Blogging vs Freelancing – What to do in 2024?

blogging vs freelancing

This world is full of the surprises… The conversations, comparisons, coincidences, and everything… for what? To actually find the best from around the globe.

As such to happen in the virtual (the online) world too.

We are in the continuous lookout to find the best but after the justifiable comparison the winner out of two items or more. That comparison will so boost your will power of deciding the best out of the components that are up for the comparison.

And that comparison we are here to discuss for you; to decide what is the best.

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Blogging vs Freelancing in 2024

Why just jump over to the versus part to decide what is the best out of blogging and the freelancing?

Why not just sneak through how important and how good are blogging and freelancing first before really killing all the thrill, and all of the suspense by concluding over to the versus part?

Let me take you there then…!


What is Blogging?

As per wikipediaA blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries.

Why you blog?


You know blogging is easy if you have the passion for it. Without the passion, nothing is easy let it be anything so easier to do.

So get the passion checked and tested first before really getting into anything, and especially into the blogging.

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You know what blogging can do to you, and only to you?

Oh… No! Please!

Nothing serious here… I am not meant to say what blogging can do anything serious to you. 😀


  • It can make you jobless.
  • Allows you to wander anywhere in the world.
  • Gets you to spend your time somewhere, and any time just because you are jobless.
  • To let you meet with many people due to the fact you have the free time in hand.

Sounds strange?

The way I wrote should definitely be sounding so very strange.

It can make you jobless.

Because it will help you to earn the handsome, very handsome money and will require the exact (and even more) effort than the job, and ultimately you will have to lose it just for your own passion of the blogging.

Allows you to wander anywhere in the world.

You have money at your hand at the moment, right?

So… it can let you and allow you to go anywhere in the world.

Live there! Work from there.

And enjoy your freedom of the boundaryless (table-less, uniform-less) work space for good.

Gets you to spend your time somewhere, and any time just because you are jobless.

Join events to be recognized into the local and international markets.

Grow your network with your physical presence in such events to help you unlock the hidden opportunities.

To let you meet with many people due to the fact you have the free time in hand.

It is done online and offline, both.

You are free to help the folks fiddling with their dreams to be fulfilled.

Help them with your best to resolve their problems they might be facing with their blogging career.

Blogging is going to stay — for long.

If you think, blogging is going to end, then you are wrong. Content is the need; in the format of the text and visual. So, can you imagine it is going to fade away anytime soon. I say it will never ever happen.

Just look through the ancient times and we are still exploring the new ancient sites and they all are having the text and visuals crafted around the walls and the things. Yes, i know that a lot has been changed with more videos, voice and images added but the base is still the same.

So the same to happen in the future too.

Social media is the time-waster (and could be) for you but it is worth to waste the time.

Using the social media is not about the time-wasting but to boost your blogging reach. Help out the people over the social media will actually help you back in the long run.

Befriend the virtual folks.

Spread your reach. Attract the people. And become the known person in the virtual space.

Better writer day by day, yes!!

Write and keep writing up no matter what. This will ultimately make you the better writer by the time. Do you know that when i started this blog, i had the same problem and that was, I was not able to write good. So i overcome this situation by being consistent and kept on writing.

Consistency will be glued to you.

Managing the blog will require the incoming content, and for that you have to follow a consistent schedule to keep coming with the new content every time.

BY keeping it doing for long, you will learn the need and the importance of the consistency that will ultimately become one of your general habit.

Get ready to experience the unbelievable experiences any time…

Sponsored travel? Just imagine that!

When you are into the blogosphere for long, you can attract such great adventures by the companies and the corporate sectors in the favor of just one thing.

Promote them on your blog!

And this can only happen when you do the blogging seriously and passionately.

Become skill’ed.

Blogging will make you skillful in terms of content generating as well as representing that content in such a format that will attract the people’s attention.

That skill will transform as an art of yourself by the time.

Cash! Cash.

Blogging, on the long run, is equal to cashing out against your good effort.

Sponsored posts. Ad slots. Affiliate marketing. Links selling. Courses. Article Writing. Ads. and many other things will help you generating the cash.

Photo editing, new skill as the blogger!

You need images surely for every single content you write, nope?

And with that, you need them in the highest quality too.

So if you do not know this skill, you will definitely want to learn it. 🙂

Celebrity of the internet? Oh wow!

You go anywhere online or offline, you are treated as the celebrity.

You are invited to speak on different events, invited to be part of the conferences, and real termed as the motivational figure.

No boring piece of the life!

No more dullness and the bored life ever! You are to inspire the world with your blog.


You give the job as you grow with your bog.

