Experts Roundup : 25+ Experts Reveal Best SEO Advice For Newbies!

23 experts reveal best seo advice for newbies

We all know that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the important factor of our online traffic acquisition strategy. According to a study at Search Engine Watch, a typical website may receive up to 64% of traffic from search engines. We cannot deny the fact that without having a solid search engine optimization plan in hand, we might face difficulties in getting good exposure from search engines like Google, Yahoo and end up getting very low amount of traffic.

SEO Advice for Newbies : Roundup 2022

Knowing all that, various people are stepping into the field of SEO. You might see ample of courses available online. Often newbies have so much confusion on which route to follow, what to do and what to avoid?.  So to make things easier, I asked a number of experts on their opinion on what’s the best route to follow for people who want to learn more about SEO.

So let’s see their answers and opinion.

Let me remind that my question to all of them was

Can you tell me whats the best advice you will give for SEO to newbies?

neil patel Neil Patel : [Website | Twitter]

Neil Patel,a well known personality is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world.

When I asked about his opinion on whats the best advice you would like to give to newbies in SEO, he said ;

‘Just write great content and stay ahead on industry trends’.

Thanks Neil for your participation! =)

matthe wood wardMatthew WoodWard : [Website | Twitter]

Moving on to my favourite blogger and SEO expert, Matthew WoodWard! He is a famous Internet Marketer and runs an award winning Internet Marketing Blog. If you are starting out in the field of Internet Marketing, SEO or even Freelancing, I recommend everyone to follow his blog.

So When I asked Matthew on his opinion about the best SEO advice? he replied :
One of the biggest mistakes I see newbies make is what I call ‘Obsessive Compulsive Backlink Disorder’People create a new website and then immediately start link building to chase down that precious #1 ranking.However, they are so obsessed with link building & rankings that they often can’t see the woods for the trees & disregard all of the other google ranking factors. Then scratch their heads when that didn’t work.
Instead you should focus your time & energy making sure that you have first of all built a site that actually deserves to rank.There is much more to building out a site than some quick keyword research and publishing keyword targeted articles with 3% density trying to rank and bank by getting people on and off your site through an affiliate link as quickly as possible. I think that behavior is a symptom of obsessive compulsive backlink disorder.  People are so obsessed with getting rankings as quickly as possible that they skip the important parts, like building a helpful resource that actually deserves to rank in the first place.

Thanks Matthew for your time and participation, what I really love from your answer is that build a site that actually deserves to rank! =)

Rob Erich [Website | Twitter]rob erich

For those who don’t know, Rob is A blogger studying the art of location independent entrepreneurship. You can read more about him on his website.

His answer is as follows :

I actually have two pieces of advice: First, focus on creating content for people and search engines. Find long-tail keywords that are relevant to your niche, and incorporate them in a way that organically engages with readers.

Second, don’t write just for SEO — make sure it’s relevant to your niche. One of my highest performing articles I wrote simply because I was semi-interested in the topic and there was no information on it. While it brings in a lot of readers, most of them never subscribe or visit other content. Keep your content within your niche if you want the traffic to convert well. Hope that helps!

Thanks Rob for your answer, It’s gonna help newbies a lot! =)

Andrew Dennis [Twitter]andrew dennis

Andrew works as the content marketing specialist for He also has a column at

His advice to newbies are :

The best advice I would give to SEO newbies is to learn, learn, learn, and then learn some more. You never know what you don’t know. There is so much to understand within SEO, AND the industry is also constantly in flux. Rankings are continuously fluctuating, SERPs are changing, and search engines are always tweaking their algorithms and developing entirely new ways of evaluating search queries. Lucky for us, the SEO industry is full of incredibly bright people who are also very generous with their expertise and knowledge! My advice would be to find a handful of blogs/sites that both provide valuable information, and have a style and tone that resonates with you personally.

My recommendations to get you started would be:

Thanks Andrew for your time and response, Your advices are straight and to the point, I’m sure it’s gonna make a difference. =)

Raafi Chowdhry [Website | Twitter]raafi chowdhury

Raafi is an entrepreneur, growth hacker, & blogger. He is also an experienced digital marketing consultant based in Los Angeles, California. You can read more about him on his about page.

His answer was as follow :

Survey your audience and find out what they wanna learn about. Write detailed guides on those topics. Email out to the people you surveyed and tell them to link to it and share it. And also constantly keep guest posting in other high traffic blogs in your niche.

The other piece of advice would be to do influencer marketing just like you are doing with this post. But be sure to get the influencers to share it and possibly link to it.

