retaining them and converting them into your recurring visitors should be your ultimate goal as there is no benefit of generating traffic for one time, instead you should work on how to make them visit your website again & again. You can use things such as

  • Email Newsletter.
  • Timely updating and adding new content.
  • Engaging and promoting your website with your social media fan page.
  • Other things as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

Whats the best way to increase website traffic?

In my opinion, the best way is to do it via Word of Mouth and Branding Yourself. There is no match for such solid traffic. However it takes more time to develop such source of traffic.

I’m looking to increase website traffic fast?

Start Running PPC Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other places. This is one of the fastest, quickest but yet expensive ways to quickly generate traffic on your website.

Whats the content which generates quick traffic?

Writing on current events, focusing on current trends and then exactly publishing the posts ahead of time is one of the best form of content which generates quick traffic. I have also discussed this in my event blogging post.

Your Part

I have shared five methods to increase your website traffic. Some of you already know about these methods, but a lot of you haven’t tried all of these methods. Do try out these methods and let me know once you see some positive results.

Would you like to share your favorite website traffic source in the comments?

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


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  3. I usually read your posts which really inspire me, brother. In this post, I think you missed some more useful traffic sources like Web 2.0 as per my experience it is a very good traffic source.

    1. Web 2.0 doesnt specifically brings traffic however they are good in SEO and rankings. Please correct if im wrong.

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