A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media in 2024

beginners guide to social media success in 2016

Social media is a huge buzz word now. From brands to celebs, startups to entrepreneurs, everyone seems to be under the magic radar of social media. Why wouldn’t they be if social media has changed everything around us?

  • What is Social Media?
  • Top Social Media Websites
  • 5 Components of the Best Social Media Campaigns.
  • How to Attain the Social Media Success?
  • Key Elements of Social Media Success in 2024
  • How to be a Social Media Influencer?
  • Top Social Media Resources

Step by Step Guide on How to Start Social Media Campaign in 2024

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What is Social Media?

Moving ahead, So what exactly is Social Media?

According to Wikipedia : “Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.”

However i feel that social media is a two way communication channel. The print media, television, bill boards all are the examples of one way communication with their audience, but social media is a two way communication because your audience can communicate with you as well.

This article is about the success of social media and how to make a successful social media campaign. We’re about to see what it takes to be a social media influencer. In fact, how brands can use social media to take their brands to the next level. It’s 2024, we’re going to get some vibe from recent happenings and trends changing across social media.

The purpose of writing this article should be very clear.

I want your SUCCESS on social media.

Why am I writing this article?


You deserve to know that SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS in 2024 will not be easy.

Sounds scary?

Well, it shouldn’t be unless you leave this article right here and forget to open it again from your bookmark list…


If you keep on reading, then let me reveal a story.

Her name is Rutha.

She was captured by the fears, finally stepped up and never looked back: believed in her strengths. She believed in the power of social media. One day she got a dream job. She was hired by the Intel.

Top Social Media Websites

social media platforms

There are literally hundred’s of websites around the globe, some are country specific, region specific and some are different in terms of Nature, like Facebook and Linkedin both have completely different use.

I have summarised some top social media sites.

Each has it’s own use and it’s audience, even a single user connected to multiple social media websites, think differently when they open a specific website, so you need to keep in mind what a user is thinking while he is browsing on a specific social media website.

5 Components Of The Best Social Media Campaigns

There are 5 Components of The Best Social Media Campaigns.

  • Clearly Defined Goals
  • Developed Strategy/Execution
  • Linking this with other marketing channels
  • Analytics
  • Analysis/Tweaking


Clearly Defined Goals

For any marketing strategy, having a proper defined goals are very necessary. No marketing strategy can achieve well success unless it has it’s own objective and goals.

With Social Media, You can link many objectives or goals for your campaign. Each company or individual has it’s own objective with it, few such goals can be :

  • Building Brand Awareness For Yourself or Company.
  • Increasing TOM (Top Of Mind) For Your Brand, Making Your Brand Preferred Choice for your customers.
  • Driving More Traffic To Your Website.
  • Generating More Leads/Queries/Sales
  • Eventually Making More Money.

Developed Strategy/Execution

Now you have developed a clear defined goal or objective for your website, our next part will be to design a developed strategy or an execution plan on how you will do it. With Social Media, Your timing plays an important role, since it’s mostly relies on being viral, timing plays an important role. If you don’t know yet, 49%percent of business leaders have planned to increase their social media spending.

Few of the things you need to keep in mind when developing a strategy or execution for Social Media Campaign.

  • How You Are Going to Generate Conversations or Communication with Your Existing Customers?
  • How you will address the concerns of Pre-sales Questions?
  • What You need to do in order to obtain new leads or acquire more business?
  • How you can be cost-effective? (Generating Maximum Results at fewer costs?)
  • How you will link it with your offline marketing?

Linking this with other marketing channels

A marketing strategy works very well, if  all marketing channels are linked with each other. We all know that most of the customers don’t convert on their first visit, some times they need little more awareness regarding your brand, sometimes they are looking for a deal, sometimes they want you to appeal them more so they can take an action. Whatever the reason is, but let’s say, a person see’s your advertisement on Television and after that, he opens his facebook account and see’s your advertisement on his profile, he will likely be more convinced.

Mostly companies uses different marketing channels and link it with each other for greater benefit, so linking social media with other channels can produce productive results. Even mostly user’s don’t notice you on your first attempt, so cross linking with multiple channels helps you in building relationship with your target audience.

Analytics :

As with every marketing channel, Analytics plays a great role. Analytics can help you understand more about your traffic, visitors and customers. Going deep, the analytics can let you know, ‘Whats EXACTLY working for you and What Isn’t?’.

Some companies go even deeper and compare the revenues obtained from clients acquisition from social media and other channels and how do they reflect to your brand, followers count and market value. Whatever your metrics are, Analytics is always going to help you.

Analysis/Tweaking :

This is more about learning, understanding and analysing your market. As mentioned above, Analytics can tell you, ‘Whats EXACTLY working for you and What Isn’t?’, Similarly, learning from your mistakes, Spying your Competitors to see what is working for them and how you can apply it to your own strategy. All this comes in analysing and tweaking your social media. Your ultimate goal is to build more relations and obviously make more money.

