November 2015 Monthly Report

This is the second monthly report for my blog, although I have been running this blog for an year around, but I have started taking my blog seriously last month, because it’s never too late. As being said in my last month report, that I’m committed to improving the user experience on this blog as […]

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October 2015 Monthly Report

This is my first every monthly report for this blog https://aliraza.co, I know I’m working slowly for months, but it’s time to seriously improve the user experience for this blog and make this blog a better place to visit. This Month, I have posted a total of 4 Articles. 1. 10 Ways to Improve Your […]

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[TUTORIAL] How to Write an Advertisement on Google & Facebook which Converts?

Today I’m going to discuss with you a brief tutorial on how to write an Advertisement which converts well. Before this, Let’s define what does Convert can mean here? -> Achieving your goals or objectives (not necessary sales) Let’s have a look on more wider definition of conversions on wikipedia : “In electronic commerce, conversion marketing is the act of […]

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