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How To Create Google Ads Campaign For Dentist in 2024 | How to Create Dental Google Ads PPC Campaign


When we happen to utilize Google Ads for the betterment of our business/website (gain traffic, leads, or even the sales), this would not be possible if you know how the complete setup of the campaigns go.

And can you imagine if a live case study of a business came in front of you?

Of course, today, I am going to share a complete case study of how to create Google Ads campaign for dentist and doctors.

Yes, everything about how a dentist can enjoy the power of Google Ads to turn the searchers into customers..

This case study will be covering every single aspect so you should not dare to skip any detail.

Exclusive Case Study of How To Create Google Ads Campaign for Dentist in 2024

This case study will bear the number of steps and the minute bit of details to get the best out of the Google Ads setup for a dentist.

And understand that, you will not be able to perform well with your campaign.

So, let me share the steps we generally recommend and particularly in the case of a dentist.

Step #1: Having a Perfect Dental Landing Page

Well, you always know that the first step in creating a Google ad is to link your landing page for the sake of driving targeted traffic to your website or leads and sales for your service website.

While a plain and simple landing page will be doing just okay to get your ad approved but the perfect landing page is something you should always ponder about.

Why perfect?

Well, this is the answer I should be feeding more into the details; a perfect landing page will ultimately help in improving your ad Quality Score (QS) as well as refining the UI/UX for the users because of using not just the text in there but the images and all.

Know that Google Ad will only bring the person to your landing page, the rest depends on that user whether he/she stays on your website and consumes the information or buys any services you are offering through your website.

So, a perfect landing page you always fall for!

As for deciding on which landing page will best work and portray the service of a dentist, we sniffed through countless of landing page ideas for a dentist.

So, here is the first option where you can see that it seems to be a good fit for a dentist website to use as a landing page but guess what, we take it as a simple one because it lacks many things which we deem not appealing for UI and UX.

On a serious note, we believe the next landing page idea is a good one, and of course, way better than the first one because of the notable elements we see.

There you can witness a doctor doing a dental treatment of a patient. And when you further slide down, there you will see a few doctors, their names, and all as well as the testimonials shared by the patients. It really is more appealing and serves the accurate purpose of a dental business, thus fits best to incite the UI/UX.

Even this above screenshot is another better example.

Okay there is another one; it shows a form below, office hours, contact information, and even the direct Google Map to open the location right from your phone.

But in case you ask for my own liking as to which landing page I personally like the most, I vote for this one. Look at the image that is totally grabbing the visitors’ attention, so before creating a good campaign, we first need to decide on a perfectly-good landing page.

So, you can see that the image is focusing on the teeth and like she is holding a cup in her hand while sitting in the dental clinic. And showcasing the award-winning dental services covering what they offer, and what you will get at the time of buying this service from them.

And the button of “Book an Appointment” redirects to you with an option to book a slot per your convenience (hopefully it will ask for the suitable date and time.)

You know that a perfect landing page yields best results when it shows doctors/dentists in the images, details of services, and a contact from right on the page, so you should first work tirelessly on revamping the landing page before thinking of creating a campaign.

Step #2: Creating a Campaign FINALLY!

After completing the landing page’s setup (and we wish you had picked the outstanding one as yours), it is now the time to finally start with the process of setting up Google Ads campaign.

We urge you to take it simple because you will not need the extensive experience and anything as far as you reference our exclusive case study.

Step #3: Deciding On the Goal of the Campaign

When you select “New campaign” from the dashboard, you will be presented with up to eight different options/campaign types as to which objectives you should be choosting for creating a campaign for your dental service.

So, a question here is what I recommend for the dentists to pursue the best results out of your Google Ads campaign?

And I recommend a few critical steps to follow in your particular campaign as to what you should pick out of all those eight campaign types.

  1. Local search campaign
  2. Leads campaign
  3. Retargeting campaign
  4. Search campaign

Why Pick Local Search Campaign?

