9 Steps to Establishing Your Blog and Making Money

9 Steps to Establishing Your Blog and Making Money

A successful blogging career is quite a journey. Establishing your blog along the way will ultimately a byproduct of what you give in terms of time, value, and honesty to the audience. Money Making Blogging is a popular term being used everywhere in the blogosphere and bloggers keep on teaching others that how they can make money. Money Making Blogging does exist, which is why everyone in this field is passionate to get it done and get their hands on the secrets of Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything.

Steps to Establishing Your Blog and Making Money

  • Why Having a Passion Is Important For Your Blog?
  • Why You need to choose a specific niche for your Blog?
  • Follow Similar blogs to get the word out!
  • Why Building Relations with Influencers In Your Industry Is Important?
  • How to Create Your Community and Audience?
  • Importance of Engaging The Audience
  • Give Value to the Readership!
  • Why Becoming an Authority Is Important For You?
  • How to Occasionally Refer Products and Make Money eventually?

Let’s get back to the article,  you could dig in and fetch some secrets off of this article, because it’s going to be a long-haul. Because what I’ve planned for this article is a detailed overview of starting your blogging journey, adopting the strategies, and then finally making yourself a professional blogger who could earn handsome amount of money.

What good about this tutorial of 9 steps to establishing your blog to make money is that it doesn’t tell the so-called best tips to make money, instead, it exactly does explain HOW TO DO IT.

There is a small difference in that. Tips are everywhere around us, so are the experts. You should decide that either you want a typical old money making tips that even newbie bloggers surpass these days (because they’re smart) or you want to get your hands a little dirty and spend the time to carve the crafts that become valuable as a finished product. 

Here are 9 Steps to Establishing Your Blog and Making Money:

(Thorough study of under given steps is advised)

Step #1: Find the Passion

Building and establishing a blog require a lot of struggle which needs consistent effort. If you’re not passionate about your blog, you won’t find consistency in it and ultimately the love for blogging will fade away. In order to succeed in blogging, always try to find your passion and then build your blog based on that passion.


You know when I started AliRaza.co, I was having 10 visitors a day and it was quite disappointing to continue with that but what motivated me to keep on doing keep on writing was because i was loving what i was/i’m doing. Your passion should speak from your words, the way you write, the effort you put in. What you are seeing today at this blog isn’t an overnight success, it took me days and year(s) to be here, but like Steve said, ‘Choose a job that you love so you never have to work a single day in your life’.

Digital-Photography-School is a popular blog of Darren Rowse. He made that blog because he loves photography and he thought to convert his passion into a community hub to get together with other photography fans and lovers around the world. Now this blog is one of the most popular photography blogs in the world. Jeff Goins is an author. He shares his story about pursuing his passion and never quitting on his passion. He revealed that it took a little while but ultimately people noticed. So, in order to establish your blog, you must go for your passion because you would need to stick for a long time, and if you would get bored of what you do, you’ll never survive. Passion is something that you don’t quit at any cost.

Step #2: Choose a Specific Niche

Covering a bunch of ideas together would never be a good idea to proceed. You might end up frustrated because you are not exactly made for writing in every niche. Niche’s become popular because passionate people write in them so Instead, try to be specific and serve the particular audience. Most of the bloggers who quit on their blogging do this kind of mistake, either they mix up a few niches and end up in the no-specialty zone, meaning they never build the authority which is kind of a result of a failed plan. Codrut Turcanu asked more than 50 blogging experts about their niche strategy and they came up with great insights. Lorna Li believes that niche market keywords help you find the audience and their need. It could be helpful to tap into the fresh ideas and finding those ideas through keywords research isn’t a bad strategy. The popular software Long Tail Pro can help you get this job done, but if you ask me, the best niche is what you love to write and discuss on it and in no time you will be an Authority in it!

Step #3: Follow Similar Blogs

Establishing a blog doesn’t mean writing a post and hitting the publish button every single day — and you think you’re one step closer. Writing consistently does help, but it needs to be understood that what the game exactly is.

A successful blog means it gets traction and the blog has become a brand. Whenever a post gets published on that blog, it floods with the readers comment. And most importantly when a blog publishes useful and high-quality material, nothing would matter otherwise. It’s about finding the similar and relevant blogs and getting connecting with them. Social Media does help in this regard. The art is HOW and WHERE you find that similar blogs. Bloglovin is a blogs network where you can discover blogs related to your niche and taste. Triberr is a social network to connect with influencers and professionals. It works on community building which shares others’ content based on value-driven purpose. Alltop could be helpful as well. It does help bloggers and readers to find a vast number of blogs in various niches.

Step #4: Build Relations with Influencers

influencer marketing

One of the key elements of establishing a blog is relations with the peers, fellow bloggers, fans, social media experts, and blogging influencers. This is something all bloggers need to work out!!! Without building relations, you won’t be able to scale your blogging journey. Expert and experienced bloggers give value to their comments and reply to most of the comments they receive on their articles, they do it because they have a following and they want to help their audience and without a continuous engagement and communication, it won’t be possible. Relation building is something that bridges the gap between the blog and the readers. Readers read and subscribe the blog that they think could help us and that trust is always earned by start delivering valuable content without asking for something.

Michael Stelzner interviewed Brian Clark and Michael Hyatt (in his podcast) related to commenting policy revision on their blogs after they restarted their commenting system on their blogs. They explained pretty much the same thing that they felt that commenting brought an engagement and connection with the audience, hence the relation must be there. Michael Hyatt felt that his blog’s progress stopped while not having comments, whereas Brian Clark got the anti-spam filter in place to manage the spam comments and brought comments back. 