Thanks Raafi for your response, hope you are going to link back to this post. 😉

Erik Emanuelli ‏ [ | Twitter ] Erik Emanuelli

Erik is a blogger, social media addict and freelance writer. You can read more about himself, his guest postings, interviews and other stuff at here.

He says :

It’s a pleasure to participate to your next expert roundup. I would suggest to work on your on-page SEO. Basically, you want to optimize your content for specific keywords. This includes adding your keywords in the URL of your page, in the title, at beginning and within the content in a certain percentage, in the images, in the H2, H3, etc. You also need to work on internal and outbound linking and get a responsive design to improve your page loading speed, other than adding social sharing buttons and being sure to write enough quality content. There are several WordPress plugins that may help you (a good one is SEOPressor). To read more about on-page SEO, you can check this post: On Page SEO

Thanks Erik For your wonderful advice! =)

Minuca Elena [Website | Twitter]MINUCA ELENA

Minuca creates influencer roundups that provide quality content, bring huge traffic, get more quality leads and help bloggers connect with influencers.  You can find her at her blog,

Minuca says that the best advice she can give a newbie is to focus on low competition keywords and work on making your on-page SEO perfect.
As a newbie, it will be difficult to get people to link to your site, so the best thing you can focus on is long tail keywords. These are keywords where there are few searches, and not many people are searching for it. These are easy to rank and many times even with perfect on page SEO you can rank for it.

The best tools you can use for a WordPress site for SEO is the Yoast. It is free and makes sure all the signals on it are green before you publish a post.

Thanks Minuca for your precious time and sharing such beautiful and awesome advices, hopefully newbies can learn from your response.

Hussain Omar  [Website | Twitter]hassan omer

For those who don’t know, Hussain Omar has built his expertise as an SEO strategist, he’s the founder of Cost Effective SEO, and an addict to anything related to SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing and blogging.

He has been appeared in a number of roundups, so i thought it’s a good idea to get his opinion and after checking his answer, i felt i was right! 😀

His answer is :

My advice for newbies is to stay focused, consistent and persistent. SEO is not an overnight game, it takes time. They should follow a clear strategy and give it enough time to take effect, the SEO game has no shortcuts.

Another thing newbies should focus on is the quality, whether in the content, social activities or in building your links. Quantity over quality rule is not working anymore, search engines are more intelligent than ever, and with updates like Panda, Penguin and Rankbrain, things are more complicated, and require more caution.

Thanks Hussain for leaving wonderful advices, Im sure they gonna help newbies a lot! =)

Sam Hurley  [Website | Twitter] sam hurley

Sam has been featured in various interviews, have an ample of following, listed in the Top 10 Most Influential People in PPC Industry in U.K.

His advice is as follows : Don’t pay chump change for SEO – you will end up far worse off than when you started. If you’re going to hire an expert, do your research and spend a long time considering your decision. Don’t just flit from one to another… I’d also recommend not ‘doing’ SEO yourself if it isn’t your specialism. We can all try and take our hand to multiple practices and learn them over time…but that would be like me as a business owner attempting to take care of my accounts and tax. It makes complete sense to hire an accountant with years of solid knowledge dedicated to that one particular subject matter…why should it be any different with SEO? Finally, don’t just focus on keyword rankings. The picture is whole lot bigger these days…rankings alone are an outdated metric. Think: visits, engagement and conversions.

Thanks Sam for your time and leaving such an awesome advice for my audience! =)

Russell Lobo  [Website | Twitter]Russell Lobo

Russell Lobo is a serial entreprenuer and niche site owner who blogs and shares the case studies of his niche sites. He has 6 years experience working full time online and is a full time niche site owner. Among his recent successes, he has written 1,000 posts in one month and have ranked on Page 1 for a 33,000 search volume keyword in less than two months. One of this greatest achievements is that he took a site from $0 to $1,000 in three months.
Russell was very keen to answer my question, he replied :

The best advice of SEO for newbies is have patience. Today with Google sandbox, the days of making a website and ranking on page 1 are long gone. Since a newbie sees so much information out there and “proofs” of success, they feel they should start earning from the very first month. This may lead to using unethical practices like usings spammy links etc. This has a long term effect on your website.