In case someone is searching for “dentist near me”, the first one on the SERP is the ad which was done using the local search campaign.

For that, I recommend that the first priority is to utilize a local search campaign to go with because you know that these results are even shown on the searchers’ mobiles as well as on the computer when someone searches for that specific search term.

And we believe the local searchers primarily looking for the services in and around the area will turn out to be your best investment to get more clients than any other campaign types that we will discuss a little later.

So once again, I recommend sticking with a local search campaign which will ultimately provide you with the best results to monumentally enjoy booming your dental business.

What’s the Role of Leads Campaign?

As the second option, I will go with the “Leads” campaign because most of the searchers would be inquiring about your service/business before converting into customers.

BTW, this is a common criteria in most of the businesses all around the world, so, you can also run the same to solve the patients’ queries.

Why did I recommend the Retargeting Campaign?

Opting for a retargeting campaign means you aim to target the people who have already visited your website but had not taken any action. This way, you can re-target the potential customers going anywhere on the internet in the hope of completing the conversion.

And How “Search” Campaign Type Can Help?

The “Search” campaign type is used for targeting the searchers showing interest in your targeted keywords all across the internet.

This may not be a viable option when your primary goal is conversion but who knows how many searchers could convert.

Step #4: Create Multiple Campaigns

If you can, and your budget permits; we recommend creating two to three types of ad campaigns to analyze which one does well for your services.

This way, you converse on time knowing what type of campaign yields the appropriate results for your dental business and which one does not.

Step #5: Allocating the Daily Budget

Now the next question would be what should be the daily budget range for your campaign which I recommend?

First thing first, if you are a new doctor in town, and you do not have any existing patients or the market scope; I recommend you to go with a budget ranging anywhere like US$ 50 to US$ 100 per day.

It is going to be a good budget knowing that you do not have any data at hand and know the market condition.

But in case  if you are running lean on the budget, even US$ 20 will be as good as your daily ad spend budget.

Again, the allocation of your budget severely depends on the target location. For example, if you are wanting to target someone from Pakistan or India, then US$ 20 is a fine budget range to accept due to low-cost CPC in the region.

But the same budget range will never work when your target audience is residing in America, Canada, European countries, Australia, and even other top-tier countries because just a few clicks will exhaust this budget.

Targeting the top-tier countries, US$ 50 or US$ 100 would be our recommended daily target budget.

Step #6: Your Good List of Ad Keywords

And the next step is to find and populate the keywords for your dental business.

To get started with it, here I come up with some of the useful keywords that I recommend to target.

Dentist near me” will be my first keyword to target someone who is searching for a dentist near their location, probably in the town and city and his search term could be indicating he would be required to avail a dental service on urgent basis.

For faster results, I should recommend this particular keyword be your top priority.

Then you can also include “dental checkup”, and “dental checkup cost”, or like “family dentist”, and “walk-in dentist” (if you do offer this service), “cosmetic dentist”, and “emergency dentist”.

These are few of the exemplary keywords which searchers would be searching for in order to acquire dental services because you know someone having a pain in their teeth and the pain is always unbearable. So, a keyword like “emergency dentist” will be a converting one because I have personally experienced the teeth pain and I can recall how worse the pain is.

So, the list of the few keywords are as following primarily targeting the searchers searching for dental services’

  • Dentist
  • Dental checkup
  • Dental clinic
  • Dentist office
  • Family dentist
  • Walk-in dentist
  • Cosmetic dentist
  • Emergency dentist

Secondly, you can fairly analyze your competitors with which you can obtain a lot of useful keywords just for the sake of how your competitors are doing in the SERPs.

Me and my team will carefully investigate the competitors by fetching which keywords they are targeting for their campaigns so that we get a clear idea to utilize and target those keywords as well to refine the optimization.

Step #7: Finalizing the Ads Extension for a Dentist

And the next step is to decide on the ads extension that I recommended for a dental service.

