How to Make Money with Blog Without Ads?

how to make money blogging without ads or affiliate marketing

We all know that blogging is the topic of the hour, everyone is talking about it, some people are doing and some are planning to do blogging. Indeed it’s a place to say and then heard. Whether one is looking for an advice, wants to share any personal experiences through blogging, show your own critique towards any products, news, story, life or anything, all you need to do is learn how to start your own blog and start writing. Still needs more convincing? Let me tell you that, around 172,800 blogs are created everyday and the reasons to start blogging are countless!.

Let’s admit, becoming a famous blogger isn’t easy and it requires patience and consistency.

Wondering how to make money with a blog? You might have heard me saying that even sky isn’t the limit because there are literally THOUSANDS of ways to do it and specially for  those who don’t know, that there is a life without adsense and it’s just you have to think outside of the box if you want to learn ways on How To Make Money Online!

So If you’re confused that how someone would ever make money online without ads and affiliate marketing, then you should keep reading this article.

Guide to Earn Money from Blog

  • Five Elements of a Successful Money Making Blog
  • How To Make Money From Blog Via Services?
  • How To Make Money From Blog Via Product?
  • Conclusion and Last Part

Making money isn’t a rocket science.

You can make money when you DELIVERY SOMETHING VALUABLE.

And people start trusting you and keep working hard to helping them to get through.

How to Make and Earn Money online is normally considered a way of using different advertising companies to publish ads, promote products to sell, and display banner ads and getting paid online over the internet.

The problem begins when people keep looking at the money making factors rather than the focus of delivering to the audience.

Focus on HELPING the audience. The money will ultimately follow you. So think BIG!

No doubt, you will need to do planning and marketing for that but ultimately your goodwill, name, and reputation will do the major part in your blog monetization.

That being said, the money making strategy I’m going to discuss in this article will show you a different perspective of money making online.

Before getting deeper into this, I want to make sure that you know five main elements of a successful money making blog. Remember that, money should be your last priority, focus on winning hears, people and money will follow you ultimately. 

Five Elements of a Successful Money Making Blog

Five Elements of a Successful Money Making Blog without ads

Trust of Audience:

Trust plays the key role in your money making. You should rather focus on gaining the trust by giving value to your users, listening them, solving readers problems than thinking about money making all the time. You have the power to publish content, what you can do is focus on creating good content that solves problems. 

Value-driven Content:

It is a type of content that purely delivers value to the readership. It doesn’t base on the fluff and salesy material but rather help people in doing something good or achieving a milestone. 

Help-centric Strategy:

Your whole blogging strategy must revolve around the help of the audience. When it does, it gives you a chance to get a step closer to your audience which would be the key.

Maintaining Relationship:

Try focusing on maintaining a relationship with your audience, give them a reason to think about your site, your brand. You can use various ways to do that, one such is to have social media presence, the other can be maintaining newsletter, also you can try interacting them via blog comments by actively participating in it. What you need to do is to try to build an impression that you are ultimately trying to maintain a relation with everyone.

Convert Yourself Into a Brand/Product/Service :

Remember i told above that you need to think Big? it’s because we have to earn big. So try to convert your blog into a successful brand, product or a service because this is where the money is. When it comes your field, your product or brand name should be in the top of the mind list for your desired consumer!

In short, Be natural, be clear with what you do, win the trust of people and then ultimately convert it for bigger profits.

So, now if you understand the basics of a money making blog, you will ultimately create your own strategy of money making.

Let’s come to the main part.

Once you are done with the strategies you need to follow to have a successful money making blog. In this section, I’m going to share what you can say the alternative of Ads and Affiliate Marketing.

In this part, I will show you various monetisation methods you can use to monetize your blog :

Different Ways of Making Money from Blog without Ads and Affiliate Marketing :

Note : If you don’t have a blog yet, i recommend you to follow my how to start blogging guide.

Sell Your Service/Product

Selling your service via your blog could be the next big thing. I will show you how you can do that and some of the examples of people who are doing it but more importantly what it means to start selling your service on your blog.