The best thing to do is make a schedule and keep writing. That way you will always have good, consistent content on your site. You can check for the case study .  I made on how I wrote 100,000 words in 1 month. Without any backlinks I have already started ranking for it. So good, consistent content is very important

Thanks Russell for your time and opinion. I’m sure, many will consider your advice. =)

matthew allen

Matthew Allen [|Twitter]

Matthew is the founder of,  He is Full time trucker – Part time blogger and imaginary entrepreneur. I run a few blogs and I build niche websites to create passive income online. You can read more about him on his website.
When I asked about his take on the question, he replied :
I will try to answer it as follows : Don’t Go Cheap on Keyword Research – Ask any SEO expert and you will find that keyword research is the basis and, by far, the most important part of doing SEO. If you get keyword research wrong from the beginning, everything else you do for SEO will be a complete waste of time. Most newbies look for free (or cheap) tools to do keyword research – which is totally understandable. It’s hard to spend money on paid tools when you’re not making any money online yet. I did the exact same thing. But I can tell you this…
I didn’t start to make serious money online until I started investing in paid tools to help me. One of those tools was Long Tail Pro, which happens to be the best keyword research tool on the planet. That investment has been the #1 difference maker for me over the years. Sure, it can be a little pricey – but if used properly, a good keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro will actually pay for itself! I have proof!

Do checkout, 4 Ways to Get Long Tail Pro and Make it Pay for Itself
If you’re a newbie – go ahead and try keyword research the free or cheap way for a little while just to get your feet wet. But as soon as you are comfortable, and if you’re serious about this SEO stuff, please invest a little bit of money and get a proper keyword research tool. This will enable you to get keyword research right in the first place – and everything about SEO after that becomes much easier.
Thanks Allen for giving your precious time and writing such awesome advices!

Philip Verghese 'Ariel'  Philipscom 

Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’  Philipscom [Website | Twitter]

Philip is a Freelance Writer/Editor from Secunderabad, Telangana State, India. He is also an editor of a Christian monthly magazine.
Whats the best advice you will give for SEO to newbies?
It is very difficult to give a single advice since there is a lot out there to look into this aspect. But in my opinion, the first and foremost thing is to “Concentrate on the title, create an eye-capturing title with a good keyword.”  I am sure half the work is done with this thing alone! Then for sure look into the quality of the content according to the title given! Stick to the title and present your quality content accordingly. The visitors too will stick to it!!!  No doubt with good keywords with much value added rich content will fetch more results in SEO. Since I feel search engines are now more focusing on engagements. I am presently using SEO by Yoast, this is a good tool, that itself give a lot of guidance on this subject.  Free and Pro versions are available with Yoast.  Also, I would like to suggest the newbies to go through an infographic,developed by Nirav Dave, an SEO Expert, which I have recently published my page…
This infographic speaks volume on the subject of SEO.  You can read that HERE
​ Thanks Philip for such a great response, I’m sure audience is going to learn alot from you and the infographic is cool as well. =)

 Jyoti Chauhan [Website | Twitter]Jyoti Chauhan

Jyoti Chauhan is an SEO Expert and blogger having more then three years of experience in Internet Marketing. She is very well familiar with all the on-page and off-page strategies.

When I asked her about seo advice for newbies, her reply was :

Start learning SEO from day one, there are lots of things to learn for a newbie like keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, etc. First, you need to understand basic things very well. Sometimes we don’t study basic things in depth to think these are basic things and at this point, we lose the game.

Until we understand the basic stuff, how can we understand advance things?

If you are in blogging, you already heard several times “Write for the Audience.” It doesn’t mean you don’t need to do keyword research and on page optimization of your content for Google in any way.

Write for the audience but don’t ignore search engine.

Before writing any blog post, do keyword research, yes give enough time to find good long tail keywords, LSI keywords and check completion. You can check completion manually using Google.

If you see some of your competitors have poor content, low-quality backlinks, low domain authority, poor on-page optimization, then you have found Good keyword. But if you don’t see any weak point, then I will recommend you to find another keyword.

Since if you keyword rank at second page in Google, You will get no traffic, no sale, and no money.

Those days have been gone when 500-word article ranks in Google.  So always write depth content (1000 – 1500+ word). Don’t forget to build some quality backlinks for your blog post.

Thanks Jyoti for your time and for sharing such awesome secrets. =)

Abdul Wali [Website | Twitter]abdul wali

Abdul Wali was a Biryani Seller turned into a Millionaire Online Marketer. He has no official schooling yet thousands of students from all over the world. He is professionally known as Web Developer, Blogger, SEO Expert and Online Instruction.

It was great having him on board, so when I asked his opinion, he replied :

Ali, my SEO advice to newbies  will be : “Content is still the king, if you write the best content according to current SEO scenario, I mean lengthy and appealing content, you can rank that without a single backlink, as I myself did many times without any backlink strategy. Furthermore, I’d suggest everybody to make a habit of adding videos and info-graphics to their content, as this is one of the best practices for both users and search engines, and it’s useful today and beyond.”.

