How to Become a famous blogger? (2024) – [Complete Guide]

Famous” is the word that is too brilliant for the ears to hear.And famous is too equal to the word “success.” And when it is attached to a personality such as with a blogger, and you get to see that “famous personality” with your own eyes… How come is the feeling??? Imagine, Becoming a Famous Blogger

It feels great, nope?

It tickles your heart to beat at its maximum.

You aim for a hug or even a handshake in haste.

Even if you miss that chance of touching that famous personality, you are not disappointed at all.


Why Become a famous blogger?

Because you have gotten a chance to look at that famous personality.

You must have heard about blogging from your friends, colleagues or anyone from your relative because blogging has become a norm trend and their is someone you can come up in your mind who is related to blogging in someway.

Ever since blogging became too common, now everybody is trying to get serious with it, and with too many people in it becomes little bit difficult to become a famous blogger.

A part from consistency, which i emphasise everywhere about any field, there are still more things you need to do to become a famous blogger.

So Now more discussions and let’s move on to the real stuff!

How To Become a Famous Blogger in 2024?

There are many things which pro blogger outlines however I will summarise few of them to get a good start in becoming a famous blogger.

What’s in to become a famous blogger then?

become a famous

Calling as the blogger is okay.

But… Being called out as the famous blogger is something above than a plain (and a simple) OKAY.

You get media attention everywhere, company calls you for lectures and meanwhile you get special protocol in your field.

One is the blogger by the minute he (or she) is up with a domain name and a web hosting account (Okay! You are again just feet away by publishing your first blog post to become a blogger.)

That first post or a few more posts will not make you the famous blogger though. And it does not even guarantee you will earn the badge of “famous blogger” by just keeping publishing the content.

To become a famous blogger, you got to do a few difficult and so tiring tasks and regularly;

  • Learn
  • Help
  • Teach
  • and Repeat..

Learning is the core of everything, nope?

Without the learning, you have no way to handle anything.

Take a good example of YouTube. It lets you learn and understand many difficult processes(es) at your own. Let them be car-related stuff, DIY thingies, and much more.

So after digesting your hunger of learning off the YouTube, you are able to perform that task at your own, with your very own different approach and who know that can be more sophisticated for others than the showed one.

So, learning is the first step of the ladder to get you established as the famous blogger.


help others

Then comes the turn of “help.” Help is right after the ‘learn.’

And help does not stand anywhere close to being perfect.

What I meant by that?

You know a few of the things, learned all by your own self then you are ready (you should be) to help spread your knowledge.

It should not be held back to your own mind and that’s the second and the most important step of the ladder to set afoot over becoming the famous blogger.



Teaching should come after the “learning and helping.” It is the advanced phase to be on the professional side of the blogging. And that can be free and paid (all up to you) and depends upon how good you have learned the art of the blogging.

For example, most of my physical lectures and online trainings are free, but at the same side, I have paid training courses as well.



Got the feel of the learn, help, and teaching of the blogging?

Repeat is the core element to make yourself the famous blogger.

It can truly be boring sometimes but it is the worth.

Overnight success does not exist at all.

You have to follow the process. The schedule. And do the little things repetitively to come closer inch by inch towards being the famous blogger.

You cannot become a doctor on the very day you are born.

So, how come you can turned out to become the famous blogger by having a domain registered? Or the web hosting account setup? Or the few blog posts sitting on your blog site?

No. Not at all! It will take you months and years! Literally, they will!

It is not easy but it is so worth doing.

Start with a Personal Blog.

build your personality

You can’t be famous blogger with general sites Unless and until you are like Harsh Agarwal of, or like Brian Dean, who owns a great SEO blog, His site is famous, he is a great blogger but he is like few of the people who don’t want to come on mainstream with his face, but with his blog.

Now there are many benefits of starting a personal blog, some may disagree in fact, however I have written a personal guide on why I like my personal blog so much, it may give you some more hints on why starting a personal blog may seems to be a better idea.

