How to Choose Your Blog Name and Domain in 2024

How to Choose Your Blog Name and Domain

Choosing your blog name and domain doesn’t look like a difficult job; maybe because you haven’t had a hard time choosing your blog name and domain. But it’s not the case with everyone else. Many bloggers find it difficult to come up with a suitable domain and blog name.

You might have a different approach to choosing a blog name and domain and you can disagree with me on this one; I will respect your opinion, though. But if you have opened up this blog post, it means you’re interested in knowing my point of view on this.

Although my blog is a personal brand which I built around digital marketing, it doesn’t mean that I don’t value blog names and domains. I believe that a blog’s domain name plays a vital role in turning it into a powerful brand, which is why I’m writing this article to help guide all of you.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • Why it is important to choose the best blog name
  • What makes a blog name attractive
  • Why a good blog name can contribute to your blog’s success
  • Why we should prioritize a TLD over cheap domain extensions

Without any further delay, let’s get into the cream of this article.

Best Tips for Choosing a Blog Name and Domain

Here are some of the best tips for choosing a blog name and domain:

Relevancy with the Niche


It’s extremely important to have some relevancy between the niche and domain name. What I want to clarify immediately is that I don’t stop you from being creative when it comes to choosing a domain or blog name. You can be as creative as you want. What I mean by “relevancy with the niche” is that your domain name should not disguise the audience or trick them into understanding something different.

For example: If you’re starting a sports blog, you supposedly name it as SPORT MAGNET. It might look okay, but if you name is SPORTS JUICE. It would immediately become doubtful for the audience. They won’t clearly understand what it means or what the blog is really about.

Be Creative with the Name

be creative

We are living through the time when creativity is cool. Nowadays, a lot of startups have unique brand names and domains. You should also be creative when it comes to choosing the blog name and domain. If you are unable to think of a creative name for your blog, ask your friends or followers to suggest the best name for your blog. You might get surprised if you find a cool name from the feedback from the audience. The point is that people like creative names and such creative names are easy to remember.

Make it Short and Attractive


If you’re not familiar with this idea, then you should start doing a little bit of research on the internet. Nowadays, a lot of brands use shorter versions of the words/names to pick as their brand names. For example, Scribd, Moka, SHIFT, Pocket, and many more.

The point is that if you’re choosing your blog name and domain, then why not to choose a cool and trendy name that is easier to remember and people don’t have a hard time recalling it?

Spell Differently

unique selling proposition

This is becoming a huge trend in tech and IT industries. Many startup founders understand this trend and they spell their companies’ logos differently which makes their startup names cool. You can apply that formula to your blog name and domain. It could be a new thing in the blogosphere because this is something bloggers don’t do at all. Remember that being creative would be an edge over competitors who are starting right at the moment when you are but they are coming up with ordinary blog names.

Use the TLD

TLD means top-level domain. Previously, the TLDs used to be .com, .net., and .org, but now there are TLDs, special domains, and many more categories out there. The purpose of this point is that use the proper domain extension like .com, .co, or .net – a lot of brands use special domain extensions, which are comparatively expensive, but they look good too, for example, .io is one of those domain extensions.

According to Verisign data,

total tld's domain extensions

.com is not the only domain which is picked but there are various others which are relevant and being bought across the market.

The idea is that don’t pick up a cheap domain extension like .info or .web, which are available in $1 or $2 on various domain selling websites. You might not want to spoil the first impression of your blog by using a cheap blog domain.

Check the Domain Whois History :

It’s also a good idea to check the background of your domain to make sure, it doesn’t have any bad reputation, bad links or Google search suspended it from their results?

You can use a whois tool like this.


I have tried to educate you on choosing the blog name and domain extension. These things contribute to the blog’s success massively. A lot of starters don’t understand this thing and they try to save money by opting to the cheap domain extensions or they don’t consider paying attention to the nice and creative blog names. Therefore, they end up choosing ordinary blog names.

You might not feel the difference in the beginning, but once your blog becomes popular, you will then realize that your competitors have better blog names than yours.

I want you to choose a better blog name and domain extension so that you wouldn’t have to worry after two years.

What are your thoughts on my point of view on blog name and domain extension?

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