You will experience ClearChoice or any other ads from the screenshot, then find out what kind of ad extension they are using.

Like if you have to search “dentists”, you would see a bunch of advertisers over here on the top of the page, so in this case, what I recommend to use as an ad extension, I personally recommend to at least use a phone extension like this screenshot that is showing a phone number and keep it as a mandatory for your own.

Secondly, use the address as the next ad extension.

Now you can see me utilizing a renowned keyword extension tool namely Karooya.

Let’s say if my dentist business is in my name, and I am writing my landing page URL in the “Final URL” field (BTW, I am not a doctor myself!)

And on the “Headline 1”, I am punching something like “Looking for a Dentist?”. BTW, if you want, we can help you with a copywriting project as well to make your ad look compelling to read.

Now, fill in “Headline 2” with something like an award-winning dental clinic and something like that.

Then “Headline 3” goes to be “we can help with all dental needs.”

Lastly, “Description 1” and “Description 2” go with blah blah blah over there just to ensure we are filling up this ad as a sample.

As per my recommendation, you should select “Add Call Extension” and punch in your dental business’ number so that the searchers will be able to see your phone directly on the SERPs without clicking and searching for it on your landing page.

And do the same by selecting “Add Location Extensions” and add your business’ real address over there.

You know that these two ad extensions are necessary in case you are going to run an ad for a dentist because people may want to see your location right from your ad, and that they will need to physically visit your location because such services cannot be taken virtually.

Make sure that you carefully shortlist your area where you are servicing and you cannot really run a campaign by targeting a whole city as we can easily select which areas to run your ad around. So, we do not recommend selecting a whole city to target because if you are present in a big city, chances are people may find it difficult to travel to the dentist who is far from his own location.

So, I recommend you to go with like 10 miles or maximum of 15 miles to make sure your ad budget does not get spent on the missed-customers until and unless you are a well-known dentist in the city and people would not find any excuses not to visit you.

Again, keep your working radius to as shortened as possible to make your clicks converting.

For now, I recommend to use at least call and location ad extensions to make the best out of your ad but still, you can also pick “Add Sitelink Extensions” will be another exception way to market your other services like implant services, setting up braces, tooth cleansing, and other services to showcase the searchers they can avail the wider services from one roof.

Then you can also pick “Add Price Extension” for easy reference of your price range but it would only be applicable in case if you are running a specified deal like for a limited time on braces. Or in case if you got a new technology added in your business, or you are selling other dental items and such, then you can add this extension to your Google Ad.

But know that these ad extensions are optional and I fairly recommend you to go with the call and location extensions as these two are mandatory to better win the trust of your visit and your audience.

Now, look on the right side of the window to get a glimpse of your ad’s preview as to how it would look on SERPs, and you are finally good to go to populate your Google Ad!

Do Google Ads Work for Dentists?

Of course they do. And, why should they not?

This is the bestest way to grab the people’s attention towards your service by just enabling a campaign when you have followed what we practiced and showed through this case study.

Let’s Connect to Hire Us!

As you know that me and my team own a Google partner company where we can help you have a good campaign set up and running with a highly-optimized quality score with well targeted keywords.

We can even work out with you on suggesting the keywords being a broad match, phrase match, and exact match that work best for your dental service. And we can even work out on negative match keywords.

So, I recommend you to target with the retargeting campaign as well because you should not be missing out on the visitors once visited your website to improve your branding.

Looking at your ad once again having them to recall their last visit to your landing page, thus it will widely help to remarket your dental service to them.

Do not miss on anything from this case study, and we hope that you would have loved every bit of it.

If you think I missed anything mistakenly, drop us a comment below.

Also, you can hire us as well for what? That’s Google Ads, even setting up your ads on Facebook, and Bing because I am a certified Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads certified professional as well as a professional SEO expert with vast experience!

So, drop me a message here and discuss your problem with me!

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