SEO Vs PPC 2023 – What to do?

SEO Vs PPC - What to do

As a digital marketing professional & blogger, there is a one question which is being often asked from me and that is, what’s better? SEO vs PPC; I’m sure if you are connected with this field, you may also have faced the situation where a question like this has been put on the table for you.

Even as a marketer, for online marketer, the major two advertising & marketing options are ‘PPC & SEO’.

SEO vs PPC 2023

So today, my versus post is about SEO & PPC.

Yeah, I am loving the versus thing the most since it allows me to sneak peak into the two things/products/tools/services to locate the deeper details and to come up with the winner.

But here… I am not after the winner. I am actually after what is the best because both of the things are too-essential and very important to have under certain situations, and over different stages of the success-level.

Before heading towards the core of the topic, we first need to understand for our better understanding about both of them.

What is the SEO?

It needs no formal introduction because it is into the world from years. And the first and actually the foremost known thing whether the person knows something about the internet marketing OR just as new as the first visible star in the night time.

You ask for the website promotion or the marketing, you are jumped right towards the SEO and its importance.

But… Stick to it. Hold on for a sec. (second.)

Who know if it is being read by the one who is just taking the baby steps into the world of IM (not instant music but the Internet Marketing)?

Yeah, we need thar formal introduction to be shared here as well.

Apologize if it confuses you… And I seek for it in the advance.

So…. The SEO is called ‘search engine optimization’ in the easy words where it is used to optimize every bit of your website/blog to gain the trust off the search engines (notably the Google) to be shown for the search query/term for which you get your website/blog be optimized for and the search engines, due to the good trust in your website/blog against the search query/term, show up your website/blog to the people searching up with those search query/term which actually you had optimized your website/blog for.

Sounds kinda…. puzzling?

“Get the free traffic from the search engines by the search results.”

Got it better now?

The first introduction consists upon the pretty accurate process of “What is the SEO?” and it shows it all that what is it, how it goes, what it does, and what you get in the end?

Second introduction is the formal one and that almost everyone knows but for the new people who are taking the baby steps into IM (the internet marketing) industry, the “how?” thing may strike in their mind and for that, the first introduction is totally enough to deal with.

The core ingredients of the SEO

And they are two…

On-page SEO.


The off-page SEO.

We do not really go into the good details about on-page and the off-page SEO.

Do you know that Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day. That is about 40,000 per second!

What is the PPC?

PPC (or pay per click) is the another marketing model which is used when the advertisers place their ads. up on the search engines and the fee for the ad. placement is paid back to the search engines when each ad. is clicked.

It is totally opposite of the “free traffic” a.k.a. the SEO.

Looking for the instant result, PPC is the thing.

We will go into more details of the SEO and the PPC that what is better and what to choose.

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SEO vs PPC in 2023

Now… it is the time now to be over the versus part.

Let’s have a view on SEO vs PPC Search Results. For instance, let me search ‘Buy Cheap WordPress Hosting’

SEO vs PPC organic difference SEO vs PPC organic difference 1

Why pick SEO?

SEO is definitely the best selection, if you are;

  • Have a blog and want to grow it.
  • Make it an authority.
  • Want to use it for the long term.
  • To make yourself an internet personality using your blog — turn yourself into an impacting brand.
  • Do it on your own OR with very little budget.

Then why pick PPC?

PPC is best selected in the situation, if you are to;

  • Have the static website.
  • Core purpose is to sell services/products.
  • Have good budget at hand.
  • Expect instant and targeted traffic.
  • Quick results you want. Rank instantly and immediately.
  • Want high ROI (return on investment.)
  • Want to target just the selective region.

Did you check my PPC Comparison of Facebook Ads vs Google Ads?


SEO is the “game of the patience.”

If you do not have it (the patience), you are immediately out of the game.

And if you have it, you are the absolute winner right from the start.

It is all about becoming a trusting property and you know that the trust is not built within the few hours or the few days.

Hence it requires complete patience and continuous input as per the process’ requirements to finally gain the trust.

And when you have that trust, you have to be more cautious and more worried about not losing it at all, and at any cost.

When you have that TRUST, just then do not ever try to drop the ‘T’ out of that ‘Trust’.

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Google Ads vs SEO

Originality and the SEO

Originality is achieved by doing one thing for days, weeks, months, and years.

And your originality with having the website/blog, you need to do what you do for the good long time, and the SEO is its basic ingredient.

Some SEO & PPC Terms to remember

PPC – Pay Per Click

CPC – Cost Per Click

Organic Traffic : Traffic coming from organic channels such as Google Search, Yahoo or Bing search via organic regular results; It is known as Organic Traffic.

Paid Traffic : Once you advertise on search engine via Paid listing. The traffic received from such traffic source is known as Paid Traffic.

CTR : Click through rate. It is being calculated by dividing the number of impressions your ad received with how many times it was clicked.

A/B testing : When you are doing split test between 2 variants of same thing. Its like promoting the same product via 2 different angles.

Additional Readings

Take my advice.

If you have the blog for the information sharing, and your target is to become an authority.

Focus only over the SEO and little of PPC.

And having the website just for the sake of making the sales, you need some immediate recipe to cook up the curry to inspire the customers with its taste.

Then PPC. All the hail to the PPC.

It is (and almost) beneficial for the quick monetary results that you expect out of your website.

Static website…? Thinking of PPC?

Also for the static type of the websites where the content is not going to be changed for the long time, PPC is better.


Because Google loves the continuous updation of your website and the sales-generating-related websites are not going to get updated very soon which clearly means to what?

No recent updates on the website > PPC > Still show up high on the competitive search queries.

For the highly-competitive search queries and you possess to have a good relevant website and you actually aim to sell something out, go for the PPC.

My two cents…

I know you are here to see what is better out of the SEO and PPC but I say (and being the marketer myself) to go with both.

I would do every bit of the SEO to maximize the natural reach of my blog, and do PPC to win the immediate expectations.

Where is the winner?

There is no winner here… because;

SEO and PPC are relatively the important component for the marketing of your website/blog.

And, it is totally all up to you to decide what you want for yourself. And what you want to stick with.

Whether you need only the SEO or just PPC.


Okay to utilize both (as I advised earlier that I would do both) together.

I did video on this

See my video on YouTube over the same topic of “SEO vs PPC – What’s the Difference?

Get to see it all from here:

Conclusion on SEO vs PPC

Let’s conclude the not-so-versus post.

Though it so depends on what is your motive about having the website/blog for, and you get the budget in your pocket, as well as the time that is one more important element to grow and grab the hand over the success.

So, what are you going to employ?

Just PPC? Or only the SEO? Or both?

Do tell me how you are going to market your website/blog, and of course, about your motive as to why you have the website/blog running?

And, I would definitely love reading about your thoughts and the feedback on this topic, too. 🙂

Do share what you have in the comment.

And, I am so waiting to read it all! 🙂

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