Google AdWords Ads & Facebook Ads 2024 Certified in 75 Days with PPC Course

Get Google AdWords Certified, Bing Ads & Facebook Ads Master in 75 Days with PPC Training Course

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Do You Know that Digital marketing (and customer service) are growing… Companies spent, on average, 25-30% of total marketing budgets on digital in 2024. But that figure is projected to jump to 85% within the next five years?

38% of companies will hire more digital marketing professionals in the coming year. But about half of those positions will be filled by temporary or contract help, not full-time employees

In fact, 76% of people think marketing has changed more in the past two years than it did over the previous fifty, which sums of the pace of change right now. The digital media which majorly includes Google Ads, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads has changed how advertisers should market. They have provided so much metrices and tools that Advertisers can target in depth and specific users.

Social Media, Google Ads & Facebook Ads Course in 2024:

In 2018 Digital Media already crossed traditional media in US and I expect this in other countries soon. This is 2024 and i hope you don’t want to miss the race.

So become the master of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads with this course. This course covers 18+ lectures, live classes and access to in-depth secret case studies and resources.

PPC / Paid Advertising Training – Basics [Google Ads – Facebook Ads – Bing Ads]

  • Introduction to PPC Networks.
  • Introduction to Adwords – Introduction to Bing – Introduction to Facebook Ads.
  • Difference between Facebook and Adwords Ads. [Facebook Ads vs Google Ads/Bing Ads]
  • Why PPC is Important?
  • Understanding Different Campaign Types
  • Understanding Different PPC Metrics
  • Learn Bidding Strategies
  • Ad Extensions, Timing Schedules

Social Media

  • Social Media – 2 Way Communication.
  • Promoting and Marketing through Facebook & Instagram + Youtube.

Campaign Setup :

  • How to Setup Campaign on Adwords?
  • Learn How to Setup Campaign on Bing?
  • I will teach How to Setup Campaign on Facebook?
  • Sample Campaign Type Structure
  • Display Network
  • Youtube Ads.


  • Types of Ads For Facebook, Adwords and Bing
  • How To Write Ads
  • Sample Ads
  • Detailed Discussion on Ads
  • Ad Extensions
  • Character Limit and other details.
  • How to implement advanced ad extensions
  • Examples and Case Studies

Competitor Analysis

  • Importance of Competitor Analysis
  • How to do Competitor Analysis?
  • Stealing and understanding their data?

Quality Score

  • Introduction to Quality Score
  • Relation of Quality Score and CPC
  • Adwords Quality Score
  • Facebook Quality Score
  • Bing Quality Score

Keyword Research

  • Introduction to Keyword Research
  • Different Keyword Match Types
  • Understanding Consumer Buying Cycle with Each Keyword

Landing Page :

  • Introduction to Landing Pages
  • Landing Pages Discussed

Facebook Special :

  • Facebook Ad types
  • Learn Facebook Ad Goals
  • Building Custom Audience
  • Understanding Demographic, behaviours and interests
  • How To Do Special event targeting?
  • Power Ads

Bidding Strategies

  • Introduction to Bidding Strategies
  • Bidding Strategies for devices, languages, locations, timings and keywords.

A/B Testing

  • What is A/B Testing?
  • How to do A/B testing to determine what is working best for your business?
  • Landing Page A/B Testing Samples
  • Email Marketing A/B Testing Samples
  • Banner Advertising A/B Testing Samples
  • Different tools which can help you with Conversion Optimization, A/B Testing and how you can record user Behavior on your website.

Website Analytics

  • Importance of Web Analytics
  • Different tools for Web Analytics
  • How to Install it on your website/Landing page?
  • FRAUD Click Prevention. *New Addition

Tracking Setup

  • How to Setup Conversion Tracking On Facebook?
  • Learn How to Setup Conversion Tracking On Bing?
  • Let me teach How to Setup Conversion Tracking On Adwords?
  • How to Setup Conversion Tracking Using a Custom Analytics Software?

Auditing & Re-Marketing

  • How to do FULL Audit of PPC Campaign?
  • How to do Re-Marketing?

Ecommerce PPC 

  • What is E-commerce?
  • Google Ads/Facebook Ads for Shopify *New Addition
  • PPC for shopping websites

Google Shopping & Merchant Center

  • Setting up Products *New Addition
  • Linking and selling with Google Ads [Google Shopping Ads]. *New Addition
  • Suspension Issues *New Addition


  • Reporting Softwares For Clients
  • Use advanced reporting features and data effectively


  • Complete Guide to Making Money Online via Clickbank and Adwords. [My Own Case Study where i have earned more then $1000 from Clickbank will show with payments]

1 Particular Case Study – Explaining all the implementation of what we did.

Price & Signup For PPC Pay Per Click Paid Advertising Training Course online

This is a recorded course with 3 Months of Group Support.

Price and Duration :

Fee : $200 or PKR 40,000/-

Duration : 2 to 3 Months –

Course Detail :

Everything as mentioned. This is a Mastery Program to Facebook Ads, Google Ads & Bing Ads.

What Other You will Get?

  • Online certificates will be provided which can be viewed from Google Partner Company Website. [After passing exam]
  • You will also be given lifetime Access to my Premium DM Group.
  • 3 Months Personal Support
  • The good thing is that you can join this seo training course from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or anywhere from Pakistan, India, USA or any other country, because it’s online based.

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This is one of the finest google adwords ads and facebook ads course you can find online from a person who has spent more then 12 years of his life in Digital Marketing. If you want to become google certified, facebook ads certified or Bing ads certified then this course is your way to go.

So what are you waiting for? Signup now and get Google Adwords Ads Certification.

Frequently asked questions on Google Ads Certification & Facebook Ads.

What will be the prime language of Google Adwords tutorial & other ppc platforms?

I want to teach Google Ads with core concepts that’s why the mode of speaking and communication is URDU/HINDI however slides will be in English.

I’m a newbie to digital marketing and technical skills, can i still take this Google Adwords Ads Course?

Yes, for sure. I will go with very basic, will focus on building your skill and interest before moving to advance section.

Can i take official exam in Facebook Ads Course, Google Ads Course & Bing Ads after completing this course?

Many people got certified after taking this course, however in case of any issue, i will provide after sales support.

How much i can earn after learning from this Google Ads & PPC Course?

I say, even Sky is not the limit, but my prime focus is to teach you the skill. Earning totally depends on your personal efforts, my assurance is in making you the master of PPC skills.

Is your training in the new or old Google Ads/AdWords interface?

All of the trainings done is on the new Google Ads interface with latest updates and technological advancements.

Can’t I learn this stuff on Youtube?

You may see most of the stuff available similar to this on Youtube for free, but what you won’t get is my YEARS of experience and personal consultation. I want to personally train you with latest techniques, algorithms and advancements in the paid marketing ppc industry to make a master in this.

I’m so busy running my business. Can I master Google Ads in 75 days?

Just spare 1 hour a day or even 3 hours per week is sufficient to become a master in Google Ads. This Google Adwords tutorial is simple easy to go with hands on examples to become a pro in no time.

What will be the Class Timings?

The class timings will probably be 8:30pm or 9PM PST so it’s easy for everyone to attend.

Total Lectures and will they be live?

Total of 20 Lectures are in the course. 10 are recorded plus 10 live.

After Support?

3 Months support and life time group support will be included.

Do you Entertain Refunds?

This is a learning course and I understand that everyone learning abilities are different. I recommend you to watch my Youtube videos and only opt if you like my teaching style as refunds are not entertained.

register now limited seats

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