Starting with a personal blog is always not necessary but it can be a great idea.

Understand Your Audience

reliable audience

Not everyone is your customer. Understand who are your exact visitors going to be, what are their problems and how you are going to address them.

For example, I consider this blog niche to be digital marketing. So i consider my visitors as :

  • Digital Marketing & Professionals.
  • Bloggers, Freelancers and Marketing Persons.
  • People who are already in the above field or going to join it.

Another reason for understanding the audience is important so I’m assured that i’m writing on those topics which are loved by them, otherwise what’s the point of writing 300 articles when no body reads them?

Add Value to Your Readers :


If you don’t provide anything useful, great or something which is not yet discussed or not already available in the market, then what’s the purpose of re writing something which is already available? Your readers are looking something from you which is not yet available in the market.

Connect with Influencers in your niche

influencer marketing

Do you know who is an influencer?

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic. Wikipedia

Connecting with influencers is a great way to get the word out. Such follow influencers, quote them, appreciate them and re-share their stuff, most probably some day they will share your site too as a gesture of appreciation for what you have done for them.

Become Friends With Other Bloggers and Promote Them :

referring people

It’s like you promote them to your audience and they will promote you to their audience. You can do it with various ways such as mentioning them in your blog posts or sharing their posts on your social media channels, if you will do it frequently, chances are they will do the same for you in regards to your gesture.

Interview Personalities from Your Niche

Hiring employee

Another great way to become famous and generate people attention is to interview famous personalities in your niche, this way not only pro people from field get to know about you, but most probably they will also share their interview on your side on their social media and sites which will help you in gaining more followers and market awareness.

For example, I did a detailed interview back in 2016 or 2017 start of Abdul wali, who is a great inspiration.

That interview, got thousands of visitors, shares and social media attention which helped me in gaining more followers.

The living examples of the famous blogger

I cannot really name all of the famous bloggers within this blog post but some are definitely here who really became one.

Who did the repetitive work every single day.

And who worked off their strengths for years to become one!

So, here they are:

and the list goes on with many famous bloggers around the globe.

What made them the famous blogger?

There are few things which made them famous are :

  • Passion.
  • Dedication.
  • And sticking to what they love.

Learn > Help > Teach > Repeat.

Be the follower of the set process. Do it. Dream of it. And keep doing it at any cost and everyday.

Blogging is set to be the most important field in the online industry with ever increasing demands. Starting Your Own Blog is easy and it just takes few minutes to get your blog online.

Frequently asked questions on becoming influential blogger

I’m a teen, can i still become a famous blogger?

Yes if you do blogging in the right way, you can still become famous even if you are teen.

Can i become a famous blogger without showing my face?

People like to see faces. It’s going to be very difficult if you try your luck without showing your face.

Is blogging still relevant in 2024?

Yes, blogging is going to be one of the most strong niches to earn money online without much resources.

Is blogging profitable in 2024?

In 2024, blogging has become a profitable online profession. Many people are making a living through blogging. Typically it takes less then 15 minutes to start your online blog.

Wrapping Up and Conclusion on Successful Bloggers

Blogging is a wide field. Different strategies works for different bloggers, you can’t say that a blogger is failed just because he is not following the strategies what you are doing, all bloggers work differently but they all have the same goal and that is to get success. Some bloggers get the charm in few days and for some people it take ages, but sooner or later if they remain consistent, they can achieve the target…

What are you doing to be on the track to become a famous blogger in your domain and niche?

Let’s share your thoughts and the views with the world into the comment section.

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  1. YES these are very difficult task
    and Repeat..
    but, Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success

  2. Nice post bro.

    Also I think few famous bloggers have used Facebook groups to their advantage. Like Hassam Ahmad Awan and Amir Iqbal.

    It is one one under utilized thing to leverage a personal brand. 🙂

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