How to Become a Youtuber (2024)

How to Become a Youtuber

When you hear the word “Youtube”, you might come up with a thinking that the YouTube is the fanciest video website that you enjoy watching it.

But… What you do not know?

That if someone comes to you and tell you how to become a youtuber.

Question is, How to Become a Youtuber

What? What do you think now? Because I’m going to tell you, How to Become a Youtuber in this post.

Scared? Interested to become? Or find it a strange idea for yourself to become a youtuber?

Hey! It is not.

You can certainly know how to become the youtuber.

And I will tell exactly how you can become a next level youtuber, too.

Why You Want to Become a Youtuber?

Actually, I want to know first why you want to become a youtuber (if you are not right now.)

Got anything special with you? What special you got?

Or let’s say what do you do actually? Do as the skill, for interest, or for the job?

That’s they ‘why’ I want to know first before you hop over becoming the youtuber.

How to become a Youtuber in 2024

Kindly follow the below step by step detailed procedure in becoming a perfect Professional Youtuber Online in 2024

Register for Youtube Account

For becoming the youtuber, you firstly need an email address.

And then go with the following sequence…

  • Have an email account (preferably the GMail one)?
  • Register for’s account through  : Signup
  • And voila!

Now you are at the stage of creating the channel for yourself and start to uploading the videos.

But… Wait…. Please!

Is this how you would want to become a youtuber?

This will only add you up as the one-more-general youtuber.

There comes the real question.. The real one that how you can become a youtuber, the different one.

In general, people are thought that having an account up on YouTube is sufficient enough to be called as the youtuber. And some videos too.


Do you know the purpose. That one purpose of making the youtube account for. For what actually you want to be called as the youtuber.

That one serious purpose will actually define and decide the fate for you to become the youtuber for THAT ONE PURPOSE.

How actually to become a youtuber now?

Well, that is the serious process, as strict as anything to follow to gain the expected results.

Let me start with the process now to be reviewed in the details for easy understanding.

  1. What is the success to you?
  2. Why you need the channel for?
  3. Systemize it.
  4. Are you what your channel tells you are?
  5. SEO’ise it.
  6. Be very consistent.
  7. Start of video; get and BE to the point, please!
  8. Steer NOT away your niche.
  9. Boss it easy!
  10. Split your home in TWO.
  11. What tells your analytics?

What is the success to you?

Success? What is it for you?

Monetary? Well, yes. Most of the folks down in the world tell the success is all about the money it lets you earn.

But… NOT every single thing is (should NOT) only done for the money. It is more than that, way more than the money.

As with being the YouTuber, it is too simple to be called out as the job-doer or having the business.

And with that, you have to devote all of your good and productive time to make it growing.

If you are up NOT for the green bucks and you are just looking at the increase in the engagement, higher video views, getting the good subscribers every single day, and working more on making your video to reach the highest end of the audience; that is what you are looking at!

That is (should be) your goal and any other thing is just a plain bonus, let it even be the money.

Because that is the YouTube’s platform for; creation of videos, video promotion, views, subscribers. And, the money is the outcome that is later achieved.

So, do NOT make the money be your first success indicator at all up on YouTube.

Money is not the goal; it is the receiving asset against your hard + smart work.

Why you need the channel for?

At first, we have determined the level that what is the success meant for you by having the YouTube account, okay?

Now comes the another good and an important question; why you need a Youtube Channel it for, right?

We are now in the phase of why creating the channel for.

As YouTube is for the videos, we can expect to see hellish usebale videos to the terribly worst videos. Despite of the videos’ nature, there are many, so very many videos out there on YouTube under every single niche/topic.

So, why we need the channel for? What are our goals and should be the content about?

As it is the known fact you can find out so many videos about any niche/topic circulating in the world, we cannot guarantee that what type of niche we are looking to make the channel for, it should not already be up on the YouTube.

It will definitely be there.

So, how to make our videos to be competing with hundred and thousands of the published videos?

Be yourself.

Just be yourself.

Hey…. Are you thinking that just those two and three words are all that will make you stand out in the crowd?

Yes, sure! It will, and definitely will.

Be Yourself is the key to optimum success. The way you think, the way you act, and the videos created this way, that will definitely be good for you to be seen standing different in the crowd.

Following others steps will not make you original. That is totally fake of an act to follow someone and then blame your videos are not doing well.

In this crowded world, your voice is the only thing which will set you different.

Now decide what type of videos you will do — from how tos, tutorials, humorous, reviewing, or etc.


But again… Remember it.

Remember to be yourself. Only follow what is your passion AND NOT what others’ passions are.

Overnight success is not guaranteed. So is you should not lose the focus off of your passion if you do not get the good and expected results with your videos in the matter of days.

