How to Get Traffic to Your Blog ?

This is the 5th article of my blogging series, for a quick revision, In the first article, I covered, How You can Install a Blog in just 15 minutes, the second article was about 11 Reasons Why you Should start blogging, and then focus on Essential Settings you need to do after Installing your WordPress Blog then the third one was on Top WordPress Plugins for Your Blog.

As we are moving closer to the end of blogging series, today I’m going to cover one of the most important topic in blogging, which is ‘How to Get Traffic to Your Blog’

  • Importance of building relationships with your audience and converting them into bigger traffic.
  • Power of Consistency in Blogging.
  • How to Generate More Traffic for your Blog
  • How You Can Apply them to Increase visitors for your blog.

11 Ways to Send Traffic to Your Blog

1. Consistency

The no.1, in fact the best way to increase your readers and traffic is to maintain consistency in your blogging. I know blogging takes a while, for some it takes years to get attention and for some it takes a matter of days, however the day it starts getting attention, it covers the previous losses too.

However,  consistency requires patience and keep trying thing, like achieving anything in the world, it takes time, pateince and consistency, the story is same with  Blogging.

I would like to add a quote here

“Many of life’s failures are people who did notrealize how close they were to success when they gave up.”- Thomas Edison

2. Improve User Experience on your Website

Remember that we want to create a relationship with our visitor to make him our permanent reader and for that, we need to work on improving the user experience of our website, we want to make his time value able on our site so make sure its.

  • Easier to Navigate
  • Very good theme
  • Well structured site.
  • Articles are loaded with Images, headings and bullets to keep on grabbing the visitor’s attention.
  • Nothing as exaggerating, we do not want to irritate our visitors, so if the ads, popup’s or anything that is discriminating his attention from the blog, then you need to work on.

 Now in order to improve on these things, we need to make sure we understand these things first :

user experience

  • Who are our users?
  • What do they need and looking for?
  • What do we have for them?
  • How we have designed and how can they use it?
  • How can we improve it further? (Remember, nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement)
  • Did we have an impact on them?

3. Connect with Your Audience

Do you know how important is to connect with your audience to make your visitors into permanent readers?. I believe we always underestimate this, infact it is a very important thing  to build connection with your audience and an awesome way to gain more traffic and readers.

Few of the ways include, giving individual attention to people contacting you via contact form, via blog comments, on social media or in fact anywhere. Also You can also ask them to  join your website on RSS feeds, email marketing or on any social media network so that they can get latest updates from your website.

4. Comment on relevant Blogs

blog commenting

Commenting on relevant blogs is another great way to increase traffic and it has various benefits, one is SEO, the other includes generating traffic and if you are going to put helpful comments on other people website, not only it will bring more authority for your website but it will also help in generating the influencers of your niche’s attention towards your site. Imagine the top guru in your field, tweeting about your site, cool, isn’t it?

5.Social Sharing

We all know that Social media is gaining more and more importance in this world and it’s a great way to connect, interact and communicate with each other. So as a blogger, it is an highly important tool to get your word out. So a world which is converted into a Global Village, where distances does not make no more a difference, use Social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. Use them and spread the word out for your blog.

6. Add Social Sharing Tools to your Blog


The power and importance of social media cannot be questioned, specially when thousands of brands are coming online to promote there product or services, doctor’s creating there own social media profile, engineers turning on facebook to get more jobs, plumbers advertising there services via Youtube videos and clothing stores promoting there self on social media! I mean there is so much more on Social Media for everyone. Like I have discussed in my last post which was Top WordPress Plugins for your blog. I recommend you to use, Floating Social Bar.

7. Use Communities and Forums

Find relevant communities and forums, using Google by putting relevant keywords to the theme of your website and see whats going on, participate in active discussions, add your website link in your forum signatures and start discussing, forums and communities are a great way to bring more relevant traffic to your blog. One tip i would like to add here is that if you are trying to promote via communities and forums, try to establish yourself as an authority in a specific niche’s over the forums, because once you are able to do that, not only it will get ample of people following your website, but they will be ready to act or even buy the products you are recommending which creates a lot of income streams for you too.

8. Guest Posting On Your Blog

guest posting

In case if you don’t know, I’m accepting guest posts on my blog and there are many reasons why i do it, one of them is that it brings fresh, relevant and unique content for my site, Now I’m writing here for a while and my readers are use to of what i write, so by inviting some one to write, they not only get a different perspective of things but also they get hands on access to the top notch information or analysis the author is giving in.

Now with Guest Blogging, I know it’s not only me who is promoting this blog, the author is too trying to spread the word out for me, via his blog, social media, email list or anywhere, so now 2 people are promoting which is always better then 1.

9 : Keep Sharing Monthly Progress

Ever since, I have started sharing my monthly income reports, I have seen a rise in my traffic and majority of them eventually became my readers, this is because I keep on sharing my statistics, progress, whats more trending, How I’m making money from the blog etc. Additionally the monthly reports also helps me to set monthly goals and each month, I evaluate where I’m standing and then I ask for my reader’s opinion, so I have shaped my blog as a joint venture (me with my readers).

10 : SEO

Search Engine Optimization can play a viral role in increasing traffic for your blog, if you do it rightly and I consider top notch quality content as a no.1 factor in SEO, so change your focus from Unique content to quality content, build some good back links (web 2.0, profiles, blog comments, forums, guest posting, social media) and get some love from Google.

11. Adding to Email Signature

Adding Your Website link to your email signature is also a good way to increase the web traffic on your website.

One method which people ignore and underestimate is the power of Online Advertising. If used rightly, you can generate ample of traffic for your blog. Learn how to setup and optimise Google Ads correctly.

Your turn?

What part of traffic generation did you like the most? What sources are generating most traffic for your blog? What techniques I have missed? You are welcome to contribute it via comments section.

Thank you guys for reading this, the next post is going to be one of the most waited article, which is How to Make Money From Blogging and then I have a special post too in this series, so stay tuned as there is a lot more to come!

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Hey Ali,

    First off, great post. Thanks for sharing all the different ways to drive traffic to a blog. Awesome!

    I found your blog on a Google+ Community. And I really like what you’re doing here. 🙂

    Keep it up!

    And Happy Holidays.


    1. Thank you Julian for visiting my blog and I’m glad that you like the post. 🙂

      Stay tuned, the series is going to discuss a lot more about blogging as I’m in the final stages (last two posts) of this series.

      and Yeah Merry Christmas in Advance and Happy Holidays to you too. 🙂


  2. Hey Ali,

    Loved your post, thanks for share it.

    I want to say just one thing that unique content & keyword research most important thing. If anyone focus just these 2 things so it will more beneficial than social media traffic.

    1. Thank You Usman for visiting my blog!

      I’m glad that you like it.

      And Yes I agree with your though,however generating traffic is one thing and retaining is another.

      I always focus people to write content for human beings not for search engines as they are your eventual readers who are going to read it.

      Stay tuned. 🙂


  3. Very insightful post 🙂

    Point # 7 using communities and forums is certainly something I should focus on now.

    By the way, I wrote a blog post about building consistency couple of days ago.

    I was wondering if by any chance it could be linked in there. So, those who want to know more about building consistency can benefit from it.

  4. Thanks for this post.This post is very useful for gathering traffic to my blog.I am waiting for the next article.

  5. thanks Ali Raza you told very good information, I like what you showed comparison!
    thanks again

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