Top 5 Mistakes New YouTubers Should Avoid (2024)

5 Mistakes New YouTubers make

YouTube is the second most used search engine on the internet. Not only big YouTube creators make a living off of YouTube, but the newcomers want to adopt YouTube as a full-time career.

If you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel, then it’s high time to read this article because I want to share some mistakes which YouTube starters make. If you have already started a YouTube channel like me, it could also help you because you can fix these mistakes just in case.

Social media has not been around for a long time and it’s almost one and a half decade old. A lot of people, celebrities, and older people don’t use social media at all. So it’s been continuously evolving and people are adding social media apps and services to their daily lives.

So keeping the culture of YouTube in mind, I decided to talk about some top mistakes that new YouTubers make and they should avoid them. Maybe some of them never realized these mistakes or they never knew that it could hurt their YouTube channel’s growth.

Here are five mistakes new YouTubers should avoid:

Please make sure that if you plan to develop a good channel then you shouldn’t make these mistakes while doing Youtube Marketing.

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Uploading Copyrighted Content

The biggest mistake which i see from new Youtubers. It’s a big no; don’t ever upload copyrighted content. If you aren’t aware of what copyrighted content is, then let me explain it. Any content you didn’t produce or you don’t have permission to upload or use, it’s copyrighted content. For example, you can’t upload someone else’s YouTube video, song, film, or any footage that you don’t have permission to use.

Once you upload copyrighted content, it could result in the deletion of the whole video. Plus, you could get a copyright strike on your channel if you upload any copyrighted content again in the next few weeks. If you get three copyright strikes, your channel gets terminated permanently.

Never ever upload someone else’s content on your own channel to grow or to help or to entertain the audience; it’ll be a huge mistake. Instead, focus on creating original content with free or royalty-free music that you have the permission to use in your videos.

Using Unsolicited Music

Music is a vital component of videos and vlogs on YouTube. And finding free music is hard. YouTube Creator Studio does have a YouTube Audio Library which has a good collection of free music to check out. But the problem is that millions of other YouTube users take the same music from YouTube Audio Library. So you may not want to use the same music as thousands of other creators.

But it doesn’t give you a ticket to using unsolicited music. Let’s say, if you don’t have a proper license or permit to the music, you may get copyright strike for someone else. So the lesson is that you never use unsolicited music.

Comments Spamming

Commenting is a fantastic engagement and attention strategy on the internet, but when people try shortcuts just to get the attention and numbers, they ruin everything. Spam commenting has been around for a long time; some people used to do comments submission softwares back then. I have no idea whether or not such softwares are around these days, but it is a no-go.

A comment would be considered spam if it contains a copied material that is pasted on various videos or blog posts. Moreover, spammers also include unnecessary hyperlinks in the spam comments, which identifies the spammy nature of the comments.

YouTube has a comments moderation system which captures the spam comments and lets you go through and manually approve or delete them.

There are less-spammy versions of the comments that are not bot-generated, but they are actually done manually by persons. If you’re a YouTuber, you might be aware of the comments that say, “check my channel” or “sub 4 sub” or “nice video” or something like that. The only intention of such comments is to get some attention without putting much effort into it. The majority of the YouTubers don’t pay attention to such comments.

So you have to be thoughtful and useful when you’re writing a YouTube comment. Make sure you’re clearly communicating the ideas, thoughts, or suggestions to the creator. Your authenticity and positivity would make you a winner in this area.

Not Replying to the Comments

If you are serious about Becoming a Youtube, Let me tell you that One of the mistakes of many YouTubers is that they never reply to the comments at all. So when beginner YouTubers look at this pattern, they do the same thing. When they don’t interact with the subscribers in the comments section, they miss out the engagement opportunities, which is a huge mistake. If you understand engagement in social media, you might not ignore your comments like that.

What new YouTubers need to do is that they should reply to each and every comment they get. Not only does it improve engagement, but it also shows that you’re a real person and like to interact with people. A lot of people wish that they could get real comments so that they could also reply. If you are not replying to the comments, you’re making a mistake.

Inconsistent Uploading Routine

You might have heard that consistency is the key to success. It works the same on YouTube. If you’re consistently uploading on YouTube, you’re likely to succeed at some point. There are multiple reasons for that, for example, YouTube notices that you upload consistently, people start to expect new content from you, or any of your videos could go viral or get ranked higher in the search. So consistent uploads are the best way to succeed on YouTube.

On the other hand, if you don’t upload consistently, you lose everything. People don’t really connect with you because they almost forget who you are and what you do. YouTube algorithm doesn’t pay much attention to your content because it doesn’t add fresh content frequently. More importantly, you experiment less when you don’t upload consistently.

Your Part

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YouTube success is not possible if you’re making such mistakes. We all learn things and improve along the way. If you’re making any one of these mistakes, don’t worry, just fix them and move on.

Are you doing any of these mistakes? Do you know How much Youtubers Earn Money?

Let us know what you learned from this article.

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