5 Ways to Start Earning as a Blogger in 2023

Ways to Start Earning as a Blogger

If you’re about to start blogging, you’d surely be interested in learning how to make quick money online on internet. You may have come across some bloggers who make money online through their blogs and you’ve made your mind too. Not bad at all. That’s a great decision. Let me tell you something here. You won’t make money from your blog unless you don’t know one thing.

That’s VALUE. If you don’t deliver value to the audience, no one would care about your blog.

How to Earn as a Blogger

Hundreds of thousands of blogs go online every day. Millions of blog posts get published every single day.

How would you make a difference out there?

This is not about demoralising you. In fact, this blog post will help you get through this. I don’t want to write a blog post that gives the half story and ends there where people want to go further and end up frustrated. So, I decided to write a comprehensive tutorial on STARTING EARNING MONEY as a blogger.

Want to Know How to Earn From Your Blog?

You want to know how you can make money from your blog!


I will tell you.

In fact, I will tell you something extra. Something that will help you along with the methods I’m going to share with you. It would work like reinforcing the methodology. Because everyone knows the basics. Once you go talk to a newbie blogger, he would tell you to start with Google Adsense, Chitika, and Infolinks. Moreover, some of them would say go for Affiliate Marketing.

But what they can’t tell you is that why to choose PPC advertising?

Why should we go for an affiliate marketing program?

Work on What kind of affiliate network should we join?

Focus for What sort of product to be promoted?

These are things people learn after years of experience.

Do you remember SCHOOL DAYS?

The teachers used to tell us that try to understand the concept not just go for learning the answer.

Well, this is something similar.

Three basic elements of blogging that will help you get success:

Finding the Passion

It’s quite important to start blogging on the basis of your passion. If you’re not passionate about something you chose for blogging, then it won’t work much. Either you will get bored of it or you won’t impressively blog about that. In my experience, bloggers who followed their passion and used that passion as their power got success.

Serving of Audience

The success comes to those bloggers who genuinely serve their audience. It means you have to first identify your audience because without knowing who your audience is, you can’t start to serve them. So, find your audience and figure out how you can help them. The secret tip here is that you must align your audience with your passion, so that you get to serve them with zeal and passion.

Choosing the Income streams

The monetization strategies are important as well. You can’t succeed as a blogger if you don’t have a monetization plan. You can’t rely on a single income stream. Keep finding different ways to monetize your blog, test a few, and compare the results.

Once you know these three basic elements of blogging, you can jump over and start choosing the different ways to make money as a blogger.

P.S. Don’t forget to checkout my complete guide on How to Start a blog!

Let’s get to the main part of the article.

5 Ways to Start Earning as a Blogger

All of them might not be for you. The different strategies work for different bloggers. Here are 5 ways to start earning as a blogger:

Monetize the blog through conventional ways


The simplest way to get started with earning as a blogger is following the average strategy of blog monetization. Many of the blogging newbie bloggers launch their blogs and apply for a Google Adsense account. Once they get it, they start monetizing their blogs. Another way of blog monetization is through affiliate marketing.

So, the PPC and Affiliate marketing are quite conventional ways to get started as a blogger. It is something almost everyone knows. You may come across a blogger who knows the different CPA, CPM, or PPC networks that you don’t know yet. Maybe, that would be another thing in this context. But notice one thing, you’d remain in the same context of blog monetization with the ads.

In order to explain it for the beginners, let me briefly mention the conventional monetization ways here:

Monetization through Advertising Networks:

In this model, there are PPC, CPM, and CPA ad networks that bloggers choose from. PPC is the most popular one and it stands for Pay Per Click. Since, you don’t have much traffic in the beginning, you might not want to go for a CPM network as it works with per one thousand impression rate. Similarly, CPA is an action-based advertising and stands for Cost Per Action. The action in CPA could refer to sign-ups, clicks, or form submission etc.

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the most popular blog monetization methods is affiliate marketing. It does help in blog monetization for all type of bloggers such as newbie, experienced, and probloggers. In affiliate marketing, a blogger promotes the relevant product and gets paid by the company on the successful referral (meaning on the sale).