Thanks Sir for your time, hopefully students are going to learn and follow your strategies and tips.

Hassam Ahmad Awan [Website | Twitter]hassam ahmad awan

For those who don’t know, Hassam is a well known Blogger, SEO Expert and Vblogger from Pakistan. He is 24 years old, computer graduate and well known person in helping newbies and those who are just starting out there online journey.
Since Hassam is known for helping newbies, I thought let’s take him into the expert roundup and his answer was :
The best advice I would consider giving is: Don’t bother about SEO too much. Just make sure you take the first step right. That is to place your self in a less competitive micro niche.Next, pick up a keyword that you want to be authority in. Place it in your title, keyword and meta tags. Basic on-page SEO done.
Now the most important SEO aspect you’d want to stick to is writing for humans and not the bots.Write blog posts that are shareable. Kindly Note that the modern and future Search Engine Optimization is Human Optimization. Just aim to satisfy the reader who is reading your article. Embed videos, Infographics, slides etc in blog posts to make them standout.In a nutshell, optimize your posts for humans and that would take them along way.Make readers love your blog posts and bots would follow the trend.
 Thanks Hassam for your wonderful reply, I have best wishes for you! =)

Inaam Ul Haq Mansoor [Website | Facebook]Inaam ul Haq Mansoor

Inaam is technically an Electronic Engineer and Internet Marketer. He is known for his knowledge in Affiliate and SEO expertise. He is also a professor in a university and has ample of following.
His Advice for SEO Newbies are :
SEO is a REAL BUSINESS, Never take it like one night learning. To handle a real Business you need to go for deep analysis a lot of studies and a lot of research. If you want to setup an SEO Business, you need to work hard, Read Quality Blogs and Implements the things that Experts say.
The only way to learn SEO is by doing Actions, Learn, Implement and Get the Results. I Wish You good Luck for Your SEO Work Flow. Never Take SEO as one day Job, Google Algorithm evolves in real time and you need to evolve the same way to be Successful.
 Thanks Inaam for your time and such amazing tips! I’m sure newbies gonna learn alot from you.

Muhammad Idrees Farooq Facebook]muhammad idrees farooq

I know Idrees as a risk taker person, who has gone from no where to $10k per month because he is a passionate and a hard worker. His skills are widely known in Internet Marketing, SEO and Freelancing. He also one of the top Affiliate and Email Marketer I know personally.

So Idrees Can you tell me whats the best advice you will give for SEO to newbies?

His Answer : For Me, SEO is no more a game of kids now. Days are gone when you can easily
rank your sites with few backlinks and some bookmarks. But now, you can not
proceed without a proper SEO Strategy.

SEO Strategy means proper paper work for all of your seo even before creating
your first link. Looks old school but believe me it works.

You should know in advance

– Where to create your backlinks?
– What type of links you need, dofollow or no follow?
– If you are creating tiers, how many tiers you need for your site?
– How many links you need on each tiers?
– How many anchors you need for your links?
– What anchors percentage you need for your main keywords?
– What time you need to rank at top for your main keywords?
– What Indexing ratio you need across your tiers?
– How much you can make in profit if any keyword hits no 1

and many more.

I have not discussed 2 major things that are now having vital role in SEO

1. Content – You can’t compromise on content. It must be lengthy and high quality
believe me if you do pure focus on some amazing content for your site, maybe you
don’t need hell of backlinks to rank your site. Google automatically ranks those
sites which have really good content. So put 100% focus on creationg user friendly
high quality posts for your site.

2. Social Signals – Really Really Important. Social Signals can be a powerful Addon
for your on going SEO or some folks even says it’s complete SEO now. However I believe
social signals are having a vital role in ranking. If your content is being loved, shared,
tweeted by your readers, that means you are creating some amazing content. This increase
your site authority in Google and that results in ranking ultimately

That’s all folks. This is from me and I am hopeful this will be great help in your SEO.

Do Add him as friend on facebook : Click here

Thanks Idrees for your time and such an amazing response! =)

Muhammad Ismail : [Website | Facebook]Muhammad Ismail

Ismail is an Entrepreneur, Professional Blogger, Freelancer and Public Speaker. His Aim is to help individuals in starting their online career through instilling the skills and passion of Blogging and freelancing

Just to let you know that Ismail here is on a big mission. Through very immense hard work, he has achieved a lot in very little time with the help of online businesses. And now his aim is to bring awareness about online businesses so that the youth can be empowered and be able to support themselves,

According to him, The Best Advice & Tips for newbies related to SEO are as follows :

Whenever you are writing an article or a blog post, always make sure to ask these questions from yourself.

