Blogging Mistakes to Avoid (2024)

6 blogging mistakes to avoid

The blogging mistakes refer to the steps most of the newbie bloggers take at the beginning of their blogging careers and end up frustrated because they ultimately figure it out that it should be changed and there has to be a better way of doing this. Today I’m going to discuss it to the next level!

Blogging Mistakes

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The realization of Blogging mistakes takes time. Smart people always realized at some point that what they have done something wrong along the way, Some are little late to realize that they are doing something wrong, so

Are you a little bit worried about your blogging?

Have you ever thought that your blog isn’t progressing?

Have you been blogging for a year now and not made any money?

Well, make sure you read the next part.


You could be one of them who has done the mistake or who’re doing it even now.

It’s okay to be someone who started out on his/her own and made mistakes.

We all have done mistakes and that’s how we learn and grow.

This article is written to help guide you to make your blogging career better. These all six ideas might not be for you or all six may not help you, what if one of them could help you? what if two of them appeal you?

Do you know it does seem fine until you figure it out that what mistake you have done?

Don’t panic.

Don’t worry at all.

Because I’ve got this covered for you.

Take a look at these

Blogging mistakes to avoid in 2024 and the years to come:6 blogging mistakes to avoid pinterest

Creating the Filler Content

The filler content refers to the form of content which is being created without preferring the quality of content and the purpose of the content doesn’t look promising and ultimately it doesn’t help the reader. The length of the content doesn’t matter in terms of quality, what matters is how much does the content help the audience.

That’s the difference between a quality content and the filler content. A long and in-depth article may not be helpful for the audience as size doesn’t matter and at the same time if a shorter article does help the readership, not only will it be preferred by the audience, but it could also help the blog to build a good reputation in the search engines because search engines always rank the blog higher when the blog has a good visitor retention rate.

So, you’ll find every successful blogger and content marketer preaching on creating the highest quality content for the audience. Of course, creating the filler content would be an ultimate mistake to avoid. It’s a big NO.

Recommending the Products without Using Them

This is a huge lesson in blogging and affiliate marketing. You’ll often find bloggers promoting the products that they never used personally. How can they even think of promoting a product they never used personally? It has a huge impact on the affiliate conversion. The readers are likely to think that if the blogger didn’t use it himself, how he can possibly be so sure about the product. This is quite a common mistake among the newbie bloggers who think every visitor is same, and if somehow, they get an affiliate sale with that strategy, they become a firm believer that this is the right way to move forward, which is clearly not the case. If you try to study the popular money making blogs, you’ll find them recommending the products that they either personally use or have used in the past. The purpose of writing the review is based on the author’s experience with the product that he has used.

Mixing up the Multiple Niches


One of the mistakes newbie bloggers make while starting their blogging journey is that they don’t stick to their niche and they actually get a wrong idea of blogging niche selection. They try to cover as much as possible on their blog, in the result, they cross the certain limits of their niche; and start creating content that is not in their niche and ultimately they don’t get the desired audience on their blog and it directly hurts the conversion rate of the blog. It’s a kind of lesson that bloggers learn along the way and some of them figure it out quite early and they get huge success in blogging especially with affiliate marketing.

The purpose of mentioning the problem of mixing up the multiple niches is that if newbie bloggers think that their conversion rate isn’t improving; they should try to analyze their content strategy and figure out whether they’re creating content for the exact audience that is supposed to read the content or someone else’s audience is coming over to read the content (and that audience is worth nothing).


For instance, if you write content on starting a blog, say your niche is ‘blog startup’ and you cover everything related to starting a blog; it means you audience is every newbie blogger who is looking to start the blog and looking for the suggestions and ideas to start up. In this situation, if you suddenly change your content strategyΒ  towards ‘blog profiting’;Β your blog’s course will take a turn and it could hurt your blog’s conversion rate.

Writing up for Affiliate Sales

think bigger

Nobody would like to put the affiliate sales behind the back and focus on something else. In blogging, we would have to do this ultimately, if we want to make money. Blogging is all about loyalty, trust, and honesty. You can make a lot of money with blogging, but if you come over and say “Yo, I just want to make money here”, then trust me you’re never going to make money. People mostly make money off of their blogs when they have a loyal audience and they have a strong bond with each other.

These mistakes are quite inclined towards affiliate marketing and that is because once you figure out blogging to make money, you clearly start seeing that PPC ads will never be going to make hundreds of dollars in the beginning, so affiliate marketing becomes the viable option to choose and move forward. Now, coming back to the point, when a newbie blogger gets to know a little about affiliate marketing, he thinks affiliate marketing is just about promotion and selling with affiliate sales, which is clearly not. In fact, the affiliate marketing is based on trust, loyalty, and honesty.