Step #5: Create Your Community

community building

The community could one of the vital commodities in the recipe of your blog establishment. Once you start attracting people, they start developing a community of regular readers, sharers, commenters, and admirers. They believe in your brand and thus, it develops brand loyalty. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that quickly. Be patient while you wait for the results to appear. Whenever you feel anxious about the results, always remember that you blog for others’ betterment and it gives you satisfaction, then you won’t feel intimated for making money off of your blog. Therefore, when you’d start focusing on the delivery of value, you’ll start attracting people that would love to join you. Email list building is one of the strategies of building an audience. Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and Google+ communities do the job too.

Step #6: Engage the Audience


Engaging the audience is a strategy you’ll learn along the way. It’s something newbie bloggers don’t understand at the beginning, but someday they realize that visitors who have nothing to do with your blog’s mission, meaning they’re coming on irrelevant article (which you posted unintentionally) and it doesn’t come in-line with your affiliate marketing plan or guide, which will clearly show that you can’t make money off of those visitors because the intention isn’t there in them. This is how conversion rate is studied and improved. If you’re delivering what exactly readers need and your product/affiliate plan does belong to the topic that you’re covering, then it could be a whole new game around. In fact, the engagement is a process in the blogosphere in which a blogger does everything possible to help guide the reader through different ways to stay on the blog and keep digging the mud in order to make him spend more time on your site. Related Post Taxonomy might help bloggers to add related posts underneath their blog posts. Inline Related Posts Plugin does the similar thing to engage the audience.

Step #7: Give Value to the Readership


Experts never get tired of emphasizing on the value. It’s quite necessary to understand what it takes to deliver the value. When a blogger writes content with utmost effort and hustle, then finally come up with real solutions and suggestions that actually help them solve their issues. In return, the blogger doesn’t ask for anything, it’s value that he delivered. Asking a return favor doesn’t have any linkage with the value, but it is kind of look awkward that you’re saying that you want to help and after helping you’re asking for money. AJ Harbinger added some solid points in his article that is based on giving it away. Adam Grant‘s ‘Give and Take‘ book revolves around the value of giving and proves that givers always gain more trust, value, and compassion from the world. Whether you’re establishing a blog or a business, it’s all about what you offering. As a blogger, offering value could be the best thing ever.

Step #8: Become an Authority

who are you? be an authority

Authority is a next level thing. It’s something when you have built some influence over the course of time. It’s certainly a step closer towards establishing a blog. The authority means your blog is showing up traction, your views are taken seriously, your social media following is exploding, and ultimately your blog’s traffic is growing. Every signal (of your blog) does look better at this stage. One of the perks of being an authority is that your articles get ranked higher in the search engines which ultimately add up the spice. The authority shouldn’t be taken as the ultimate thing. Search ranking always fluctuates, the more you rely on lesser traffic sources, the sooner you feel disappointed if something a little wrong. It’s extremely important not to put all the eggs in one basket. Social media, content marketing, SEO, and online advertising are the strategies that will contribute to your traffic, so try to keep the balance and grow each of the funnels along the way. An authority is that leverage that blogs and websites earn over the course of quality time and experience they see through. Sarah Arrow described quite amazing in her post that how anyone can develop an authority site as well as what it takes to get there and enjoy the position. 

Step #9: Occasionally Refer Products (You Personally Use)

Most of you are well aware that I’m mostly promoting SEMRush and Bluehost from this blog, it’s because i know that the readers are not search engines bots who haven’t got emotions and feelings. Think of your readers when you write content and share useful information with them. Make it easier and more professional when you put forward some details and analysis.

referring people

Referring to the products you personally use could help them understand that how you’re trying to be helpful. Not only does it make a strong connection with your readers, but it also delivers a positive vibe when your readers find those links helpful along the way. Blogging and Affiliate Marketing experts advise that always promote the products you personally use. It helps build trust between you and your subscriber base. Never ever push your readerships with affiliate offers. It’s something readers don’t like. Try to find the VALUE in the offering too. Got a discount coupon or offer coming? Refer that or inform a day before that date. That’s value. Subscribers love that.

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Your blog would eventually make money if it become a stream of VALUE. And that is only possible if you start off with the mission in mind and you keep on believing in that. The mission means the DELIVERY.

I’ve seen blogs that occasionally make money off of their affiliate marketing programs, but they never make loyal readers. If you want to establish your blog, you have to build relations with your audience.


Above mentioned 9 steps are the lessons you will ultimately learn one day — The point is, whether you want to fail a dozen times and waste 5 years in getting that experience and start over again or you pick up the point that is being told here in this article and start establishing your blog right now.

It’s your choice.

What would you do?

Would you start thinking about establishing a blog according to this article?

If you are interested in starting a blog for your own or you want to have an online presence, or you as a company want’s to engage your audience with a blog, why don’t you have a look on my tutorial for a complete blogging series which will help you to start your blog in just 15 minutes for a fairly cheap price (the low price is only through my link), For your information, if you will buy 12 months of cheap wordpress hosting via my Bluehost link you are going to get 1 free domain as well, and the cost is going to be dirt cheap at annual package and it’s fairly easy to earn money from blogging too if you have a self hosted blog and you know how to monetize it well, also if you have bought it from my link and still having troubles, then reach me for a FREE setup, Good luck!

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