If you are new to affiliate marketing, my beginners guide on how to start affiliate marketing will be a good read too.

Start Selling Your Service


Don’t just think just about Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing are the only earning strategies. You may find a dozen more once you move forward in your blogging career. Let’s get to the point. You can sell your service online through your blog. A blog is a platform that you own, you publish content, you engage the audience, and help them through your content. So, it’s pretty much a place where you hang out with your like-minded readers who are interested in your content. Obviously, the more you publish helpful content, the easier it would become to grow your blog.

Now, the interesting thing is that when you start to attract an audience on your blog, it means the opportunities for you to make money get wider. This takes us to the idea of selling our service. You can sell your service if you think your audience might need it and they might be interested in buying it. Not every reader or subscriber may not be interested but if a few of them hire you in a month, you might be able to get a few hundred bucks in a month. It’s all connected like if you’re following your passion and your audience has the same passion or at least the interest in what you’re doing, then you can create something that they might be ready to buy.


For instance, if you’re into home crafts and you blog about home-made items. And put out a video course for making home-made candles with a series of videos. Now you have established an audience who reads your content and interested in your niche, you might be able to sell a few copies of your course through your blog. Check out this article to get more a clear idea of selling items such as home crafts.

There could be different ways that you can adopt to sell your service or product online. Not only does it work with physical products, but you can also sell digital goods online. This website sells cakes online. There could be a number of examples of that. What you need here is, align your passion with your blogging, and then find something that your audience would be interested in. For example:

Start Freelancing through different ways

Freelancing is a serious business

The freelancing can help you get started with money making. It doesn’t mean it would be something separated from your blog. In fact, both freelancing and blogging will be connected to each other. You’ll be using your blog as a marketing channel. A freelancing is a way of working with clients on the project basis without getting hired full-time. The cost of the project depends on the pricing style both client and freelancer choose to work on. It could be per hour basis or each assignment basis. Furthermore, it also depends on the freelancing service you’re providing. For instance, a freelancer who designs logos and stationery might charge on the per hour basis whereas a freelance writer might charge on the per article basis.

Where to start Freelancing

You can jump on to the platforms like Fiverr or PeoplePerHour to get started. Don’t start freelancing on the multiple platforms, but rather stick to a single platform. You blog still is important if you choose to start freelancing on Fiverr because you can add banners to your Fiverr gigs with hyperlink and start talking about the thing you do and make sure it’s related to your freelance service. Because the blog is something that will keep on getting visitors when you keep on engaging the audience by writing useful content and sharing on the social media as well. It keeps the penetration process on for your business when a certain type of content keeps on getting published on your blog.

For instance, if you’re a digital marketer and you provide that service either by directly getting freelance clients or through Fiverr, you can talk about digital marketing on your blog and create a ‘hire me’ page with a CTA on the header or sidebar to make sure people click on it and land on that ‘hire me’ page to further know about your service and start talking to you.

The success in freelancing through your blog depends upon three things:

Consistency in work with motivation:

The consistency is very important in freelancing. Once you start trying to get a client in freelancing and the moment you give up and stop your effort, it just wastes your whole effort. You may want to try different strategies to get freelance clients but you should never quit it. You have to pursue the success.

Service alignment with the blog:

This is extremely important. Make sure you blogging strategy is completely supporting your freelance business. You may want to help the audience as well as the clients who could potentially hire you in the near future to get their certain job done which you’re expert at. This point means to define your content strategy before writing the blog if you really want to use the blog to get freelance business.

Getting better every day:

Once you get started with your freelancing lifestyle, make sure you’re ever evolving because without the evolution process, you won’t be able to compete in the competitive environment. So, do some effort to improve every day.