How to Attain the Social Media Success?

It’s not a 10-day course to enroll — and you end up getting a social media guru certificate. It doesn’t work that way. The backbone of social media success in ORIGINALITY. You’re about to witness a number of key elements that will help you develop your media presence in the geeky and chaotic world.

But, before moving ahead, you must know the three major aspects of being capable of growing social media presence and these are the traits without whom you won’t be standing in the race for social media success.

social media success

An Ideal Audience to speak with:

The clarification of target audience is a virtue and blessing for anyone who wants to achieve social media success in 2024. No matter what you do or what you are (whether a brand or an individual) as long as you want to grow your business, you need the right audience to reach out and talk to them.

A possible solution to their problem:

Once you find it (audience), what will you do next? Stare at them or just say HI and walk away? Beware, you need to give them a SOLUTION. And, do you know what it takes to give them a solution? The answer is, you should know their problem in order to create a solution for them.

Competitive edge over the competition:

This might be the key to success in your whole business development plan. What’s the extra that you’ve gotten over competitors? Find that competitive edge over competition and learn to convey it to your audience.

Key Elements of Social Media Success in 2024

social media marketing trends 2016

These are the fundamentals of creating your social media dynasty where every new day come along with newer audience and you keep on bagging the new customers:

Be Active on Social Platforms

Creating dead social media profiles will not matter. Once people figure out that you don’t reply or your brand doesn’t actively engage with others, consider your social media profile isolated and most probably dead among the living creature.

social media platforms

The social media platforms are about interaction, meeting like-minded people, and building connections, so staying stubborn and doing nothing actively will not do any good. If you’re pursuing social media success and want to know that how to be active on social media then the ideal way of doing that is:

  • Select your social platforms
  • Build a content sharing strategy
  • Utilize tools to create images and banners
  • Regularly publish or schedule posts
  • Visit profiles regularly
  • Engage the audience in the comments
  • Share others’ content

Choose Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule and share your content on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

This video by Entrepreneur Network shares 10 laws of social media marketing, which will help you understand that how you should use social media in order to succeed. The creation of great and shareable content doesn’t finish the job, it just takes you halfway the process of utilizing the content to engage and impress the audience.

The science of being active is revolving around availing the chance to help solve any fan or prospect’s problem when it’s required to be. No matter how many twitter followers you have got, if someone reach out to you and you don’t respond, guess what, that follower expected a reply, consider that person, at least, not coming back to you.

The BuzzBundle is a perfect social media management and dashboard tool I’ve ever come across. It helps you build and manage your social media momentum — It’s a tool where everything is happening in front of your eyes. You get to manage multiple social media profiles without a headache.

A New Paradigm of Customer Assistance

Today’s social media isn’t about just making a Facebook page or a Twitter account — and considering the job done. The concept of social media has continuously been evolving ever since people started realising the importance of social media.

The era has gone when Facebook used to be just for online friendships — now social media is certainly far beyond that. Twitter has gained a significant momentum with its unique 140 characters status and microblogging format. LinkedIn emerged as a network of professionals and companies, whereas Pinterest and Instagram turned out to be the platforms for people interested in photography, illustrations, and graphics.

One of the best things happened in the recent time was a huge shift in the customer assistance trends. Social media played a vital role in evolving the customer assistance standards and norms. A few years back live chat and email support were highly appreciated by the customers as well as business development experts. Now brands and organizations aware of new standards of connectivity and interaction. They want to stay closer to their audience so that they keep them engaged and never let them slip.

You’ll find your favorite brands all across the social networks. From beverages to tea, online store to brick and mortar, airlines to fashion brands everyone will be reachable on certain social media networks. In fact, they (brands) try to engage the audience in those networks and use it as channels to keep their prospects and customers connected with them.

Three Simple Strategies of Customer Assistance

There are three simple strategies of customer assistance via social media:

Choose the Platforms:

You can’t be on 10 social media networks and serve customers via social media. Every brand creates its social media strategy around two or three social networks. It’s because a brand has to allocate resources to provide assistance to the audience through those social networks. As a brand, you should pick the least number of social networks and try to be more active on those platforms.

Create an SEM Strategy:

Without a content strategy and social media marketing plan, social media success won’t be possible. The customer assistance isn’t just answering the queries of the customers, in fact, it’s also sharing the resources and creating the answerable content to help prospects, which end up connecting with the brand. MOZ is popular with their content publishing and engaging the community through their content.

