Blogging Series Overview [Complete Guide to Blogging]

The Blogging Series is the first ever done series on my blog, The idea of creating a series was being suggested to me by one of my friend, Luqman. Thank You Luqman for that, I tried to cover various things in the series, where i started from How to Start Your own Blog and created 5 more posts after that, keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you will no longer get blogging updates, it’s just i tried to cover most of the things in a single series.

Blogging Series Overview

  • Anyone who is going to start his/her own blog.
  • Anyone who is being assigned to start the blog of his company
  • If you already running a blog and looking to secure it further
  • If you already running a blog and looking for the best plugins to improve the overall experience of your website.
  • If you already have a blog and you are looking for ways to increase the traffic to your blog.
  • If you already have a well established ways and you are looking for ways to monetize it and earn money via Blogging.

If you are looking to start with vlogging instead of blogging, I recommend you to check How to Start Vlogging article.

How to Start Your Own Blog in 15 Minutes – [A Complete Guide]


blogThis is the first step you need to follow if you want to start your own blog, the article highlights all the steps you required for installing and running up your first blog, the steps include such as buying a domain and hosting from Bluehost, Setting up Basic Settings for WordPress.

11 Reasons You Should Start Blogging! – [Blogging Series Part 2]

why should i blog

Still not convinced in starting your own blog? Do you know that Every day, about 172,800 blogs are created? Blogging today have more important then before, checkout the post to learn why you should start blogging.

14 Essential Settings for your WordPress Blog – [Blogging Series Part 3]


The third post highlight all the major settings and issue’s you are going to face with your blog, so before the problem becomes a trouble, follow this guide to find the essential settings you need to follow on your wordpress blog. From site title to perma link, setting up a good theme and a lot more is being discussed, so this is a Must read post for everyone!

Top WordPress Plugins For Your Blog – [Blogging Series Part4]

top wordpress plugins

The fourth part of the series highlights all the major plugin’s you need to run a successful blog on your own. I have discussed the top picks in every category, from security to optimization to email subscription,  I tried to discuss all the plugins you need to make your blog, a successful one.

How to Get Traffic to Your Blog ? – [Blogging Series Part 5]



The fifth part of the series highlights the major issue all bloggers need to face in the start of blogging and that is to generate traffic, while i believe that your blog is not going to be on overnight success and it takes a lot of time in setting up a good blog and generating traffic however do checkout this article, I have highlighted all the major ways you need to know to start generating traffic to your blog.

How To Make Money from Blogging – [Blogging Series Part 6]


This is a very very very important post, It took me a lot of time in doing research and writing this post, this post has great resources with various examples of bloggers who make money online via Blogging.

Do checkout the post to learn how you can make money via Blogging, I’m sure you won’t regret reading it. 🙂

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Conclusion :

Over all I have tried to cover all the major things in blogging, yet this does not mean that it’s going to be end for me to post more on blogging, instead I will keep on posting new articles on Blogging too, however I hope this series will help newbies as well those who are in the field of blogging, do give me an update on how did you find this blogging series?.

Note : Do you want me to write on specific topics or products? Reach me.

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