Recommended Readings :

Sell Direct Ads on Your Blog

If you aren’t into freelancing or selling your product online, then you may want something very simple and quick. One of the simplest ways to start earning as a blogger is getting paid for the direct ads on the blog. This doesn’t start in the first week of the blog launch. You may want to get started with freelancing or affiliate marketing in order to make money from your blog, because this thing doesn’t happen so quick. So, you would have to definitely wait for some time to reach the point where your blog is getting the traction. This simply means you may have to wait 3 or 6 months to work on this strategy if everything goes well and your blog is progressing amazingly. Because there are certain things that will define your position whether or not your blog is able to sell direct ads, for instance:

Monthly Unique Visitors:

Your ‘monthly unique visitors’ is a stat that means the number of people land on your blog through different mediums such as search engines, social media, email newsletter, and direct.

Monthly Page views:

Monthly page views is a website stat that shows how many impressions your website has received in a month. If a visitor arrives on a page and he opens 5 more pages, then the total page views would be 6.

Traffic Countries:

One of the important website tracking systems is the traffic countries analysis. It’s important to know for advertisers that where your readership belongs to. It’s important to know that which countries your traffic comes from. Use Google Analytics and Extreme Tracking for this.

Now, let’s come to the main part of selling direct ads. There are two ways to sell direct ads on your blog.

1) – Sell through Networks:

The direct ads networks like BuySellAds and PublicityClerks are quite popular in this category.

2) – Sell Directly:

In this direct ads selling strategy, you would have to choose your tool to sell your direct ads like some WordPress plugins such as Ad Inserter, Random Banner, or Simple Responsive Ad Inserter.


There are lots of options to pick from if you really think you like this option to monetize your blog and start earning as a blogger. Make sure you don’t forget that advertisers would be interested in your blog (to advertise) if your blog sounds like an authority in the niche. Don’t rush towards adopting this strategy to earn money. Maybe, you should spend some time if your blog is fresh and try this strategy after a few months.

Learn What is Google Ads to start working with it.

Become a Consultant


A blogger is a person who reaches out to the audience through his/her content. Once the content delivers value, it becomes a vital sign to the growth of the blog. Of course, it also depends on the various strategies such as social media engagement, online marketing, and brand identity of the blogger. The interesting part here is that a blogger chooses his/her specific passion to write about and it reflects in the blog’s content. It’s true that the continuous research is also required to keep up with the updates, but being an expert, you always have special ideas and point of views that matter a lot. Therefore, it becomes a key in blogging when you have a passion or talent that you’re pursuing or want to pursue, the blogging gives you a launchpad to give it a go. Because you publish the content with solutions to the problems, ideas that can help, and suggestions that matter, all this just for the target audience.


Forget about blogging for a moment.

Imagine, you’re a consultant of any kind. You run your business. You have a Facebook page and nothing else on the internet.

Now, you have the opportunity to run a blog and make money off of blogging.

How would you do that?

You can use your very same profession of consulting into the online business. You would launch a personal blog or business website along with an official blog to publish content of your field. Then You can publish about the possible problems along with the solutions that can help your target audience. It depends on your understanding of your audience as well as content strategy.

For instance, if you’re an admission consultant and deal with the certain college and universities in London. Now your target audience is the students who want to get admissions in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in London. And your blog needs the content that could engage the students and deliver them valuable information, so that not only do they get the benefit from it, but they also get involved in the admission service that you’re offering.

This is how you can sell your consultation service using your blog.

Your Part

I’ve shared 5 ways to get started and do something. It’s all about taking steps. Blogging is one of the most common ways to make money online without paying anything.

You can choose any of the services/strategies mentioned in this article. Even there are many bloggers out there who are already doing digital marketing from their blog and this isn’t something new.

Ask yourself that what appeals you the most.


It all comes down to the PASSION. Finding the passion is your job, then your blog will offer you many opportunities to make money online.

I’ve told you how you can use your blog to make money online. If Blogging becomes your PASSION, then in no time, you will be obsessed with it, and I live doing it. In fact, i published a post on Why I Like my Personal Blog So Much? which might be worth reading for you too.

All you have to write your blog to engage the right type of audience to help them out, so that they ultimately come back and become your paying customers.

I know start won’t be easy, there might be some problems or even some blogging mistakes, but that’s how you learn and improve. Consistency is the key I believe.

What else would you suggest to the new bloggers to start earning?

If you are still confused about your hosting and domain, let me recommend Bluehost for your hosting and domain requirements.

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