How to Grow Blog Traffic using SEMRush

How to Grow Blog Traffic using SEMRush

First off all, understand. SEMRush is NOT a traffic-builder tool.

Oh… You already know that? Well, then that (and this) statement is really not for you. 🙂

It is for those who do NOT know it already (the SEMRush), and are in their aww just by reading the title of this post. 🙂

But it is the tool that is going to help you build the traffic.


We will definitely come to know of it.

There are certainly many ways to actually build up the traffic for your blog site.

But we cannot deny of the fact that some of the methods, some of the process will take hell lot of the time to actually start seeing the results.

To avoid that (in most cases), better is to hire and SEO agency or the best SEO tool which is right for you.

Hiring an SEO agency; you should saddle up for paying a LOT every month!

SEO tool; buy it and you are good.

Is it that easy? Buy and you are all good?

Nope, not at all AND never at all!

Buying the SEO tool is definitely the cheap but if you do not know how to operate it to get the maximum result, the investment is totally a waste and useless.

So… this blog post is really for you to find the best SEO tool and how to operate it to actually grow your blog traffic.

How to grow blog traffic using SEMRush

Before i start, let me tell that this article is the part of my SEMRush Review series.

Now we are on it. Over the real thing.

And it has the process to be detailed out.

So for that, we need to name the every single step of the process first to basically understand it all.

Let’s go with that then.

What is the SEMRush?

The SEO tool, SEMRush, was kicked into the world in 2008 by the handful of SEO and IT people to help in making the online competition fair and transparent for everyone.

In all these years, SEMRush has been emerged as one of the best competitive research tool serving up with its best for online marketing.

SEMRush claims to be “For Marketers, By Marketers” where they actually claim to put up all of the information, all of their experiences, and all of their knowledge squeezed and spread through that one tool. And no doubt their claim is a truth as well. 🙂

Who are you?

Well, I am not going to cover anything to get you started.

What that means?

No domain or no niche. [Check my list of evergreen niches]

Will not cover anything about the domain selecting, and picking up the niche but and because this post is for the action-takers who are into the business from sometime and operating their websites/blogs from awhile.

This is the post to align your game towards the best practices that SEMRush has to offer you.

So please, refrain in reading this entire post if you do not have the domain name and not yet decided your niche.

Even though I have covered those two items and you can easily get started with them by reading;

Get your domain and select your niche first before jumping over to this blog post.

How to use SEMRush to grow my blog traffic?

That is the one core center of this entire post. And this is what we are after.

Here we are going to post-mortem (just kiddin’) all of the SEMRush features and anything that will only and only help you growing your traffic for your blog.

Let’s outline the feature of the SEMRush that are vital.

Well, that is the one-stop-shop tool for the digital marketing that include;

  • Site Audit
  • Topic Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Tool
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • SEO Content Template
  • Brand Monitoring

And so much more!


That is it.

And… That is all we want to know about what is the SEMRush, right?

Yeah, that is enough.

And for this test, I picked up my friend, Harsh Agrawal’s blog, to go through this all as it is the one-old, well-managed, and the established blog from years.

Site Audit

Before doing anything, what we need is the complete audit of the site.

It will help us to determine how good we are doing and what we need to fix right now to solve the site’s related issues.

site audit semrush

Noticed it, did you?

Errors are…. the error. Real error in stopping your full visibility.

If there is just ONE error visible, it is the disaster for your blog.

And what stopping your visibility in search engines, you can be missing out big on the traffic depending upon the traffic acquisition.

But wait… Did you take me and my advice to only LOOK at and FIX just the “Errors”?

If that is so (that you thought of), no way that I am advising you just to fix the Errors and move on.

Though “Errors” are definitely highest and potential growth-stoppers for your website, “Warnings” and “Notices” are equally important to look at AND fix as well.

But firstly you gotta have to deal only with “Errors” and then jump over to “Warnings” and in the last to “Notices.”

Just click on the numbers and you will be amazed to find out all of the “Errors”, “Warnings”, and the “Notices” that which pages/URLs are queuing up inside them.

You able to make the 100 percent in the total score, you are definitely the higher-receiver of the search engines’ love.

And if search engines start to love you, you are blasted with big wide chunk of the daily traffic which is so ready to help your blog to grow.

By the way, though I am using the free SEMRush account for this demonstration and hence it is limited to crawl only 100 pages/URLs.

To be able to allow SEMRush to crawl the whole site, and every inch of it, just buy it fast and find every single of the issues your blog could be facing.

Glimpse of the “Errors” page…

site audit semrush

This is how and mostly will look alike when you click on “Errors” tab.

Topic Research

topic research semrush

Read the quote first…

Done? Okay. Continue…

Can we deny the fact SEMRush does not hold the best of the market’s information at its side?