It means that you run your blog and instead of monetizing your blog with Google Adsense or any Affiliate Marketing ads, you offer some kind of service or product to the audience. In this way, you don’t have to rely on third party, whereas you’ll be keeping the whole amount of money that a customer is paying, unlike affiliate marketing where a percentage of price goes to you and the rest of the amount goes to the maker and in other online advertising, ad companies take a share from your earning.

People choose PPC or Affiliate Marketing every single day. This article doesn’t say that you shouldn’t pick PPC or Affiliate Marketing, you can, the purpose of this article is to help educate you on finding another way of monetization.

Recommend : How to Start Affiliate Marketing Guide

Take a look at some of the products and services that you can sell via your blog:



Graphic Designing

If you’re a graphic designer, you can blog and make money off of your blog. All you need is to write content that appeals graphic designing customers. You might want to teach customers or help them identify the best color schemes, logo designs, or web design patterns. As graphic designer, you must have the knowledge, skills, and courage to step up and educate the prospects. Once you start creating content and helping the audience, you will get start seeing leads out of your blog audience. You can also link your monetization strategy to Envato’s GraphicRiver website where you can sell your logos, designs, and other graphic content.

Web Designing

Web designing is a popular online service that people sell. Website designing is a job that specifically a web designer does, which is why if you’re a web designer, you can blog and use the web designing skill set to making money. The idea is simple. You’re not promoting anyone else other than you in terms of monetization. You’re a web designer and a blogger. So, you’re using your blog to market your service or if you’re passionate about blogging but you have a skill of web designing that you can use for blog monetization then it’s fine. You can use 2Checkout for your invoicing.

Content Writing

Another way of making money online is content writing. Just like graphic designing and web designing, this service also requires a specific background and experience for start selling your service on your blog. All you need is to build your profile as a freelance writer everywhere on social media as well as blog, then you can publish content related to content writing that can attract the audience that needs a content writer. Always remember, with every passing day, the demand of a content writer is increasing especially in Asian countries. You can accept payments in your bank account or PayPal, Skrill, Payza etc.

Language Training

This must be exciting for native speakers. It doesn’t necessarily mean that only English native speakers can create training courses to offer. In fact, other language experts can do the same. You can select the language you want to teach to the audience. Create a blog that specific niche [Check Evergreen Niches] and create your training course around that. Now, the creation of a training won’t be cheap to do, maybe for beginners, but if you can spend a few hundred dollars, then you’re good to go. Many experts use social media + Skype for teaching online, while they get paid through other financial channels.

Quick Small Jobs

This can be a very versatile thing. People often need small help, like some one needs help in installation of wordpress, someone needs to transfer files from one server to another, some one needs to convert a video extension. Literally there are 100’s of ways through which you can make quick money. I’m not saying to focus only on the above mentioned fields, but you can google idea’s in your niche, think what you can do and how you can help people in your field and then charge for it!


The consultancy is a service that probably any kind of expert can sell. From language to personal development, fashion to motivation, blogging to build construction, hence, any kind of expert can use the blog to make money by selling his/her consultancy online. The idea is the same. You would be creating your service to offer and using the blog your marketing channel. For instance, check this landing page of ConversionXL.   


Making Money From Blog Via products


An e-book creation is a simple monetization strategy that many top bloggers use. If you’re wondering that how it does work, then let me explain it to you. All you need is to create an e-book that could attract your blog audience. Work hard on your e-book and create killer content based on stats and facts. Once you have written it, you can convert the MS Word into a PDF e-book. You can also use tool like Canva to design the cover, whereas e-book cover can be created via MyCoverMaker. As far as selling is concerned, you can use Gumroad to sell your e-books.

Online Courses

Another popular blog monetization method is selling online courses. When an expert has an audience that trusts him/her. The chances are, that expert might end up creating an online course in the specific niche that helps the audience. You will always find entrepreneurship, life style, and business experts creating courses online and selling to their audience. The course creation requires a few basic steps, you must know the expertise you have, then you should be clear that your audience would love this, and thirdly, you must be on the right platform to build a course. Rainmaker and Kajabi are popular tools to create a course and monetize your blog through it.