  • What is the goal of writing this post?
  • The purpose of writing this post?
  • What will be the pros and cons of this content?
  • Is the keyword will be helpful in short or in long term?

Once you are done getting the answers of these questions the next step is to concentrate on few other things including the nature of keyword:

  • SEO keyword long term.
  • Viral or social media keywords.
  • Or your Keyword is Buying stuff.

According to Long tail pro, it doesn’t matter what your target market is, but it’s a strong recommendation to follow the above rules for better ranking.

The pros of using SEO keywords is:

  • Need one-time search. Search your Keywords.
  • Choose the Keyword with the highest ranking.
  • Long tail SEO keywords will bring more traffic on consistent basis for long time.
  • The cost of long tail keywords can be very low.

Such type of keywords mostly include the words like how, if, best,

Now here my advice would be: if your aim is on building long term blog, you must need to target the SEO keywords as they rank well in long term. Such kind of keywords contain 3-5 words. The best tool to use and get long tail keywords as well as Titles is

But if your target market is social media including Facebook and twitter etc. then you need to target Viral keywords, keywords that attract people and make them to click and follow your page. You can also use dramatic as well as trendy Keywords when targeting social media.

Some tips that can help you in choosing good Viral post keywords:

  • Viral keywords look more appealing and catchy instead of keywords
  • The title including highly emotional words that force people to click.
  • You can also slang words that are trending on the social media or you can use short abbreviations.
  • The optimal character for writing good title is 5 to 6 words.

The 2nd tool that I am using for Bloggingdesk is coschedule. One of the amazing tool that help me in writing awesome blog post titles

The 3rd type that I mentioned in this post is buying keywords.

Buying keywords contain strong words that force people to click, read and buy the product. The more you go specific the more click you will get. Suppose if your target market is Buying shoes. Most of the buyers now search specifically like black shoes to buy, so if you use the keyword like black original shoes to buy. There will be chances to get higher ranking in the SERP.

Now ask from yourself what keyword market you want to target, set and start writing content. The more you write quality content with specific market. You will get higher ranking, long term results. More sale and trust from users.

 Thanks Ismail for sparing time to write such great advices, I appreciate your input. =)

Hamza Sheikh [Website | Twitter]hamza sheikh

He is Professional Blogger cum Internet Researcher and WordPresser. He has worked with various websites and earned more then 5 figures a month through Blogging and Internet Marketing.
According to Hamza, He feels that SEO is a myth. It is a believe in yourself and in system. Google Search is tricky and unexpected in many cases. You cannot implement anything you heard from anywhere. In last nine years of SEO experience, I learned everything comes with its expiry. If something is published, it is already burned. You need to craft your own ship. Google is a teen, and it learns what you teach it. With all Machine Learning and AI, it is all about you how you brand yourself in SEO under specific topic.

 Thank You Hamza for your time and such an amazing answer! =)

Salman Baig

Salman Baig [Website | Twitter]

Salman is a Search Engine Optimization Expert & Consultant With more than 5 years of experience and results for clients in the fields of Content Marketing, On-page SEO, Keyword Research, Competition analysis and Link-building. He worked with many top brands like LinkaGoal (Startup Funded by Google), HP (Gold Partner in Pakistan) and Woodgrange Solicitors LLC and has helped them in reaching their perfect target audience with the help of Search Engine Optimization. He is also an author of an SEO E-book “WhiteRank” which is being read by thousands of Online marketers. “
Salman thinks that the best and the most specific advice he can give to newbies is to understand the PR juice flow internally on your website and learn how to channelise it for more exposure and to make your inbound links more effective. As in my ebook “Whiterank” I’d shared how I rank very low competition keywords with just Internal linking structure. He also shares great strategies in his ebook on how you can rank your website via social signals alone!
Thanks Salman for writing back to me with such great advices, newbies are going to learn a lot from you.! =)

M Tanveer Nandla  [Facebook | Twitter]M Tanveer Nandla

For those who don’t know, M Tanveer Nandla is a web entrepreneur running a web solutions company named as Mwebs IT solutions. He monetizes event based sites by ranking them on Google and love to travel the world.
According to Tanveer, SEO isn’t about building backlinks, All you need to work is on to be unique and add value to your blog/site content. Reach out to the like-minded people of your industry and most important is Never let yourself down and don’t take failure as your last day in the market. Do some charity to get help from your Lord and be realistic and valuable. Don’t follow every star that shine with other’s light.
 Thanks Tanveer for such great advices, I appreciate your time and input =)

Robin Khokar  [Website | Twitter]robin khokar

Robin Khokhar is the founder of Tricky Enough, a blog where you can find all about Blogging and SEO. He is good at the search engine and search marketing issues.