Then we can definitely trust them to find, locate, and bring the best topics at our brain’s doorstep, right?

So for that, SEMRush has one of the exciting feature called Topic Research.

We need content every time. Readers need new content to consume on our blogs. So why miss finding the great content by the best SEMRush who does a very hard work at the backend to read, analyze, and suggest the awesome content ideas to write, and present to our readers the best and the awesome pieces of the content that are always beneficial for their purposes.

So we need to really trust on SEMRush for that!

topic research semrush

This is how the SEMRush “Topic Research” looks.

Oh well… The tagline is superb to read, nope?

But rivalry is the too-extreme word in its origin I must say. 🙂

Topic Research is not itself going to recommend you the next topic but you are to provide the idea first and then it will do its magic, and the wonders.

For the mere example, let me go with “SEMRush” as the topic to try.

topic research semrush

You see the red circle?

That is our main keyword/general word to grab the topic ideas for.

And SEMRush did its magic to bring up some best topic ideas.

The outer-circle in the grey is showing us some best topic ideas which we can connect our main keyword/general word which is “SEMRush.”

This view is jotting all of these into “Mind Map” to make it easy to look at and understand.

Click on any of the connecting words that are into grey-colored circle.

Then you will be able to see the ideas being generated into the right sidebar.

  • Headlines
  • Questions
  • Related searches


Headlines-related topics are lined up in the form of high to low based on the number of backlinks recorded by SEMRush.

Just hover the mouse over the loudspeaker icon and you will come to know of the resonance with the audience.

The higher is the number of the backlinks, that makes it to the more-competitive content which is little bit hard to break through for the new blog.


questions semrush

Such topic ideas are shown in the format of the questions.

And the questions are made in the way of “What”, “Which”, “How”, and “Is”.

You pick one question-based topic and you are good to go.

Related searches

Related searches are counted when your main keyword/general word is being search all around the SEMRush website.

If any of the search term you find interesting for yourself, just do not waste a second of the time and start writing over it.

There are some other viewing versions too, which are;

  • Overview
  • Explorer
  • Cards

And require not much of the clarifications as they are almost the same in the structure.


Still we have to write for the humans but machines are there to help in sending and blasting our written content to the more eyeballs.

Let’s just fulfill most of the requirements the machines require but not just write for the machines in its entirety.

My SEMRush Review: SEMRush Review 2019 – Perfect Digital Marketing & Keyword Research Software

Keyword Research

Man… The process of the topic research was an excellent task, isn’t it? 🙂

But a thought could be slightly kicking in your sense that why I put the “Keyword Research” step just after the “Topic Research”?

Well, if I tell you to decide for yourself as to which step you want to do first, either it is Keyword Research first and then proceed with Topic Research.

If you feel good to find your keyword first, get it and then do the topic research based on that keyword to jot it down together to actually create an awesome topic for your next blog post.

So, let’s get back to the point…

keyword overview semrush

Page that shows Keyword Research.

Now… I am here going to search for “SEMRush.”

keyword overview semrush

And that is how the page is looking alike tearing down “SEMRush” as the searched keyword.

By default, you will land on the “Keyword Overview” page.

By the way, we are looking at the searches and everything that are Organic and nothing Paid.

We are splitting this whole keyword research’s game into the three steps.

keyword overview semrush

Step 1: Organic Search

It is going to show you;


Number of results

Volume: It represents the average number of the search queries that are made into last-12 months, and importantly on the national level (because U.S. is selected in our case.)

The average number will be different for other countries.

Number of results: It indicates the total number of the URLs that are considered as being ranked for the given (searched) keyword.

Step 2: Trend

This graphical demonstration shows that how popular is your keyword on the search engines. And it is recorded when the searchers are set to search for that search query(ies) up on the search engines.

It is again from the national level due to we set to collect the keyword’s data for U.S.

Step 3: Tabs

As I said earlier, the keyword research will land you on the “Overview” tab, but you have two other tabs as well to select from.

But when you are at “Keyword Magic Tool”, you will see different and most-important tabs that are;

Broad Match

Phrase Match

Exact Match

Related Keywords

keyword magic tool keyword types semrush

Broad Match

keyword magic tool broad match semrush

Now we are to hunt for the keyword to do all of the work given that we have our primary keyword which is “SEMRush” at the moment.

So unde the Broad Match tab and we are seeing “All” for the keywords, we are being presented with the variety of the keywords that are hitting the number to 60K+.

Yes, 60,000 plus keywords.

You may reach to the another type of the keywords based on their volume by pressing on the button of the “By Volume”.

And want the question-backed keywords, you can certainly have it by just pressing the “Questions” view.

questions tab semrush

That is how “Questions” view is shown to you.

