How to Get Started With Youtube Marketing in 2024?

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing is a simple idea of getting the most out of the YouTube platform. Some of you are using YouTube to just watch cat videos or Bollywood songs, but there is a lot to know about YouTube, especially if you run a business or if you get to know How much money do Youtubers Make, you won’t waste a second in learning more. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger or an enterprise; this article is going to shape your approach towards YouTube marketing once you read till the end.

How to Start Youtube Marketing in 2024:

  • How marketing starts on YouTube
  • How to upload videos to get success
  • How someone can make money on YouTube
  • The secrets of getting success on your videos

Plus, there would be more aspects that I will touch inside these ideas. The plan is to give you a roadmap so that you think before ignoring YouTube marketing or video content, in general or learning on How to Earn From Youtube.

We all know, how big Youtube is. As per Alexa, it is the second most visited website and world’s largest video search engine on the world. Let’ see more insights.

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Guide to Youtube Marketing

If you look at digital marketing in today’s world, you might know that brands run Facebook ads, Google ads, and the other advertising on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Quora. But a lot of you might not know that brands and individuals also put out different types of content online to market themselves.

The content such as articles, podcasts, pictures, inforgaphics, and videos. All these different types of content get published on different platforms.

So YouTube marketing is mainly based on the video content, but there are many aspects of it that you should know which will even help you in becoming a Youtuber. Let’s go ahead and find out what you should know about YouTube marketing, especially if you have been ignoring it for a while:

Videos Creation

best vlogging camera for selfie inspired video loggers

The video creation means video making-part. To get started with your YouTube marketing, you need videos that you created or you own the rights to use and upload without any copyright restriction. In case, you’re a blogger or a brand, you would have to figure out what your intention is. Then, you can find different pain points of your audience and create videos on those topics to help guide the audience.

YouTube video creation has many different aspects too, for example, you can create videos for fun or you about your passion. But we specifically looking from the marketing perspective.

So start making videos about your product, services, and solutions. If you have read this till this point, you may start remembering some brands who make such videos to help guide their audience. Maybe, you also have watched such guidance videos from the brands you like or admire. All those brands are exactly doing what I’m teaching you to do. They are putting out video content for YouTube marketing. So you should start doing that too.

Channel Optimization

growth strategies

Once you have started making videos and created your own Youtube Channel, in which you are talking about your industry related topics and from time to time pitching in your products or services, the next thing you should immediately do is channel optimization. It’s a simple process of making your channel looks better.

Here are simple things you should fix:

Display Picture:

It’s the small picture that appears on the header of your channel. Choose a clear and nice photo of yourself. In case, it’s a company’s channel, get an image designed with your brand’s logo on it.

Channel Art:

It’s the banner on the header that appears behind the display picture. You must utilize this space for your marketing and brand positioning. A lot of YouTubers and brands don’t maximize this feature. You can use this space to share your website URL, video upload routine, phone number, or email address.


Playlists could be considered the categories of your YouTube channel. You can always create more playlists or change videos from the playlists. So playlists show what type of content you are making or what this channel is all about. Choose the names of your playlist according to your niche.

These are a few things that will help you optimize your YouTube channel and make your YouTube presence better on the platform. Remember that video uploading is not the ultimate goal here, but instead, you must be delivering value with your videos. So channel optimization will pave the way for making it easier for the audience to consume your video content.

Video titles, description, and thumbnail

youtube video marketing

If you talk to any YouTube marketing expert and ask for advice on YouTube, it’s almost impossible that they won’t emphasize the importance of titles, descriptions, and thumbnails of videos. So it’s essential to the YouTube channel’s growth that your titles, descriptions, and thumbnails are on point.

These important video elements directly impact the clickability and attention on the videos. For example, if you make a video on a BMW car and name it on a vegetable, and put a vegetable picture on the thumbnail, then the BMW audience or car fanatics won’t see that video no matter how good or impactful that video is. The reason is that the packaging of the video doesn’t match up with the content. So nobody from the cars fans would ever click on that video.

The title is the name of the video. Don’t make it too short or large, but always keep it simple and to the point. The title must give a clear message about the video. Similarly, the thumbnail must give some enticement to the audience to click through. Lastly, the description helps videos in showing up in the search results. Remember that YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

These three things help us communicate with the audience and tell what these videos are all about.

YouTube Engagement


YouTube marketing is incomplete without engagement with the audience. If you are not building a connection with the audience after uploading your content, then you’re making a mistake. There are different forms of engagement, for example, you can ask the audience to comment or answer something in the comments. You can also ask for thumbs up at the end of the video.

Some YouTube creators turned off displaying their likes and dislikes, which is not a problem, but it always confuses the viewers about the video. The more a video gets liked by the audience, the more thumbs up it gets.

Replying to the comments is essential to YouTube engagement. Some YouTube influencers don’t bother to reply to the comments, which is a huge mistake. YouTube engagement can’t be done if you don’t reply to the comments. If the audience starts to think that you don’t reply, your comments can decrease with the passage of time.

There are other engagement tools as well such as pinning the comments and hearting the commenting. Pinning would display the comment at the top of the comments, whereas, the heart would show a small heart underneath the comment showcasing that the creator liked this comment.

All these engagement methods show how engaged you are with your audience. Plus, YouTube also recommends engagement with the audience.

Sponsoring Videos

Affiliate marketing youtube example
Reference :

One of the important aspects of YouTube marketing is sponsorship. You can reach out to the YouTube creators in your industry to sponsor their videos and get highlighted in their content to get the attention of the audience. Although it’s a paid option brands are willing to pay the YouTube channels which have hundreds of thousands of views on their videos.

It’s important to select the channels that have an audience which could be interested in your product. You might not want to sponsor a video on a tech channel that makes videos on mobile phones if you are in the dry cleaning business. So the relevancy is also a key in sponsoring the videos.

CTA [Call to Action]:

ask people to subscribe to your video

This solely depends upon your monetisation and conversion strategy. Some marketers prefer to convert customers immediately, some give time to customers. Some wait for the funnel process to happen.

However, by CTA it doesn’t necessary always mean a sale. It can mean a subscription to the channel, newsletter promoted in the video or description or any connection built between the visitor and the marketer/brand.


Is Youtube Effective for Marketing?

Youtube is the one of the top most viewed video content channel on Internet and with ever increasing demand for video content, Youtube is one of the most effective and recommended channel.

Why YouTube is a good marketing tool?

Either you own a business, provide service or you sell a skill. Video presence is getting must, specially with ever growing demand of increasing video content. If used effectively, Youtube marketing can bring many benefits such as Increase brand relationship with customers, trust and help you in becoming an authority.

Is YouTube good for business?

Definitely, Youtube Marketing is one of the effective ways to educate people about your business, product and service.

Ending and Conclusion on Youtube Marketing

Let’s conclude this topic by saying that if you are not using the video format of content for marketing, you are making a huge mistake. YouTube is the most popular video content site, and that’s why it’s important to pay attention to it.

See, today’s online marketing is about finding where the audience attention is and utilizing that attention for the greater good.

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What would you do about YouTube marketing after reading this article?

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