According to Robin, The best Advice that he can give to the newbies are:

  • Do a proper research before starting a blog.
  • Stick to a single Topic about which they know perfectly.
  • Read other bloggers blogs and adopt their success formula.
  • Learn to do the Process of Brainstorming properly before starting a blog.
  • And last but the best advice which I want to give to every new blogger is never give up.  Blogging is a long run game and one must have patience.
 Thanks Robin for your time! I appreciate your advices. 🙂

muhammad faizan khanMuhammad Faizan Khan [Website | Facebook]

Muhammad Faizan Khan has been working online Since 1998 and Doing SEO Since 2004. With the passage of time he have learnt a lot of things. I am SEO, SMO / SMM Expert, Affiliate Marketer, Investor, Web Designer / Developer, Programmer. I love Google Adsense, CPA, Product Launching and YouTube videos ranking.
So When I asked Faizan on the above question, his answer as follow’s :
  • My suggestion for Newbies in SEO is “Belive in Yourself”. You can do anything you want. Set a Goal and then work hard to Achieve it, don’t look its day or night, just do hard work. You will Achieve it Insha Allah.
  • 2nd thing in SEO is a Big mistake which no one will guide you “Don’t choose a Keyword which has 0 Searches, best tool i recommend is Google Adwords Keyword Planner” and  if searches are Zero then it should be Trending or Upcoming Event / Product Keyword. Alot of newbies just pick the worng keywords and get disheart. So focus on that.

Thank you So much for asking me this Question! Your welcome for such a great contribution. Thumbs up 😀

ammar ali

Ammar Ali [Website | Twitter]

Ammar has been blogging from past 5 years. He shares blogging tips and what he have learnt so far on his blog . If you are going to start blogging, do checkout his blog.

So when I asked Ammar on Can you tell me whats the best advice you will give for SEO to newbies?

His answer was : The best SEO advice I’d give to anyone who is just starting out is to write quality content that is more close to what people are exactly searching for. Google is becoming very smart so you need to be concentrate more on writing good content. If you’re content is focused more on giving the best answer to search query, your post will start showing in rich snippet in Google search results which will result in more traffic

A part from that, backlinks will always play an important rule to rank higher in Google. The easiest way to get backlinks to your new website is to find out who your competitors are. Put their link in SEO tools like Moz ( which is free) and then find out list of all websites that link to your competitors. Simply, start getting links to your website as well and within no time your new blog will start getting good traffic from search engines.

Thanks Ammar for such awesome advices! i have best wishes for you ahead.

Pritam Datta  [Website | Twitter]pritam datta

Well Pritam Datta is a Blogger and SEO Professional. He runs a famous website with the name of SEO Times of Industry, which is a blogger resource blog – Daily provides Tips on SEO, Online / Content Marketing, How to do BlogSpot & WordPress.

Knowing his vast experience in the field of blogging, I thought it was a right idea to add his opinion as well.

According to Pritam : If anyone wants to be a successful blogger and wants to receive good traffic from search engines then he must follow some rules of blogging. Writing great & detailed content is most important factor for blogging. Do proper keyword research & also need to check keyword competition. After selecting proper keyword write a detailed article. Do not ever try to make fool google by doing keyword stuffing, copyring or writing spammy stuff.. Make quality backlinks instead of make large number of low-quality backlinks. Remember, Quality>Quantity concept applies here and low quality backlinks can ruin your blog career.

Thanks Pritam for the great advice, it will surely help bloggers who are trying to do SEO to receive more traffic from search engines. =)

Nirav Dave [Website | Twitter]

My SEO advice to newbies who are just starting their online journey is to steer clear from shortcuts as they are not going to provide you with any long-term benefits. Remember that perseverance pays off and as such if you want to improve your site’s ranking and increase traffic then work on creating high-quality content.

By creating quality content, you’ll be able to improve your site’s visibility on search engines. Plus, you’ll be able to garner better leads as content that benefits your readers as a high potential of going viral. A good piece of content will also help you generate quality backlinks in the long run, which will boost your SEO strategy.

Now, before you start writing, you need to, first, understand what your target audience is looking for and based on that do a keyword research, which will help you come up with a topic that will make an impact. Also, to improve engagement with your readers, be consistent with blog posting and ensure that you publish at least one blog a week.