UI is the Key

When bloggers serve their audience with great content, solutions, and helpful tips, they start to build a connection with their audience and subscribers, and therefore a trust is begun to build among them and when the same blogger buys a product and starts using it, if he thinks it’s quite worth using, he comes up with that product and share the product with the subscribers (readership) and encourage them to buy from his affiliate link. The loyal audience (which already loves his work) tries to become helpful and returns the favor by purchasing through his affiliate link, and that’s how an affiliate marketing works for bloggers. It all begins with the trust and loyalty, whereas newbie bloggers take it totally wrong and keep pushing hard on sales.

Absence of Relation building

building relation with your audience and visitors

Another mistake that I’ve seen among the newbie bloggers is that they don’t know much about relation building. Either they turn into spammers who think just commenting is some kind of SEO magic and that will fulfill the promise that they have done to themselves. In fact, the relation building is based on mutual respect not on spamming. Whether you’re connected on social media or through blog subscription; if you really want to build the relation with other bloggers, then give some TIME to it. At least, try to read their content once a week, give your honest review, leave best comments that could help others, and share something that can help them as well as their audience.

Once you’re being honest, it will show in your every step. What (many) newbie bloggers do is that they never think about investing their time among their social circle, all they expect others to share their content, leave comments under their articles, and always respond to them, which is totally unfair to even believe. The essence of relation building is based on giving more than taking. Once you eliminate this mistake in your blogging career, you’ll start to grow as a blogger.

Skipping the Learning Process

This is a common one. I have seen people staying at the same level in their blogging careers. They think that they’re gaining experience, but in reality, they aren’t. The reason is that when you don’t program your mind to learn more and more, then you won’t like to learn. Instead, you’d look for shortcuts and hacks, which might not be as helpful as the real learning would be. As a blogger, the learning process means, you try to learn about your niche, audience, writing techniques, and everything else that could benefit your readership.

The blogging process isn’t just about writing and publishing thing, writing & publishing content is just a part of blogging, the rest of the job is to build relations; respect other bloggers, read others’ content, promote others’ content more than yours, identify your audience, and help solve their problems through social media sharing and writing articles. When someone would skip the fellow bloggers and won’t care much about the audience, it means he/she would be kicking the chance of making a loyal audience that would directly hurt the affiliate marketing conversion.

You also need to don’t confuse vlogging with blogging, some people confuse it, buy a good vlogging camera and start applying blogging strategies on it or doing vice versa and thats why they do it all wrong.

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Looking to Create Website to Start Your Blogging Career?

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Conclusion on blogging mistakes to avoid 2024

The purpose of this article was to help guide newbie bloggers to identify the common mistakes that most of the new bloggers make.

Do you know what was the idea?

To HELP you all.

Because I want you to learn how to make money online without paying anything.

Similarly, the biggest idea was to share that you have to HELP your audience to make a loyal audience.

If you just blog to make money, then you may not be able to make money.

But if you blog to make people happy (by solving their problems), not only will people come, but the money making opportunities will come along too.

Do you know why?

You would have the TRUST OF READERS behind you.

That will give you a confidence, courage, and the support.

Be ready to HELP.

What will you do next to help out your readers?

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Hi Ali bro,
    Mistakes are mistakes, once we learn something after we make a mistake (my view)
    In blogging, I have not found any harsh mistake other than inconsistency!
    Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. I guess you forgot to check my latest blog post at BornBlogger, please do read and share your thoughts πŸ™‚

  2. I am so much in the favor of last step which tells to never stop learning and keep yourself in sync with blogosphere.

    In addition as nicely said, our motive for your blogging should giving back to the online community. Which will make us eventually successful and money is the byproduct of success.

  3. Great Post! It’s absolutely a great piece of content! I’m also a newbie and it’s my first comment on your blog. I read many posts of your blog and found many awesome tips.
    Thanks for writing such types post.

  4. Hello,

    This is a nice post. I am lot of benifitet from your Nice post. Thank you so much for this sharing.


  5. This was a great post. I think it all has to do with focus. Just like you mentioned, if you start trying to cover too much ground and start incorporating things outside of your niche, your site not only becomes confusing to the traffic, but you also lose ground becoming an authority in one specific niche. Also – regarding trust building – I love this point. Pat Flynn mentions this a lot – build trust, provide value and people will want to repay the favor by purchasing through your link. Awesome tips!

  6. Motivation is necessary to succeed in blogging. In blogging, sometimes we face failures like no ranking, engagement, etc.
    In order to get boosted, I take blogging as my passion and that works best for me πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the awesome piece of content.

  7. Hi Ali,

    its an awesome post thanks for sharing great post especially for the newbie who can learn at leas something better so next time they will be more careful from this mistakes πŸ™‚

  8. I just started my blog. And you are motivation behind that. I have been thinking to be consistence and way different from most of the blogs in community. I’ll focus majorly on Filler content and relations πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the awesome post πŸ™‚

  9. Hey Ali,

    Thanks For Nice Pieces of information, I agree with you mixing niches is a very common mistake.I also did the mistake then I never get the good result.
    Your Information Will Be Very Helpful For Me.

    Shaon Adnan

  10. Hey Ali,

    I have gone through your blogspot and this is worth reading for every blogger. I will surely share this with my network.

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