7 Best SEO Practices for Beginners (2024)

best seo practises for beginners

SEO is one of the hottest topics for bloggers, online marketers, and search engine optimization experts or you may call search engine optimizers as per Google. There are no apparent standards of SEO, however, different experts tell different rules and standards based on their experiences and learning. It’s safe to call them the best practices rather than standards or rules, which is why we are going to look into some of the SEO best practices that beginners should try to understand and consider applying in their blogging as well as online marketing.

Who should be paying attention to SEO Practices for Beginners?

  • Newbie Bloggers
  • Online Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Freelancers
  • Website Owners
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Service Providers such as Doctors, Plumbers, Engineers and similar people.

The reason the prospective audience of this article is so wide is that whether someone is launching a blog or setting up a website, they often come to the point where they are either advised to take care of the SEO things or they recognize the importance of SEO themselves. Either way, you would be happy to read the basics of best SEO practices.

Best SEO Practises For Beginners in 2024

Take a look on best seo practises one needs to follow in 2024.

Improve Page Loading Speed

load time speed

The page loading speed, for those who don’t know, is the time duration usually in seconds that tells how quickly the page gets to load. Imagine, you opened a website and it’s taking so much time that you finally quit it. This is exactly we’re talking here. It’s so important to understand that people leave the blog or site if it’s taking too much time to open. The acceptable page loading speed is between 2 to 3 seconds. It means if a website or blog completely opens in the browser in just three seconds, the chances are, the visitor is going to stick for a while, otherwise, he would leave. Use Pingdom tool to analyze your site’s page loading page. As far as the SEO is concerned, the most important part is the page optimization. You must look at the page elements that may cause the delay in opening up the page. Moreover, if you’re on WordPress, go check out the plugins that could cause the page loading speed problem. The less the page loading time, the better.

Use Premium Themes

premium theme

You might have heard this a lot. Premium themes have their own perks. You get to use the premium quality theme that free users don’t have access to. Moreover, the premium themes always have some special features that even their free versions don’t have. One of the benefits of using the premium theme from the SEO point of view is that you get a clean coding and most of the times, you could easily edit it out if you need to. In free themes, there are always complications. The web developers inject their links to help support their business. In the past, we’ve seen that if you remove the developer’s link from the footer, the whole theme used to collapse. So clearly the premium themes don’t have such issues, which is important for the SEO growth.

I will recommend Themeforest, in case if you plan to buy one.

Focus on Your User Experience

SEO and User Experience

I have been saying this alot at different forums, events and other places and will continue to do so. Make your whole process easy. From your website to the final checkout, the process of buying or even visiting your website should be fair enough easy that even a newbie to internet can properly browse your website and look into most of its aspects.

This will not only result in more customer satisfaction, more orders and even to the SEO, because Google love’s to send visitors to those website which make them happy, obviously because in the end, they will be happy with Google, since Google recommended your website to them.

Install Image Compressors

Every expert will tell you to use the images in your content to maximize the impact of your on-page SEO. Great. How about the size of the images? Have you thought that heavy images tend to take more bandwidth and time to load up? This all comes down to the page loading speed that connects to the search engine ranking and organic traffic. It’s all connected. Use the image compressors like EWWW Image Optimizer to compress the images in WordPress.

Use High-quality Web hosting

quality vs quantity

Web hosting might be the most underrated SEO best practice. The problem is that every newbie wants to learn SEO and makes the most out of it but tries to find the cheapest and low-quality web hosting service. It’s a bit complex thing to even explain. Because the high-quality web hosting can’t do any good if your site optimization sucks. So these two things go together. Always remember that using a high-quality website hosting is a great advantage, however, the right plugins, better coding, page loading speed, and effective UI/UX make your website even better. The point is simple: use a high-quality web hosting service and don’t let the other thing spoil your money.

Bluehost takes my vote but since I’m there affiliate thats why i’m recommending them, otherwise your best shot will be with an SSD based hosting provider. If you want to learn about affiliate stuff, check my Affiliate Marketing Guide.

Note : Checkout Best WordPress Hosting Companies for choosing a good web host.

Optimize the Image Metadata


One of the important things a lot of webmasters and bloggers miss out during the SEO campaign is the image optimization. Although, not everyone does the same mistake. The problem is that they use images for obvious reasons. However, they just use the title of the image — what they miss out is the alt tag, caption, and description. Again, you might not be making this mistake, but the chances are, a lot of other bloggers and online marketers might be doing this. The image optimization never ends up at the right use of the image meta title. It’s just a single part of the metadata. Sometimes, optimized images get ranked high in the search engines and they start to give traffic to the web pages or blog posts. The reason is that image sections of Google and Bing have a huge traffic potential. So, don’t underestimate the image optimization.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificate

For those who don’t know, SSL means Secure Sockets Layer and usually once it’s done, your website is redirected from typical http protocol to https. Going further, let me tell you that its 2024 and if you aren’t working to secure your website, you are losing on both sides. Firstly on customer perspective, because if you have an SSL certificate installed, this will make safe for the user’s to fill or write data on your site, even more, it’s make them assure that there won’t be any virus, malware or something coming from your website to there devices. The second side where you take benefit is your own, because having an SSL certificate means tough chances for hackers to decrypt your website or your data.

Ending Now with Final Conclusion

The purpose of writing this blog post was not to repeat all those same old traditional SEO tales but rather to give you a short and precise advice that really matters.

These 7 SEO best practices might be the basics for a lot of you guys — but there has to be something that you already knew but you were not implementing at the core. Maybe, now is the best time to start using those SEO tactics that are lacking in your website optimization strategy.

I also do suggest to checkout Youtube SEO guide in case you do videos as well have a look on my Google Ads Recovery Service.

In case, you need to up your SEO game, do check out my PAID SEO TRAINING. It helps bloggers and online marketers take their SEO expertise to the next level. The best part of the training is that it’s for everyone who wants to capitalize the passion for SEO, whether you’re running your brand’s website or want to be a pro-blogger in the near future.

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