Ali Raza  [Website | Twitter]ali raza

Oh thats me! :D. Well I’m a Digital Marketing Professional & Blogger. A part from that, Im  leading a Digital Marketing Agency where we convert visitors into customers.

For all the newbies in SEO field, I would suggest them to learn, learn and learn. Keep learning and researching, since marketing is all about testing, learning and experimenting new things.

The second advice is, remember to work for your visitors and audience. Don’t forget, Search engines are just a robot and it’s the real user who should matter the most for you. Focus in writing content for your audience, instead of Search engines and Search Engines will love you for sure.

The third thing i feel newbies should focus is something related to content and that is, make sure your audience reads your whole content. Just writing an article of 2000 words isn’t a win win game. Search engines are becoming more clever, they want the audience to engage and spend time in your article, if your article doesn’t facilitate that, it means you need to spend time in writing a better article.!

 Thats all from my side!

Conclusion on Best SEO Advice for Newbies :

Hope everyone enjoyed the experts opinion and advices. In the end, I would like to thank every expert who spared their time in writing such great tips and advices, I hope people entering in newbies will take a lot of help from your tips and suggestions.
There were many solid advices, in fact i learnt few of them too.
Like, for people looking to build backlinks, the greatest advice to go slow when your site is new, as far keyword research is concerned, SEMRush has been the favourite choice. [Check SEMRush review]
Now i leave up to you, what suggestion you liked the post? do you have something useful to share? Write in comments section.
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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Hey Ali,

    Amazing post!

    Thanks for having me in your expert roundup. It was an honor to participate with all these Internet experts.

    Newbies got a huge resource to help them in their SEO journey.


  2. Hi Ali Brother

    Well thank you soo much for this awesome post really this post help alot in my blogging journey.

    I am newbie blogger and this post solve my many problems.

    And also I found many tools for use.
    This help alot for seo

    Thanks again and always share posts like this one.

    And one day brother bloggers request me to share my strategies:))

  3. An astute move, Ali. And a great expert roundup post you have here.

    Hussain led me to this page. As can see this is my first time here.

    These are all inspiring voices.

    I’m familiar with few: Hussain, Ammar, Robin, Philip, Matthew and Neil Patel. And there are new faces. Thanks for introducing them to me.

    Proven tips from these SEOs. I respect them.

    Page bookmarked to be used.

    Thanks for sharing, Ali.


      1. An astute move, Ali. And a great expert roundup post you have here.

        Hussain led me to this page. As can see this is my first time here.

        These are all inspiring voices.

  4. Hi Ali,
    What a joy to read this Roundup post! Well done!
    I am sure this will be a wonderful tuto for the newbies those who want to learn more on this vast subject. I so glad that you featured my 2 cents mite too along with the experts from around the world.
    Thank you so much for accepting my recommendations too!
    I appreciate you.
    Keep up the good work.
    Keep writing
    Keep sharing
    Have a great and profitable week ahead.
    ~ Phil

  5. Ali bro love your article.
    Thanks for sharing the experts ideas help me alot..will share it on my fb wall

  6. Hi Ali:)

    Thanks for sharing this. But i think you have missed abdul wali he is also one of them and especially a motivation for a newbies too 🙂 But bye the way it was great to read the awesome post.

    1. Your’s welcome Hassan! Abdul Wali is for sure missing since he was travelling and had a busy schedule but I will make sure to add him in next roundup! =)

  7. Hi Ali,
    First of all thanks for adding me in the Roundup post. and More importantly, there are many things learned from different bloggers and surely it will be helping the newbies.
    Thanks for the great share.

  8. Hey Ali Raza,
    A great guide to newbies from experts. I am hopeful it will help new bloggers to start their venture on right way. Thank you for adding my 2 cents in this post.

  9. Well done on such a comprehensive post Ali Sir. It was a pleasure read these experts SEO advice.

      1. Really incredible and interesting article. Keep the good work. I really appreciate your effort on putting such thoughts in the post.
        Thanks for sharing with us.

  10. Hey Ali Raza,

    This is something remarkable here. You have connected with many bloggers. I am glad to read the opinions of different bloggers on how to do SEO as pe they are using and recommending to others.

    The list consists of many bloggers who have been working in this field for many years now. I am sure people would love to read it.
    Thanks for mentioning me.
    Have a great day.