Hire the content writer to lessen up your writing load.

Designer to craft up the fancy and the high quality images for your content.

Developer to deal with the technical issues your blog might be facing (GOD forbids!)

Successful blog? Ever dreamt it?

Successful blog is like having the successful life!

It will do wonders with your blog when you push towards making it an authoritative and successful one.

Support your surrounding.

Help out your country, town, friends, and the family with your blog.

Live the dream life.

You are not bound. Can go anywhere in the world.

Self accountability.

See your blog as the business. So. you are your own boss with your blog.

You are accountable for the every DOs you do and decide for your life and for your very own blog.

Like-minded peeps waiting to mingle.

Like-minded people will be in your friends’ zone whether you go online or offline.

Time management is everything, learn it!

Managing the blog, like I said earlier, is totally equal to having a business.

So, you are to give it the time and manage it well to get it spent well over the different tasks without making yourself exhausted.

Learn the time management in good then!

Rely on the opinions.

Ask for people’s opinion.

Your family. Your online circle. And anyone.

Your platform, your very own product.

Your blog is your own platform and can easily open up the money gates for you if you have your own product that is very relevant to your blog and the problem-solving for your audience.

No more stress.

Feeling stressed?

Yes, it could surely happen with the continuous managing of your blog but why not do one thing?

Mind therapy.

Creative ideas will strike your mind to boost your thinking power to make it running at the full pace.

Give job.

As your blog grows (it will definitely grow!), it will allow you to hire the best help to ease out your process i.e. hire content writers for the consistent lining up the blog posts, designers for your graphic works, and developers to fix your blog’s technical issues.

Be Called out as the blogging influencer, bravo!

Blog, and blog for years and you will be labelled (and be called out) as the blogging influencer.

Share the hobby.

Hoppy? No, sorry… It is hobby. 🙂

Anything that is your hobby, do write it out over your blog and it will make you addicted of writing. 🙂

Be very different.

Copying someone will not go far. It will be looked out as the fake instantly.

External business, free promotion!

You are running any other business as well with the blog. Or any of your family members or the friends do?

Let’s give them the shoutout to promote them just for FREE.

Gratitude the life changes.

When you are making the money out of your blog, your life will start changing.

So… Be thankful of GOD everytime and everyday for the blessings you happen to bring into your inventory.

Make it to save it.

Make money to save money. Save as much as you can.

Give back.

Financial assistance is what needed in this fast world, do help out the needy ones with the money as well as help them out to learn the skill of blogging.

Sharpen your edges.

Learning is the best earning. Continuous learning will get you to earn more in the long run.

Keep learning to progress.

Win Google’s importance.

With the long content, continuously coming up with the new content every other time, it will make you important in the eyes of Google to get you win its trust.

Meet with the influencers.

Go to the relevant events to happen to have the chance of meeting with the best influential people working into the blogging industry locally and internationally.


Blogging is the expertise, nope? It definitely is. Get yourself expert of the blogging.

Email list.

Keep writing and keep pushing the readers to subscribe to your email list. Surely the email list is the total blessing and it will do wonders to you!

Passive income.

Promote the products. Promote other bloggers. And the people will get you in helping to buy your promoted products to get your running with the passive income soon.

Boundaryless working space.

Go anywhere and everywhere in the world with your laptop in backpack. Enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere.

ACT to your blog.

Take action everyday on your blog.

Blogging is kinda of having the business. Give time and it will become so fruitful to you very soon.



What is freelancing?

As per wikipediaA freelancer or freelance worker, is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

After the good long features’ list of blogging, it is the time to get freelancing perfectly known first before making any either the winner.


Still you think I made the blogging the winner and ditched the freelancing with this comparison (the half comparison)?

Please, wait…

I have just reached to the middle of the topic as of yet.

So much and lots of things to cover and express in details first before concluding this great comparative topic and awarding the winning trophy whether to blogging or to the freelancing.

Do not do that for now, guys! 🙂

Get to know the freelancing NOW!

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Why do the freelancing?

Freelancing is the quick-money making piece of work.

With that, you are instantly ready from the very minute you commence with the freelancing to hunt down the work, complete, and be paid for it.

What freelancing can do to you?

Nothing serious of course, but… 🙂

  • Of course, it can get you the cash.
  • Can be easily done along with your already-doing job for the extra income.
  • Flexible in time, if it is.
  • If you know a skill beforehand, it will greatly help you winning the projects and completing in time.

More great reasons of why to do the freelancing

Now… hop over the reasons for freelancing.

You ez youra’ own boss.

Definitely you are! You are not answerable to anyone but only to you.

Everyday is the workday.

