How to Grow a Niche Blog (Even If You Don’t Know SEO)?

How to Grow a Niche Blog (Even If You Don't Know SEO)

Running a niche blog may have its perks, but growing such a specified blog might become a daunting task at times. It doesn’t mean it stops bloggers who want to pursue niche blogging. A lot of newbie bloggers might mix niche blogging with event blogging and I want to assure you that both are very different things.

Before digging deeper into niche blogging, let’s clarify what niche blogging is. [This is very important if you are serious in learning how to make money online]

What’s is a Niche Blog?

A niche blog is a blog that is intended to guide a certain segment of the audience that might be looking for the information around a specific topic. For example, a laptop niche blog could be a blog that just talks about the laptops and nothing else.

So, the niche blogging is a type of blogging in which we choose a certain niche and create a blog around that. The blog publishes content in the very same niche. It’s called niche blogging.

Let’s take a look at the key elements of growing a niche blog:

An In-depth Niche Analysis


Whether you’re starting a niche blog or you’re taking the charge of an already launched niche blog. The initial job is the deep analysis of the blog and its niche. There could be numerous reasons for the blog’s success and vice versa. There are primary goals for in-depth niche analysis such as to find out the demand of the niche, to see the niche potential, and to figure out whether the right topics are being discussed or not.

Without going through the niche analysis, it may look inappropriate to give a verdict on any niche. To help predict the growth potential of a blogging niche, there could be some signals that may help you. Nobody might be able to predict the future success, but rather relying on indicators and taking actions on those signals might help us get through. For example, you can take a look at the specific keywords potential in the Long Tail Pro.

An in-depth niche analysis would also unveil the money making opportunities that you could utilize in monetization as well as it would help identify the target audience to reach out through content publishing.

The SEO Strength at a Glance

SEO search engine optimization

The SEO has a vital role in the growth of a blog but it’s not necessary that the blogger must be an SEO expert to grow a niche blog. You’ll learn a lot of things in this blog post that will help you grow your blog even if you aren’t an SEO expert. The purpose of analyzing the SEO strength at a glance is that it tells us the keywords that are giving us the traffic. SEMrush, for example, is a tool that highlights the popular keywords that are giving organic traffic to your website/blog. Even Search Console does have the feature to tell you the popular keywords that are giving your website/blog organic traffic. Don’t underestimate the power of search console.

Once you have a report in hand that is giving you an idea of the popular keywords that you can cash in on. The next part is that you need to drill down on those keywords in the future content. Prefer low-competition and long-tail keywords for targeting.

Build Relationship with Other Blogs

build better relationships

Growing a blog isn’t just about figuring out everything about the SEO. Almost every blogging starter knows about the All In One SEO and Yoast SEO plugins. Does it boost the blog within weeks? The answer is NO. The reason is that a blog goes through the process of growth which requires the publication of good content, link building, relationship with other blogs, readers engagement, and social media sharing.

One of the key elements of growing a niche blog is the relationship with other relevant blogs in the same niche. You don’t have to take them as competitors. In fact, become friends with them. You would have to start the friendship by becoming a giver. To do that simply start following those blogs on social media, sharing their content, comment on their blogs, and sometimes link to their blog posts (where possible).

For instance, Adeel sami, do weekly roundups to interact and build relationship with fellow bloggers. See his last post on how he is doing.

If you do this, not only will you build relationships with relevant blogs but you will also provide value to your readers by giving versatile examples and references.

Create a Private Community

community building

Growing a blog requires different strategies. One of the those is creating a private community of like-minded people. The best way to do this is developing a Facebook closed or secret group that is open to your blog subscribers or readers. There should be a value-proposition involved in the process. Otherwise, the visitors might not feel compelled to join the community. It could be monthly freebies for the community members or regular discussions among the members.

The benefit of making a private community of a niche blog is that it develops the brand positioning of the niche blog in the audience’s mind, especially when they receive value from being a member of the community. The community isn’t about getting people to read your every new blog post. Instead, it should be about the awareness you can provide besides writing your blog.

Reviewing the Relevant Products

write product reviews

One of the best growth hacks to grow a niche blog is reviewing the relevant products. To review the product, you need to get the product to test out. A lot of companies reach out to bloggers to provide them with free subscriptions or products for review. If that doesnโ€™t happen yet, you can buy the products that might be helpful for you as well as your audience. The benefit of reviewing the relevant products to your niche is that a lot of people are interested in the product to find more information and in-depth review, the chances are, some of them might stumble upon your review articles. Not only will it increase your traffic, but you may also end up getting affiliate commissions from the companies you’re working with.

Conclusion on How to grow a niche blog

These were a few methods of growing a niche blog. There could be a dozen more because the tactics get outdated and new ones replace the old ones.

The truth is that if you’re passionate about the niche you’ve selected, you’ll be digging a lot to find the interesting aspects to create content. Once you start creating helpful content, the process of growth initiates. Of course, other factors like ranking a blog post, social media sharing, and community building will be vital in your niche blog’s growth. All these things come through if you’re publishing good-quality content on a regular basis.

What else could you add to these tips of growing a niche blog?

Feel free to add up in the comments section.

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  1. Hi Ali,
    Your Analysis about Niche Blog are impressive , I hope Its help full for newbies.
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  2. Hi Ali bro,
    It was a worth reading write-up. I love the technique building relations with other bloggers/blogs and I have been using that for a while!
    if you’re not good at SEO, Social Media is here to facilitate you with everything.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Ahmad

  3. Ali Bro
    I am new visitor of your site.So i want to learn many things about blogging. So please tell me about basics of SEO. Thanks in advance.

  4. Asalam-o-alaikuM, Ali bhai!

    JazakALLAH for such an honor! I am truly delighted you mentioned me on your great blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

    SEO is not the game that I am a good player of but still going with it.

    What I love to do is the networking. The relationship building which is working best with the blog comment.

    I love blog comments (but I totally suck at it over my own place, my blog.)

    I always say to myself to change this bad habit… Hope to do so quickly and sooner.

    And I gotta jump into the affiliate thing soon too. And you’re the good book to read about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    JazakALLAH for that lovely content!

    ~ Adeel

    1. Your blog is going great and your networking skills are such which i admire myself.

      Best wishes for your affiliate marketing venture and thanks for your compliment.

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    This post is goldmine, I guess you have shared some perfect tips for growing niche blogs even if we are new to this subject.

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