Get your topic straighten up first before jumping into creating your YouTube channel.

Once you have your topic, go for it! And be it!

Devise the way to get different video ideas popping up in your head, and film the differently by keep yourself aligned.

Systemize it.

Think and take YouTube as the business, a real business.

Here you are looking at different things to keep running this business;

  1. Plan out your video ideas beforehand.
  2. Get the necessary equipments (hardware, software, room, lightning, etc.)
  3. Need help in creating the videos (at before and after stages.)
  4. Posting schedule.

And whatnot?

Anything required depending upon your niche/topic, get them first and make them the part of your systems as you will be needing them time to time to get going with the videos.

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Are you what your channel tells you are?

Many times the physical appearance can glimpse off what type of the personality one has.

So is your online presence. It can easily get the good (or the bad) feeling about you, and how you work.

And coming towards to the presence over YouTube, are you incomplete?

Because in-completeness is the best turning off factor, and especially in the case of virtual identity.

What incompleteness we are talking about here?

They are….

  • No profile picture OR non-professional/irrelevant profile picture.
  • Poor generic profile description.
  • Incomplete use of proper tags.
  • No channel background picture.
  • And so many NOTHINGS you might be up over with your YouTube profile and the channel…

These are the easy turn off-er and NOT how much hard work you do to create every single video.

Do not do all of these NOTHINGS, instead ‘be you’ with your profile and the channel.

Let the world know what you are and what you will find out off your profile and the channel.

SEO’ise it.

Yup, SEO is not going anywhere.

And it is not only limited to one or two things.

That is not just about how you perform at SERPs (search engine results pages) but to improve your internal ranking.

What is internal ranking all about?

The in-site search system of any website.

You might be then wondering how to do this type of SEO within YouTube.

Well, it is not hidden now. Everyone is kind of used to of the YouTube’s platform.

And what requires it all; the completeness and the proper use of everything.

I meant everything.

From video’s title, to description, to tags, to everything that is editable by you (the youtuber.)

They all pay its good price when it comes to being searched up on YouTube.

And when these are all in the completeness format, they will do help you over the search engines as well due to being completed.

Search up on the search engines and you get the greater chance of being shown up into the search results.

Move incomplete but do not then expect the results of being complete in every other way.

Be very consistent!

What? Consistent? With what?

Buddy, what you are now? And what you want to become with your YouTube account?

To become something, ain’t it?

Then you really need to be consistent.

Based upon your niche/topic of the channel, you need to be coming up with the videos (new updates.)

For being very consistent with your YouTube channel, you gotta be taking it as the job (or preferably the business) for yourself where you have to dedicate your time and energy to become something.

Schedule it. Get every equipment with you. Line up your working method, to not lose your consistence.

Start of video; get and BE to the point, please!

Since you are now on track what is your channel about, nope?

Uncommonly, that is the worst thing which is too common with many videos found over YouTube.

Where the video explanation should take 30-seconds to 1-minute, it just leaps into the duration of 5-minutes to 7-minutes to just showcase what is it all about.

Choice (choose) your words. People are not there on YouTube to waste their times, sorry to say.

But they are there just to digest the on-point, and for the useful information.

Target for the good and be-on-point video explanation to finish off in a timely fashion.

In many cases, and most probably your video is about troubleshooting or something where the details have to be poured in.

But again, jumping right through going into the details will actually break the interest.

Get your explanation part done, and in time then hop onto the detailing part of the videos.

When explanation done right, people will take more interest in sticking to the next part of the videos.

Get to show (tell) exactly what this video is all about and what they are gonna expect till (to the) end.

Steer NOT away your niche.

A doctor is the doctor for life.

An engineer is only skillful for what he studied and what he did.

So, how come you can be skillful in every single set of the life’s matter to go after through your one single YouTube account?

That is where comes the need of NOT steering away your niche.

Your niche is (and should be) the only topic you love AND you will stick to — throughout the life.

Without the compromise, you will only stick to that one niche you selected for yourself.

Since you are up with your own niche, improve your knowledge altogether to become an impacting YouTuber against your niche.

Study your competitors that how they are doing with their videos around YouTube and devise your own system out of your research to come up with the different approach.

Top Niches to Work in Youtube

Following are the top recommended niches to work in Youtube.

  • Technology Videos
  • How-To Tutorial Videos.
  • Gaming Videos.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Vlogs.
  • Food.
  • Fashion.
  • Focusing and targeting Events.

Boss it easy!

Boss your community.

But that does not mean you are the boss to just embarrass your viewers with your videos but to deal your community just like a boss with the broader vision.

Your subscribers are the golden gem for you, right?