You are bound to work any day of the week; keep working to make more and more.

No office. And no politics.

Going to no office is equal to no backbiting, no politics to let any colleague down, and do everything to fail the manager.

So the same that may happen with you. You are not entitled to bow down to the boss or the managers.

Decision power in your hand.

Be the deciding power of your every activity.


No office. No boss. You are totally free!

Your own working hours of the choice!

Be it to working during the night or the day time. And do work for long hours if you want to. You can definitely do that with the freelancing.


You got any skill you are ready to serve with? Let it be the content writing, technical assistance such as coding, and anything else.

Get to use that skill to earn the good money! 🙂

Do it from anywhere — limited too.

You can go anywhere and do the freelancing, but still you need the peace of mind to go through and kill off the daily tasks.

Select your own clients, and yourself.

You have the power of deciding which client to allow and deny.

Depending upon your workload and the budget, you are totally free to decide!

Long hours to work!

Yeah, long hours.

You are stuck with the task OR got some time constraining task (due immediately due to high budget) and you can work for long hours in such cases without any pressure.

Safety, nope?

Well, there is no safety at all.

Oh… I am talking about the work safety where it is guaranteed to keep coming up with the new work.

Just like the job where it is not permanent, the clients’ retrieval is not guaranteed as well with the freelancing but you can do everything to hunt for the new clients.

Fish the plenty of the work.

See if you can handle more work at the same time (means 3-4 tasks at a time), go for it.

Learn as you go.

Going tasks to tasks and killing them off, it means you are learning one by one to become the master of what skill you have presented.

Increase in the self-confidence.

Becoming the deciding power in everything, you are to increase your self-confidence at the greater level.

Self-employed, and be the proud freelancer.

With freelancing, you are taken as the self-employed that is truly an achievement. So, be the proud of it!

Get paid for the overtime!

Getting multiple orders at a time and you are ready to spend more day hours than your average, you are actually very ready to get paid for the overtime.

Earn more than before.

On the job, you might be getting paid with so less but you can definitely see the sharp increase in your monthly earning which can easily get in surplus figure from what you got paid with from the job.

The thing is, keep doing it!

Switch off and start your long holidays.

Winter’s reachin’? Kill off your tasks and go for the week-long holiday!

Success in freelancing ensures bigger advantages.

Freelancing does require the time and it is so much of the worth! With it, you can expect many good things to happen in your life. Many good things for sure!

Love what you do. And do what you love!

What you are doing, love it.

And if, what you love and you make it your own career, how good does that sound?

Brilliant, nope?

So, do what you love! And see its magic.

Where’s pros and cons?

Well, I know and if you might be thinking that I forgot the pros and cons; nope, I did NOT forget it.

I am not reviewing the blogging and the freelancing but we need the winner out of the two.

So, it does not require to come up with the pros and the cons and I got to only highlight the advantages of the both parties; blogging and the freelancing.

So… We have to not let outfocus the versus part down here.

Then due to this, why need the pros and the cons? 🙂

Our winner; blogging or freelancing?

Can you count all of the advantages I described for blogging and then the freelancing?

38 vs 20!

Who is the winner now?


It got 38 advantages out of 20 for the freelancing.

So, our clear winner is the blogging.

Then ditch the freelancing forever…?

Absolutely and of course, not.

Freelancing is the one best career-building for many, and the people are too enjoying it.

It is all up to your own interest that what you want to select for yourself. Either it is blogging or the freelancing and the choice is entirely yours. For some, those 20 points are much value-able then long 38 point list of blogging.

Conclusion on Blogging or Freelancing 2024

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Now that we have the winner place awarded to the Blogging & Freelancing both. 🙂

But freelancing or blogging is not the bad of a choice. I have personally done both and considered Freelance to be a great one for many and so does blogging.

Depends upon what suits you best, go for it without the second though and be it forever. It all depends on your mindset and whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Make your name shining like a bright star!

So… I come to you now.

And ask that;

  • How did you like this versus post for the blogging and the freelancing?
  • And, what is your winner out of the two?
  • What you work upon and what do you think of it?

Just tell me… and tell me everything!

So… happy blogging and freelancing (whichever you choose for yourself 🙂 and you can let me know via comments.

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Asalam-o-alaikuM, Ali bhai!

    I got stuck into blogging since day one and up until late 2018…
    For me, I found out that my career is in the freelancing.
    And steering the wheel towards freelancing from the blogging did wonder to me!
    It worked! 🙂
    So, I am definitely going to stick with the freelancing from now on. 🙂
    And thanks for doing the wonderful comparison of the Blogging with Freelancing! 🙂
    ~ Adeel

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