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10 YouTube Tips for Video Marketing in 2019

10 Youtube Tips For Video Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. The video has already emerged as a very important medium. Brands, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and institutions are using YouTube as their primal video platform. If you are still not…

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A Complete Guide on How to Start Video Marketing in 2019

How to Start Video Marketing

You might have heard that video is going to be a bigger factor in success, especially in social media marketing. People now tend to share their ideas and thoughts, plus a video ad on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram…

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Top Fiverr Alternatives

top fiverr alternatives

We all know that Fiverr is a great platform for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, it’s a great deal to hire someone to take the hassle in $5 and for freelancers it’s a great way to show…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Campaign Success in 2019

beginners guide to social media success in 2016

Social media is a huge buzz word now. From brands to celebs, startups to entrepreneurs, everyone seems to be under the magic radar of social media. Why wouldn’t they be if social media has changed everything around us?…

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March 2016 Monthly Income Report

march 2016 income report

Welcome to the March 2016 Monthly Income Report for This is the 6th Monthly Progress Report of this Blog. The purpose of Monthly report is to review the amount of work I do every month, along with website,…

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Google Adwords Ads Case Study : How One of My Client Was Able To Earn $345,594 from just $22,339.25 Investment in Last Year

google adwords case study

Today I’m going to discuss Google Ads Case Study about one of our clients at The story is about “Charismatico Dancewear, Dresses, and Costumes” company, for which we run the Google Adwords Campaign, if you don’t know about…

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