The keyword numbers are squeezed to 1K+ from the straight 60K+.

This view is best worked to grab the long-tail keywords due to being the questions-based classification of the keywords.


Phrase Match and Exact Match have the similar set of the keywords shown as per your seed/main keyword in the phrase and the exact matched order.

Oh…. Related Keywords…

Yeah, this view is different from all three other views which are Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match.

And this is how it looks.

semrush keyword magic tool 1

Saw that?

35K+ related keywords.

And here we too have the “Questions.”

semrush keyword magic tool

Let’s get your next keyword for your upcoming blog post using the “Keyword Research”! 🙂


Here you are to target for the least competitive keywords, and that means.

Lower keyword difficulty with volume in high number.

The more difficult your keyword shows beside KD, it will be harder to beat the competition. (Yes, you can beat it but as I said, it will be the harder task.)


If you have one-word long keyword or two-words long, you will experience the high volume numbers.

The more words you add in your keyword, the better it will be to get lower number in the volume, and will be more easy to rank for search keyword.

And such type of the keywords are mainly and generally called the “long-tail keywords.”

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Link Building Tool

The entirely the link building tool.

Having the established blog means you would have made the links in the past.

So what it is effective for, to locate where we LOST the links and the links are in BROKEN form.

link building tool semrush

This is how the “Link Building Tool” will look alike on your end.

And first get your eyes instantly move on the columns of “Lost Links” and “Broken Links.”

If these are showing any kind of the numbers to you, get ready to minimize them.

Because these will get you the active links which you once had.

After that, your second main target is the “Prospects.”

That is how the “Prospects” view will be shown to you.

link building tool semrush

Well, Prospects is going to help you finding the best-matched websites as per your searched keyword.

And it takes the websites to be listed as the “Prospects” by analyzing the organic search, your competitors’ made backlinks, manually uploaded the links by you, mentions, and lost to rejected links.

They are your golden eggs to hunt for the potential prospect-turned-into-backlink.

Sorf them by using filters of URL, Keyword, and TLD.

You able to get a backlink out of them, you rock!

link building tool semrush

Found your potential and interested prospect for you? Click on “Add with” and get that site up as per your intention regarding that prospect.

And then it will be stored (actually moved) into “In Progress” for you to take the desired action, i.e. proceed with the outreach strategy.

Beware that you have to take ACTION to get the result and this Link Building Tool is not going to do anything for you to win a backlink but your actions will.

SEO Writing Assistant

seo writing assistant

SEO Writing Assistant is nothing but the add-ons, the pretty add-ons.

And comes for Google Chrome and can be installed over your WordPress blog so that you are able to write as per the accordance to SEO, and that too in the real-time.

Writing the content and fulfilling all the SEO requirements will so help your content to get maximum advantage of the search engines.

SEO Content Template

Man!! That is powerful!. I mean Super powerful. You search for the keyword and it will analyze it given the first 10 results shown on Google search.

Those results squeeze the recommendations out of the first 10 search results, and jot them down as the “Key Recommendations”;

– Semantically related words

– Backlinks

– Readability

– Text length

See this…

SEO Content Template

I searched for “SEMRush” and it got me these.

Too brilliant, nope??!!

Now catch up on the two more sections, which are;

See how your competitors use your target keywords

Basic recommendations

You do it this way, and you are super good at writing the best piece of the content.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring SEMRush

Brand Monitoring, we are to explore and use it to hunt for the potential websites to go for the backlinks.

Brand Monitoring SEMRush 2

Look at that.

The “Web” tab is selected and you can see many of the posts there.

Then look at the sensor such as “Neutral”, “Positive”, and “Negative.”

So hunt for the Positive and Neutral websites with good BM score, estimated reach, traffic.

And if you go into the “Twitter” tab that is just beside the “Web” tab, you will find it as;

Brand Monitoring SEMRush 3

It has about the same procedure; your keyword mentioned in the tweets and those tweets are highly-closer to your blog.

So it should be the best of the strategy to be in touch with those tweeters to gain more eyeballs off the social media’s powerful site, called Twitter.

Conclusion on Growing Traffic with SEMRush

And straight to some of the questions I want to ask from you;

  • What did you learn from the Site Audit?
  • What did you learn from the Topic Research?
  • Keyword Research; how informative it was to you?
  • What about the Link Building Tool? How it went for you?
  • SEO Writing Assistant; something new, right?
  • How did you find the SEO Content Template thing?
  • Brand Monitoring; was not it so cool to track our brand, nope?


How good (or bad) you found this overall blog post covering some brilliant and efficient features of the great SEMRush?

Without any or the single inch of an doubt, SEMRush is the one brilliant tool.

Let’s share everything and anything about this blog post in the comments.

Because… I am waiting to hear back from you.

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