5 Ways to Gain More Subscribers on YouTube

Ways to Gain More Subscribers on YouTube

Who doesn’t want more subscribers on YouTube? If you have a YouTube channel, you’d want more subscribers too. It’s obvious that we make YouTube videos for more people to watch and subscribe to our channel. It’s true that people who watch your videos are more important than the numbers and statistics. However, if studying the numbers and understanding the patterns help you improve your YouTube channel, then you have to pay some attention to that from time to time.

Get More Subscribers on Youtube

So I thought to sit down today and talk about gaining more subscribers on YouTube. Being a digital marketing expert who has worked with many international brands in online advertising, I know that how entrepreneurs, brands, and organizations run their YouTube channels in their content marketing mix. So I’ll be sharing my learning and exposure with you.

Before you go anything further, if you want to succeed on YouTube, whether you’re a brand or an individual, there are three things you need to figure out even before creating your YouTube channel. If you do this right, YouTube could be a goldmine for you, but if you won’t pay attention to this, you might struggle to get traction on YouTube.

Here are three key elements of success on YouTube:

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If you don’t have a passion for videos, you’re not going to succeed on YouTube. The reason is that everyone who has gained millions of subscribers and being considered successful is the one who started off YouTube as a passion for video making. If you don’t like making videos but you want to be a YouTube star, then it might be difficult to make that happen.


Originality means showing your true personality and character. Social media is full of fake-it-till-you-make-it mindset. Meaning, people try to pretend someone they are not. It doesn’t matter you’re on Instagram and posting great pictures of happy mood or you’re making YouTube videos about your fancy car, being original and real would make you successful.


Consistency is something that will take your YouTube channel to the next level. Everyone who succeeded on YouTube did one thing in common; they posted videos on a consistent basis for a long time. Sometimes, it happens quickly for someone, and it takes years and years for others to take off their YouTube channels. Consistency will only get you closer to the breakthrough you’ll be looking forward to in your career.

So these were three essential elements that every YouTube starter must know.

Now Let’s get to the cream of this blog post.

Five ways to Gain to More Subscribers on Youtube :

Here are five ways to gain more subscribers on YouTube:

Use Proper Channel Art

youtube channel editing

Channel art includes the top banner and display picture on your YouTube channel. It’s one of the basic things of setting up the YouTube channel. A lot of people start their channels but they don’t bother putting up a good banner on their channel. What you can do is that use that space to communicate with the audience; write a quote, motto, social media accounts, or URL.

There are many things that you can use that space for if you think clearly. Secondly, the display picture is necessary as well. If you’re making YouTube videos and you don’t have a picture on your channel, then you’re missing out a branding opportunity. So always design your channel art and use that space for the better.

You won’t see any top YouTube channel with a default banner or display picture. They always have custom designed channel art because they know that it’s a way of communication with the audience as well as a branding strategy.

What it ultimately does is that it builds trust of the audience and they like to explore the channel if you stumble upon on the channel through any suggested video or YouTube search. Therefore, chances are, they’d subscribe to the channel.

Show Your Real Personality

show your real personality

It’s a little bit psychological but it’s 100% true that people fall in love with your personality because of the generosity, kindness, and empathy. If you’re making content to help the audience but you’re rude to your camera and showing off attitude, or somehow degrading your viewers, then it’s not going to get you subscribers. People subscribe to the YouTubers who make them feel good; it could be entertainment, engagement, or education.

One of the things a lot of people miss out is that they think that the audience won’t understand it so they can trick them, for example, they try to be funny when they are not, or they do stuff that they don’t normally do. It’s a big mistake that some creators make. So one of the ways of gaining subscribers is that be real and authentic with your audience. It will look more natural and decent if you are being real.

I have also explained the same concept in blogging in my post, Why I like my personal blog so much.

Make Good-quality Content

quality-content content marketing

Gaining subscribers on YouTube is no easy game. Every YouTube creator knows that it’s not easy to create good content on a whim. It always requires hard work, hustle, and passion. Whether it’s the research or camera quality or script, everything must be top-notch if you want to crush it.

It doesn’t mean you start overthinking and hurt your creation cycle. Putting out content on a consistent basis is a must. And, every content doesn’t go viral or get ranked on YouTube so don’t worry about the views or virality. Just give your best to every video you put out. The most important part is that your every video must be better than the previous one. A creator knows whether or not the new video is better than the previous one or not.

If you pay attention to the quality of your content, it will help you improve along the way. Then, it will start to translate into the number of subscribers after a specific period. YouTube is a long-term game; always remember that.

Prefer Visual Over Audio

visual vs audio

You’d often find YouTube videos with voiceover and text in them. It means the videos don’t have visuals, meaning, the videos aren’t captured through a camera. Instead, it’s a presentation in the video format. A lot of people make such videos who either don’t have cameras or they don’t want to show up on a camera.

Nowadays, it’s better to make videos with the camera and the creator/host must show up in the video. It helps the creator build a connection with the audience. Moreover, it’s better from the branding point of view as well. If you’re trying to gain more subscribers on YouTube, but your subscribers don’t know what you look like, how you sound, and what kind of personality you have, then it’s difficult for them to decide to subscribe to the channel.

So always prefer showing up in front of the camera and sharing your personality with the audience so that they could relate to you and connect with you on a deeper level.

Experiment with Your Content

keep testing trying

One of the best ways to gain more subscribers would be experimenting with your content strategy. What it means is that you have to make different playlists on your channel, but all should be related to your channel’s niche. For example, don’t make a “dogs training” playout on your car’s channel.

When you experiment with your content, it allows you to see the demand for different types of content in the same niche. You may end up finding a topic that people are interested in more than any other topic on your channel. What you need to do then is that create more related videos to completely dominate that sub-niche. It will start to grow your YouTube channel from the subscribers’ point of view.

Your Part

I have shared five ways to gain more subscribers on YouTube. Many successful marketers and YouTubers also advice similar techniques to grow a channel.

If you have an additional strategy to share with us, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be happy to hear if something else worked for you on YouTube.

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