7 Amazing Tips for Every Affiliate Marketer


If you’re a blogger, webmaster, or internet marketer, then you should definitely know about Affiliate Marketing. Every Affiliate Marketer looks to turn the table around in order to learn, perceive, understand, and implement the knowledge.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing strategy in which you get paid commission on the successful sales of the products or services.

Are you struggling with SEO & Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a blogger, you might be struggling for the following things:

  • Alexa rank
  • Higher PR
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Back Links

But there are many affiliate marketers who don’t really care about these things and they make thousands of dollars each month, truly our sole purpose is to how to make money online on internet or to have a website with high authority? I always say that everything revolves around money.

If you want to know how, then keep reading…

They work on a very basic formula.

They simply provide the specific audiences what they are looking for.

The process might look very simple, but it requires some understanding and intelligence to absorb.

They actually do the following things:

  • Understand the product’s demand
  • Find out the audience
  • Explain the process to work out
  • Offer the Product they Prefer

In this way, they succeed to make a customer’s mind on buying the product they are promoting, and hence, they get a successful referral when a convinced prospect goes for the checkout process and completes the buying process.

If you’re there, just started your blog or going to start it, you have to read this guide to affiliate marketing, before it gets late. You may start checking your Facebook timeline, and your friend might ping you to chat, then you may leave the desk for coffee, and this could be ended right here…

Before something distracts you…

(Don’t miss #7… It’s the best one.)

Take a look at these 7 Affiliate Marketing Tips:

Tip #1 – Understand the Niche Blogging

Niche blogging is a common term among bloggers. Niche blogging refers to the blogging strategy which is based on the certain category or to target a certain type of audience. In order to achieve your affiliate marketing goals, it is recommended that you must understand the niche blogging.

If someone doesn’t understand the niche blogging concept, he/she might be little distracted with the his/her own strategy and would be covering a lot of irrelevant things which might not be necessarily important.

Affiliate Marketing Experts emphasize that if you want to achieve success in affiliate marketing, you must be very specific with your targets and niche blogging would be one of the areas you should be concerned about.

Tip #2 – Focus on the Web design

A blog or website’s design plays a substantial role to convincingly the visitors to stay on the site and it’s much important if you are serious about making money online through affiliate marketing so read further, check other content etc. It shows a web design also helps in engaging and sustaining the visitors of the site or blog.

It has been widely observed that colors, theme, fonts, and images influence the website visitors and work directly in the decision making of the site visitors either to stay or leave the site after the arrival. You probably have noticed, whenever you are searching for an answer, and you open up a bundle of search results from Google, you check up every tab for at least 3 seconds per tab just to analyze so quickly that does it worth checking or not, and you close up some of the tabs and keep a few opened to check the details. How do you make that decision so fast?

Actually, all you see is, how does this website/blog look like? If it sounds good, you go further to check the topic and content size, once you realize that there is something worth to check, you keep it in the loop, and move forward, and you keep on checking until the list ends, but do u know i believe in responsive web designs.. ever listened to my webinar’s or seminars?

responsive design

Since I’m a marketer who works mostly with Paid advertising and here we pay for each visitor so it means we need to take the maximum out of each visitor so the best way is to capture the lead by taking his phone/email/name.

Tip #3 – Create Helpful Content

There is no doubt about this one. Every affiliate marketer and online marketing expert would agree on this. You have to create helpful content for your readers because you want to convince them first that you are going to take care of them, you want to help, and once you win their confidence by helping them with your content then it becomes easier to offer them something you want to sell.

You might have heard a lot about great content. A great content isn’t something that is wrapped up with something else and reader finds it outstanding—It’s actually the type of content which is easier to understand, implement, and test, and it ultimately brings great results.

“So Provide the audience with what they are looking for”

Tip #4 – Use Multiple Engagement Channels


Like it’s said that ‘Never put all your eggs in one basket’, use multiple engagement channels and and and! Use of social media sites doesn’t mean you have started engaging people on the social media. Both are different things, apparently, it looks a little odd. In actual, when you start using the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, you need to spend months to get people attracted towards you.

When you’re in the pursuit of affiliate marketing conversion, you probably start focusing on the real connections, relations, and communication via every possible online medium. Many people start using Twitter and Facebook in order to promote their business or personal brand, but they end up frustrated after a time period because they remain failed to find the ways that attract people towards them.

The Multiple Channels mean a variety of social networks + social engagement tools to make the process optimized and workflow a little efficient. Tweetdeck is a fantastic twitter dashboard tool which helps in managing a number of twitter functions on the same screen. Buffer helps in sharing the content on a number of social networks with the single click. Topsy analyzes the twitter sharing and tells who shared the content. Nuzzel helps in finding out what’s your friends are sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

Tip #5 – Try Different Advertisements


Affiliate Marketing and Advertisement might not look a good combination to many people, but trust me it is necessary to have a promotional strategy in order to finding the interested prospects and convert them to the paying customers.

In affiliate marketing, you’re obviously promoting others’ products, there is no problem in trying different advertising programs starting with Google Adwords. You can try advertising your product reviews or a how-to guide posts. Facebook Ads Program is another major platform of online marketing, try different campaigns such as sponsored posts, page likes, website clicks, and others to find out which one works better for you. Bing Ads is another alternative to Adwords.

Tip #6 – Offer Giveaways for Readers

You have to keep finding the ways of retaining, engaging, and educating the visitors. In order to engage and retain them, try out different giveaway techniques, and A/B test the campaigns to find out which works better than the other.

Being an affiliate marketer, you would be trying to improve your ROI and conversion rate but believe me, you have to focus on trust building more than anything. When your subscribers and readers start trusting you blindly, it would be the matter of time and you will be getting a lot of conversion with your products.

The question is, how would you win the trust? The simple answer to this question is that share the great resources, tips, content, and gifts with you audience. Keep giving away and keep building the audience. People will start taking your serious, some of them might ask you for help, go one step further to help them to win their hearts, that’s how you will be able to build up the community that will rock.

Tip #7 – Prioritize Teaching not Selling

Yes. It’s true. When you start educating people, use your 80% of focus on teaching and educating the audience, and rest of 20% on the selling. Your audience should clearly understand that your purpose is to help them and deliver them something good.

Your passion should look real to them and it’s only possible when you would do everything it takes to help and educate them.

Once your readers and email subscribers start believing that you really care about them, you’d find that 20% enough and far better.

Gery Moran also believes that we should teach, not sell.

Greg Shuey, an executive at Stryde wrote a blog post which states that Teach, Don’t Sell.

What’s the affiliate marketing lesson here?

Whatever you choose to promote on your website and blog, just make sure that you also want it for yourself because you are going to recommend it to the people.

So, prove it.

And, you’ll win.

The point is, don’t just promote to sell, but promote to help.

Just forget about affiliate sales in the beginning, and start over with helping the relevant audience. Work for them, create helpful content for them, solve their problems, build trust with them, and then offer them something (product/service) you really like.

Would you do anything different in your affiliate marketing? Do let us know via the comments section. 🙂

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About the Author: Ali Raza

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  1. Ali RAza bhai this is the first time i closed the facebook tab to read this whole post. really i learnt alot will try to implement it soon 🙂

    thank you for sharing such a great post.

    Mursaleen Siddique 🙂

  2. Great Post!

    Affiliate Marketing is a bit tricky thing. When you try to play with it, it goes wrong. The lesson I learned in 5 years of blogging is that if you want to succeed in Affiliate Marketing, then bring ORIGINALITY, TRUTH, and GIVING attitude towards your readers.

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