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Cpamatica Review : Premium Affiliate Network For Dating and Facebook Offers

Today, I’m going to review an affiliate company which is known as one of the finest CPA companies in town, Cpamatica.

At the time of writing this review, the affiliate network has more than 500 offers in there portal.

Although they have covered every niche but I found dating offers the most, however they have wide range of white hat offers for facebook which needs to be taken seriously by Facebook Marketers.

I will …

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4 Online Advertising Methods to Try Out in 2018

4 Online Advertising Methods to Try Out

Online advertising has never been this easier and versatile. There was a time when online advertising used to be considered just an ad campaign on Google Adwords. Then the advent of the social media networks diversified the area of the online advertising. Nowadays, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, and a lot more social and connectivity platforms have ad programs that allow advertisers to reach the wider audience through paid advertising.

In this article, I’m going to …

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SendPulse Review: Email Marketing Combined with Web Push Notifications

Having tried various email marketing services (ESPs), I was under the impression that I had evaluated most of them. While new players innovated with existing tools such as autoresponders and templates, there was nothing exciting about them that made me think of switching from the ESP that I was using.


That is until I signed up for SendPulse.

I was amazed at the powerful features this simple email marketing tool provided.

For starters, …

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6 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

6 Tips to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

After nearly 9 years of blogging I have received over 10,000 comments between my current and former blogs.


Blogging From Paradise alone has netted 6,600 comments in 3 years even though I closed comments for nearly 4 months last year.




Developing a high level of engagement has always been important to me. I understood that successful blogs are 2 way streets, thriving communities where readers are heard through their blog comments.…

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7 Best SEO Practices for Beginners

best seo practises for beginners

SEO is one of the hottest topics for bloggers, online marketers, and search engine optimization experts or you may call search engine optimizers as per Google. There are no apparent standards of SEO, however, different experts tell different rules and standards based on their experiences and learning. It’s safe to call them the best practices rather than standards or rules, which is why we are going to look into some of the SEO best practices …

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Extra Money as a Blogger

Have you ever thought how bloggers make extra money? You probably know about the PPC ads and Affiliate marketing.

You know it. Congratulations.

But it’s not the point.

The point is: what’s next?

Earn Extra income on Internet without any investment or paying anything.

And it’s possible.

NOW you look interested in this…

This is going to be a crazy blog post. I’m telling you.

I know you’re good at affiliate marketing and …

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