Be Consistent with Engagement:

The engagement doesn’t seem to be an engagement if it’s done occasionally. As an expert or a brand, you must be there for the audience every time they want something from you. They could reach out to you anytime. Once you develop a solid plan of hanging out on social media, you will ultimately be more active with your interaction and connectivity with the audience than ever. Tweetdeck is a twitter management dashboard used by hundreds of thousands of social media users around the world.

Mold the Audience Mindset

One of the key elements of establishing a successful relation with the audience is molding their thoughts and lead them your way. Obviously, it has to be cautious, you can’t go wrong this way, instead, you should be polite, sincere, and honest with them.

The point is, it’s you how you hone the audience interaction and what you want them to do. People always look up to the influencers and those who can help them succeed. So, why don’t you develop a sense of interaction, plus, add up some spice that was never seen before?

SEMrush twitter chat by SEMRUSH team, for example, is quite fit for this point. They schedule a twitter chat using the hashtag #semrushchat every Wednesday. They get an expert to answer the questions, predefine the questions, and keep the followers active throughout the chat by liking their tweets and appreciating the good opinions.

The social media isn’t about getting Facebook likes and Twitter followers. These things won’t matter if your followers aren’t interested in you. The social media success lies in the social connections that you build up using the different strategies.

There could be other strategies to use as a mold to craft the perfect audience for your brand. The connection should be based on truth, honesty, and helping people.

Be a Giver

The social media success is a byproduct of GIVING and DELIVERING. Once you change yourself to be a giver, you’re open to helping others and it changes the game. GIVING isn’t always about giving away gifts and freebies, the detailed and in-depth guidance, tutorials, and on-request lessons could be the vital options in order to GIVE something away.

be a giver

You probably heard people and brands saying that we have been so successful and to thank our audience and customers, we want to do something in return. That comes after their own success, it shows they didn’t help anyone along the way, which couldn’t be true, they might have helped their customers and prospects, so, the right words and thinking could make a difference.

What can you do on social media to be a giver?

There are certain things that would make you a giver such as:

Participating in the discussion:

As said before, you don’t have to pay hefty amounts to get people’s attention as a giver. Sometimes, giving away the right piece of advice could do wonders. Participate in the discussion at the right forum to help guide the audience to get yourself in into the community.

Adding valuable experience:

Your past experience is a goldmine that you own. Not only does it help you to get better, but it also gives you a chance to make things right for others by sharing it with them. And, social media is the best place to do that.

Sharing useful resources:

Most relevant articles, website tools, and SAAS brands are a key to success while working online. You better keep the list of such brands and websites to use at some point as well as sharing with others.

Keep the Engagement On

One of the essential keys to success on social media is the consistent engagement. Once you begin the social media engagement aggressively, continue it for a month and slowing down in the second month would sabotage the whole strategy. In fact, you might end up being irregular on the social media.

The perks of being consistent on social media are many such as:

  • It connects you with new people
  • You get to know the others’ experience
  • It helps you communicate with current network
  • You find out what they are up to
  • You get to share what’s going on with your brand
  • Catch up with other professionals
  • You get your hands on new resources shared by others
  • You share and deliver value to engage the audience

The tools like SproutSocial and Crowdbooster may help you in establishing your social media profiles, but the backbone remains the same and that’s what you want to do with your social media appearance.

The perfect tools will do the perfect job when you want them to do for you.

CoSchedule is a WordPress scheduling tool which helps you build your publishing calendar as well as social media sharing schedule.

Top Social Media Resources

Your Turn and Conclusion

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The social media success isn’t the 1-month game.

Be advised, you would have to spend a lot of time on the consistent basis in order to shape your social media appearance.

The social media success in 2024 wouldn’t be easier than it used to be.

Make your consistency-plan for the long-haul and hone the strategies over the course of time.

You’ll find out what works best for you.

These key elements were a few tips to help you get started. It’s true that there are many other perspectives to cover to make the picture of social media success a whole lot better.

But, once you understand these elements, you’ll figure out a lot more than just you know right now.

It was a beginner’s guide.

At least, it might make you a learner of social media success.

Once you become that, you won’t stop learning. The key to success lies in improvements and learning from your mistakes.

Stay tuned to Aliraza.co – You’ll find more stuff that will transform your website, blog, and online business into an evolving dynasty that keeps on getting better by every passing day.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    A detailed post indeed! 🙂
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    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad

  2. Hi Ali,
    Now I m becoming a fan of yours. Great social media campaign guiding stuffs here for a beginner like me.
    I use buffer to manage my social accounts and here I found a new tool buzzbundle. Is it free or paid?
    Great article and the most beautiful point is BE A GIVER. Yes you have to be enough kind hearted.
    Thanks a lot for sharing

    1. Thanks Riju! Glad that you like it. Buzzbundle is an effective tool, even I’m writing a review for it too. The free version has some limitations while the paid one is a must to buy.

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