10 YouTube Tips for Video Marketing (2024)

10 Youtube Tips For Video Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The video has already emerged as a very important medium. Brands, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and institutions are using YouTube as their primal video platform.

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Let’s get back to the topic, If you’re not aware of video marketing or haven’t been able to come up how-to-do things on YouTube, then this article could be helpful. Because you have probably noticed that every major brand or a platform itself has its YouTube channel, which is huge. For instance, Canva and Bluehost have had their YouTube channels. At least, you end up finding some facts about YouTube and video marketing that might chance your marketing game. 

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The reasons why YouTube has become incredibly important will be the core purpose of this article. Once in a while, it’s necessary to study what possibilities are around us but we haven’t picked them yet. YouTube might be one of them. It might take your brand off the ground. This is clear that this article revolves around the tips that will help you understand the YouTube platform as well as video marketing strategies.

The intro has delivered a CLEAR MESSAGE that we know how important the YouTube platform is, which is why we want you to succeed over there. Head over to few tips that could turn the tables around:

10 Youtube tips for Video Marketing in 2023 :

Optimize Your Videos

It happens with the videos too. Yes. If you’re wondering that we only optimize website pages and blog articles, actually, there is always a need for videos optimization. Technically, we aren’t talking about video development, editing, and animation stuff, we are actually talking about Youtube videos SEO. You might find it similar to a blog post SEO because it contains a title, description, and the tags. In fact, there are other technical grounds too which you will find out in this article, but when you talk about videos optimization, it all begins from here. Use the relevant title, keywords in the title, of course, same is the case with the description and put the main keyword and the relevant keywords in the tags. (Study LSI, in case, you need to know about adding relevant description and keywords).

Create Attractive Thumbnails

The thumbnail is kind of a big deal these days. You can’t afford to miss out them especially when it comes to YouTube. Not only do they engage the audience, but they also help video content creators to give a message about the YouTube video. Online graphic tools like Canva, PicMonkey, or Creately are always helpful for creating such graphics.  It’s not necessary to create thumbnails using any of the above-mentioned tools, you can simply use your pictures (if suitable) for your video thumbnails. Make sure you have added some text and made some additions in order to look appropriate.

Develop a Content Strategy

First off, it’s important to understand that what the content strategy is. It’s a content development plan that is based on your brand’s marketing core values. For instance, it displays what the brand is selling, how it is helpful for the audience, who the target audience is, and why the prospects need to buy from that brand. In addition to that, it’s not always about selling, in fact, it’s more about engagement and delivering the value to the potential audience. The content strategy defines how you want to take your brand’s image and customer acquisition strategy. It does help in your overall marketing. As far as YouTube is concerned, it does matter for YouTubers, because if you keep moving directionless, you won’t reach anywhere. It’s about setting goals and pursuing them. You better come up with your YouTube channel’s content strategy, and after that create videos around that content strategy. It will help you engage a relevant audience that wants to listen to you.

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For Instance, you can integrate videos into Social Media marketing. Mari Smith from Social Media Examiner has provided some great suggestions for it, do check them out.

Utilize Enhancement and Editing tools

One of the important tips is not to forget the use of enhancement and editing tools available on YouTube. Your video marketing does get better if you cut the extra edges and fix up the video issues before making it online. Most of the creators put videos online after the editing is done, but YouTube does offer that facility to do a bit of editing and enhancements over the platform.

Integrate Channel Videos Using Cards

Another essential video marketing tool is ‘Cards’ – what it does is, it provides you a tiny popup link that appears on the top right of the video. You can select the timing of the card. In order to start using it, just go to edit a video via ‘Video Manager’ and you find the multiple editing options such as enhancements, filters, cards etc. Use this option not just to engage the audience on your channel, but also to drive more views on the relevant videos. It is something that doesn’t annoy the viewers, unlike those annotations which just pop up saying SUBSCRIBE in the text form or boxes of CLICK HERE that always disturb the viewers. 

Follow Relevant Creators

This YouTube tip is a bit out-of-the-box strategy. Think creative. Do wonders. Everyone sees all the available options on the platform and everywhere gets different results. One of the reasons for that difference is that people who work harder and think out-of-the-box get better results. Speaking of which, this strategy of ‘following relevant creators’ will help guide you to get engaged with the relevant audience, and ultimately you will meet a share of their audience.

This is how people grow their YouTube Channels. YouTube Collaboration is a vital growth trend that YouTubers adopt, but this happens when you have some followers base and others (you’re collaborating) have some audience too. But, once you start relevant content creators on YouTube, they will notice you and maybe, the process of communication begins from there.

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Add Useful Comments to others’ Videos

You have to keep things together. The YouTube workflow doesn’t work one way, meaning you don’t have to just create content on YouTube and sit back for planning for the next piece to create. You have to get involved with others instead. The creation of content is just one thing. The rest of the job is how to market your content, how you get engaged with others, and how you communicate to build your community.

Obviously, it all begins with the creation of content, once you’re good at the creation of your content, you’re halfway down the road, now the next thing you should be doing is watching others’ content, learning from them, admiring their work, and leaving valuable blog comments on their videos. Not only does it make others engaged with you, but it also gives you a recognition in the community. Try to leave the best out of you in the comments, so that people take some value from them, and come to your channel to follow you.

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Add Suitable Channel Art

The channel art feature on YouTube gives you a cutting-edge advantage over the creators who have not been able to use it properly. Because the channel art features allow you to add your channel cover, social media links, and the display picture.

These things work as your channel’s face which pretty much comes first when someone finds a video of yours organically and ultimately decide to check out your channel. When this happens, your video content doesn’t matter at first, what matters is, how beautifully you have set up your channel on YouTube.

Top YouTubers are quite aware of this fact, they always try to put everything possible on their YouTube cover. A picture, name, URL, social media channels are things that must be there. Beauty, makeup, and fashion YouTubers are the example of this thing. Check out the channels of

Create Content Consistently

consistency is key

One of the best YouTube success tips that top YouTubers give is the ‘creation of content consistently’. No matter how valuable content you’re making, if you’re not consistent, people won’t expect from you or you don’t have a schedule of uploading, things might not get in line for you. The consistent creation of content does help, because the more you create, the more your mind gets clearer on the purpose.

Once you know that what your audience wants from you, it gets way easier for you to keep going. The consistency is easy to understand and hard to implement, but it’s worth it. The creators don’t have to just deal with the schedules, they also have to keep up with the quality they are maintaining, otherwise, subscribers start unsubscribing.

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Use Multiple Playlists

The most strategic YouTube tip I’ve ever come across is the use of playlist for ranking your videos. SEO experts use YouTube playlists to rank their videos along with other search engine optimization functions. What happens with this is, they try to use multiple relevant keywords in the playlists (often named on more than  one word). It helps YouTube search engine identify the channel’s content and rank higher in the search index. The creation of multiple playlists ensures that you’re creating relevant content and the chances of getting your content ranked increases. YouTube is world’s second most used search engine which means the keywords do matter on the YouTube. The playlists are something that you may not have heard of as far as video marketing and YouTube success is concerned, but it does work.


Such tips help us develop our YouTube channel. It’s quite important to understand the YouTube game as the video has become a vital tool of modern-day marketing. People are developing their brands using the YouTube videos.

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The intention of creating this article was to give a nudge to all brands, business owners, and experts reading this blog, so that they never take video for granted.

What’s your best YouTube tip for others who’re reading this article?

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