  11. Thanks Ali Bro ! Thanks for sharing the experts ideas. These help me alot for my blog success in SEO point of view. Thanks alot

  12. Hi, all are nice people but why dont you add Muhammad Faizan Khan who is doing amazing work for newbies and teach them. He has hendreds of sudents and all are working well and stand strong on their feets. Do some research and add his name also in List. Thanks

  13. Its amazing to see top 23 Bloggers here sharing their amazing SEO thoughts. This is really beneficial post. I have got so many hidden points from this post.
    Thanks Ali Raza!


  14. Wow what a ***king post, you posted bloggers into seo posts? Wow Clap!

    Please dont post something it for those so they may post link for u,i can understand you r doing it for Sharing so all mention guys may share it.

    Well Playing AliRaza Well Played

    1. Anon, These are experts in their own field not specifically SEO experts. I have mentioned a little bio about each expert in their section. The only reason for adding bloggers or other professionals was to understand their point of view about SEO and what strategies they use to get organic traffic even when they are not SEO professionals.

      Hope that helps, Anon. 🙂

  15. Its amazing Roundup on Best SEO Tip for Newbie blogger. I found the tips mentioned here is not only for newbie but also for all the bloggers who needs to know about SEO.
    Awesome Roundup.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Your’s welcome Pritam! Yes it’s for everyone, even if you are a pro, still looking these might give you something to learn more, as the learning process never ends! Glad to know that you like it. =)

  16. Thanks for some good tips,i have started website recently and these kind of experts opinion helps me alot in long term.

  17. it is really great to see all the experts here giving their best advice ,which will be a big help for many newbies.It is a pleasure to see the blogger from different parts the world working together and help others with by sharing their wisdom .
    Thank you

  18. Hi Ali,

    You have gathered one of the best SEO content in this post. It’s a great feeling to see the big names giving their best advice. Thanks for including my views with these amazing people. And best of luck brother for your blog 🙂

  19. Nice blog and presentation. I am also a blogger and always in search of people like you. Thank you for sharing this valuable post with us. Hope I will get some experience from them as well.

  20. Wow, its really great to watch all great blogger here. …. As a blogger its really nyc expereince and learn new things
    thanks a ton !!

  21. Hi Ali,
    Happy to be here again. It is indeed a great joy to be pat of this wonderful post. I am glad to note that this post has been mentioned in my latest post.
    May you have a wonderful month of September.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards,
    ~ Philip

  22. Articles like this is what is called high-quality content! I loved the fact that every contributor got a personal thank you message, too! Great idea, going to do it similarly on my own website in the future. Well done Ali!

  23. Expert roundups are the great way to reveal the expert tips. I see this roundup is quite good to learn SEO for newbie`s. Thank you for sharing.

  24. Thanks Ali Raza, This is really an informative and important article. Seo is the most important factor in blogging. Most of the bloggers don’t know how to do proper SEO for their blogs/ websites. So they do not rank well in search engines.
    We need to follow our superiors who have already done ver well in this SEO sector. You have shared such an article that is a combination of many experts views. They know how to do SEO in the proper way. So this article will help us very much. Especially the newbies learn more from this article. Thanks for sharing.

  25. It was great article to read it was so helpful for a Newbie like me. I am trying to put all my effort into it. Hopefully Gonna implement these tips . Thank you so much Sir!!

  26. I read your posts on Facebook… Today my first visit on your site and i’ m happy to see your site design and content! Good Work Mate

  27. Hi,
    its an awesome article you have written i just came first time in your blog and read it fully and i just excited to apply these tricks on my site really love your way of explanation and recommended article thanks for your time

  28. Many things I have learned from different bloggers and experts.Surely it will be helping me and newbies.
    Thanks for the amazing share.

  29. Great Post Sir

    This post offered me the most required tips which I need right now to improve my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this very useful post.

  30. Hi, Sir Great Article. I have a site on online chat based can you please check and suggest me some valuable tips that how can I rank it.

  31. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I think that you should write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but generally people are not enough to speak on such topics. To the next.

  32. Thank you so much! ali bhai for that valuable quotes for every new blogger like me. Keep it up. I also bookmarked your website.

  33. As a newbie, it will be difficult to get people to link to your site, so the best thing you can focus on is long tail keywords. These are keywords where there are few searches, and not many people are searching for it. These are easy to rank and many times even with perfect on page SEO you can rank for it.

  34. Hi,
    Great stuff buddy.
    Great post, I have read this post here I got very useful information. This is a very useful article for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this. I started a Blog and Hopefully, it will be successful like you.
    Thanks for the share.

  35. Your article is very nice. I like this article because you are briefly explain advices for newbies regarding. thanks.

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