WordPress is a popular content management system and according to an estimate it powers more than 25% of overall websites. There are many other CMS that are in market such as Drupal and Joomla that require modules (plugins) and can be sold out online but WordPress has a different market altogether. Here comes the opportunity for bloggers to get started with their blog monetization. Most of the bloggers use WordPress open source platform, which is why they can easily sell some specific WordPress plugins that their audience might be interested in. WordPress development guidance is available at WordPress self-hosted platform’s website. In fact, you can monetize your blog by selling plugins for shopping store systems such as Magento, Opencart etc.

Paid Webinars

Webinars are known for the highest conversion rate among all the marketing and engagement tools. This thing comes with a massive opportunity for bloggers and online marketing experts to monetize their blogs with paid webinars. You will always find companies like Aweber and Marketo busy in hosting webinars in order to engage their audience. In fact, you can do to attract and engage your prospects and audience. Although, webinars have a great conversion rate history but you don’t have to expect sales from your webinars, therefore, you have to focus on delivery of value. Sales will follow at later point.


Softwares are probably the most underrated item on the list but it can work. It’s pretty much for software engineers who blog about software development and help guide the readership about softwares. They can sell their softwares and monetize their blogs with their own products. You will find software developers running their blogs and selling their services and software along the way. The purpose of adding this to the list is just to tell you guys that options are always there, all we need is to pick the right one for ourselves.

Asking Companies for there shootout or recommendation

Vlogging is the new game and you can ask different companies to consider you for recommending there products or services in your vlogs or doing video testimonials for them.

I compiled the list of best vlogging camera for those people who are doing vlogging or have planned to do vlogging and link it with your blog to earn a milestone.

The Last Part and Conclusion!


At the end, I would say that I provided you some delightful ways to get started with your blog monetisation. Every newbie runs towards Google Adsense and at some point, he thinks Affiliate Marketing is better than PPC ads.

The point is, at different stages of your blogging career, you find different monetization strategies work for you. For instance, at the beginning when you don’t have enough traffic, Google Adsense or even any other PPC network won’t work for you because you won’t get enough page views and clicks.

Similarly, if you have a high-traffic blog but that traffic doesn’t come according to your monetization strategy then it’s useless for you if you’re using Affiliate marketing for monetization because there won’t be any conversion out of that.

What you need is keep testing and keep evolving with your audience…

Remember, it doesn’t cost you anything to earn cash online.

So If you don’t analyze your blogging strategy, you won’t tend to improve it.

And if you don’t improve, you won’t get success.

The purpose of writing this article was to tell you that monetization doesn’t mean Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, in fact, it is kind of a byproduct of value you deliver to the audience. Once you serve your audience and help them solve their problems, they are likely to trust you more than ever, and you will be able to easily sell your products, and hence, you won’t have to rely on PPC or Affiliates.

What do you think about making money with your blog now?

Would you still prefer Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing or think about something else?

Let me know in the comments section.

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About the Author: Ali Raza

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  1. Hi Ali bro,
    very detailed and excellent post indeed!
    Selling services and selling E-books is the best way to monetize your blogging journey, in my view.
    Thank you for sharing this detailed guide.
    ~ Ahmad
    P.S. Umrah Mubarak buddy!

  2. Hey, Ali.

    How are you doing today?

    Well. Mostly, bloggers always focus on creating a blog and earning with selling others’ products and earning from ads impression. However, not so many bloggers are thinking about creating own product unless they are the expert bloggers.

    Launching own product isn’t difficult and yet, just click our mindset, we’ll find where to go. Honestly, I found ways to launch my own product, but now working on build reputation as the authority.

    Thanks for sharing, I’m impressed.

  3. Aoa,
    Very Nice & Informative article. Is there any article of you about How to find Targeted True Audience related to your business or services?
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  4. Wow brother, this post cover almost everything about making huge money online without ads.
    The best way is to build authority website and sell you services. The live example we have Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (My Mentor) who is using ADS but selling a lot of services with his blogs! 😉

  5. Traffic is always important when getting 90% of organic traffic. its better to sell our own products (ebooks, video tutorials, sell our services and much more.. ). Trust is essential between site admin and visitors. The top points are precious. Thanks, Ali Bhai! Sharing your knowledge.

  6. my problem is that,Can you make money with your website or blog when your client clicks on an article or button with google adsense and affilate

  7. Helpful article, I gained a great knowledge here, I am going to start a blog for affiliate marketing business, I bookmarked this article, keep sharing with us.

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