So, you have to do something to keep them more engaged (be personal) and only replying back to their comments will not be enough of the job.

Go live occasionally. That surely will put a good effect on your community to coming live and talking to them all live.

Also, you may seek for the Q&As from your community and that too with the live video session.

To manage your community and to attract the new ones, do every legal things to promote and notify the world that what you are up to next.

For that, use social media, your channel, and anything to announce what’s coming next.

Split your home in TWO.

Two is always better than one.

And that too in the case of YouTube.

As YouTube should be consuming your good time all the time, it is really hard to split that in two.

What I am talking here is having the website along with YouTube.

Treat it as the video website where you have more control than the YouTuber itself, because with your website, you are the owner of everything posted/hosted there.

What tells your analytics?

What is it up to ? Are you seeing the good increase in the list of subscribers everyday?

How are you videos performing? Your audience demography?

Is is telling everything that you want to know? How good are the results?

Increase in everything being registered after every single video?

Read it. Read it loud and adjust your strategy based on the results and keep evaluating.

What’s YouTube now?

It is so powerful of the video sharing/hosting website of the world. No matter how good you press yourself to NOT watch it, you are compelled to be up there anytime.

So as being the YouTuber, do your very best to win the attraction of the viewers with being the great of your niche. I just want to add here that once you get the viewers and audience, making money on youtube is as as easy as learning abc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be a Youtuber for beginners

The process of becoming a Youtuber is not a difficult at all, you just need a Youtube/Google account and a Camera to start. Even the mobile camera works well.

How do you earn money as a YouTuber?

There are literally hundreds of ways to make the most out of Youtube. Do checkout my article on How to Earn from Youtube where i have discussed in details various strategies to earn.

In fact, Youtube is one of the easiest method specially if you are keen on How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything, since all you need is a mobile camera to get started with no other expenses to earn online.

Is it hard to become a YouTuber?

Not at all. All you need is a Youtube Channel, a good vLog camera to start with. It isn’t hard at all to be a Youtuber.

Do YouTubers get paid for likes?

If you have turned on advertisement on your videos, you will be paid for every view shown on the ad while your video is running or if someone clicks on that advert. Youtube doesn’t pay on likes, comments, views or shares. However when you get these, your video becomes popular and eventually you earn more.

Is a YouTube account free?

Youtube account is free for everyone.

Can anyone be a YouTuber?

Anyone can be a Youtuber. You don’t need a specific degree or anything to become a Youtuber. All you need is a bit of knowledge and consistency and you can vLog in almost any niche you like..

Is being a YouTuber a good idea?

It is indeed a good idea. Millions of people earn huge through making videos on Youtube.

Can i opt for YouTuber as a career?

Initially i do recommend you to do it as part-time, however once your channel grows big and you start earning well, you can opt for it as a full time career.

How do you become a successful YouTube vlogger?

In my opinion, it is very easy to become a successful YouTube vLogger. All you need is

  • Consistency
  • Focus on building a community.
  • and Learning from your mistakes and competitors.

Is YouTube a job or hobby?

It can be either way.

Do you have to pay taxes on YouTube money?

Depends on the country you live in. Each country has different laws, however for most of the countries, yes you have to pay.

How to be a youtuber gamer

The process is technically same. I have seen hundreds of people who have joined gaming and working as a vLogger in it. If you have a passion and feel for gaming then you can easily become a Youtuber Gamer.

Do you need a college degree to be a YouTuber?

What if i tell you that Most of the Famous Youtubers are drop outs. I’m not saying to leave studies for Youtube as you can keep it as a side hobby and do it. But you do need a specific degree unlike in getting a job.

What skills are needed to be a YouTuber?

Well you need to focus on following things to be a great Youtuber.

  • Confidence to speak in front of Camera.
  • Great Communication and Audience Retention Skills.
  • Video Editing Skills.
  • Slight knowledge of Social Media and digital marketing to get the word out.

Is it too late to start a YouTube channel?

It’s never too late to be a Youtuber and start your own Youtube channel.

Can you still become a YouTube star?

If you follow the above defined steps, be consistent and learn from your mistakes, You can become a Youtube Star easily.

Do YouTubers pay taxes?

Every country has different rules and regulations. Follow Your Country Tax Agency Advisory to find it out.

Who is the highest paid YouTuber in 2024?

Jeffree Star: $50 million is the highest Youtuber in 2024

Conclusion on How to be a Youtuber in 2024

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I have tried to discuss key strategies that you may need to have in yourself.

What do you say about all of those 11 items that will make you the YouTuber? Whay’s Your take on my opinion on How to Become a Youtuber

And, what more you may have to add up in here?

I will certainly love to read your feedback in the comments area. 🙂

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