The Right Way to Do Webinars

the right way to do webinars for selling your own digital products or services

Are you doing email marketing? online business? do you have funnels or plans to setup some? then just keep reading because i’m going to reveal some key strategies in the article which will help you in monetisation of your current email marketing.

Even if you want to learn on how to start affiliate marketing, this article will be a great help.

Right Way to Sell Digital Products or Services Using WebinarS

We kept building assets and making connections, many of you guys might be been through funnels setup by me and traffic handled by Qadeer (who by the way is total Genius, talk about FB, AdWords, Direct Media Buys, Several RTB platforms) I have seen people limited to just FB but this guy is THE TRAFFIC GENIUS.

Anyway I am not gonna ask you to share or even like this post, but read the whole thing if it makes sense and you want more, let me know in the comments or may be PM me, if you are not comfortable commenting, either way I have something that will blow your mind.

FYI: This will only help those people who have programs at the price point of $1k or above because anything below, it will be an overkill.

Webinarjam is the best thing happened to my business and for that I want to thank you all the developers behind it especially Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime for this amazing platform.

It has streamlined so many processes that we can now complete in a fraction of time and I really mean it, we can get extremely complex webinar funnels up within a day or two and use the remaining time for marketing purpose to grow exponentially.

Guys if you are struggling with webinars and trouble getting started the right way I can totally relate to all of this and I know how overwhelming the whole process can be so maybe this will help.

I did my first webinar in late 2015 and I was totally blown away by the things you can accomplish with webinars especially when you deal with cold traffic.

I am not a guru with a +15 years of experience of marketing and selling via webinars, that doesn’t mean I don’t know my stuff…

Converting cold traffic with webinars became my obsession and I did nothing in the year 2016 other than this.

email marketing ashfaq ahmad
But it certainly wasn’t easy.
Especially in the beginning, because:

  • I had no idea how to get started and set up the right way to overcome all the technological barriers and put everything together…
  • Language barrier (English not being my first language)
  • I was afraid, as a matter of fact “Terrified” with the idea of spending money of traffic
  • I wasn’t sure about registrations at all
  • Even If I did get any registration I was afraid no one would show up…
  • I kept thinking I’m just gonna make a plain fool of myself
  • I hate speaking in front of people (I am an extreme introvert, the last time I talked in front of people was at 5th grade and I SUCKED.. Big Time)
  • I had no idea what type of webinar should I do?
  • I didn’t know how to write a script or structure a webinar and define the content to break it down into something that sells

webinar confused
I have attended 100s of webinars learning what other successful fella’s are doing, which to be honest put me down for many reasons, the biggest 2 were:

  • They have these big pile of case studies and success stories
  • Photos of traveling to some exotic locations (their idea of Zero to Hero Story)

And that’s not it..
Being a tech fanatic I actually envied them to have deep pockets to afford Advance CRMs, like Infusionsoft, GotoWebinar, Clickfunnels, Thousands in marketing budget and all those tracking tools.

(FOR THE RECORD I LOVE THEM ALL, And I prefer automation tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently)

What I learnt by attending all those 100s of webinars:

  • Something to preframe registrants
  • A post webinar plan to get conversions
  • A missed webinar plan to get conversions
  • A 3 days shove the replay plan
  • And the statement (make sure you attend the webinar because there will be no replay but somehow you get the replay the very next day and then the next day and then the next day)

I tested this approach and failed miserably with my first webinar which by the way took me 3 weeks to come up with..

Yes! 3 Weeks..

I wrote down the complete script of the webinar myself including all the Mmms and Aaaass (no kidding)



Fortunately being an Engineer I have a Knack of figuring out solutions and getting things done so I decided to go against all the webinars I watched and started developing a system which took me close to 3 months. (I had no prior experience in selling or handling cold traffic)

And after a lot of testing, failing a lot; succeeding not so much; and a huge learning curve while documenting each and everything I finally did my first ever webinar!

Keep in mind that :

  • I did not share my pictures traveling the world.
  • I did not follow the “3 Days Shove the Replay” Follow Up plan.
  • I simply developed the system knowing exactly where my registrants are and how can I help them get to the next level where I want them to be..

which will lead them to pitch and finally “Cha Ching”

I wasn’t really expecting any sale because I have never seen anyone else doing webinars the way I did and boy I have seen A LOT!
Anyways, guess what:
My webinar (using the same script I wrote last time) was not perfect infact it was awful with a lot of “Mmmss” but I still managed to get 2 sales of $497 with just 42 registrations and 57% show up rate while maintaining a 100% retention rate because of the content I delivered.


But I needed more – so I started improving and automating the whole thing, that way I don’t have to do it again n’ again..

The 2nd webinar I did resulted in 450% combined ROI from traffic spent on Facebook™ and AdWords. If you are starting out with facebook, you can have a look at Facebook Ads for Newbies!

and its been running from the past 6-months totally automated.
And all I did was focused on one step at a time out of 10 steps…

Let me break down that 10 Step System: (Don’t get carried away with the names)

  • Pre-Webinar warmer sequence
  • Webinar Temperate Sequence (Only Top Marketers are doing this)
  • Post webinar sequence
  • Milestone sequence (recovered 18% lost sales) (No one is doing this)
  • Missed sequence (Increased 58% show-up rate) (New and Improved)
  • Retargeting sequence (New)
  • Sequential retargeting sequence (No one is doing this)
  • Behavioural Dynamic Responses (New)
  • The BDR Rating System (No one is doing this)
  • Transitional sequence (New)

I am going to into these one by one but here’s what you need to understand when dealing with cold traffic.

Every step you take in your marketing should have a clear and distinct goal that MUST be coherent to all the steps.
This is the base of “The BDR Rating System”

Here’s what I mean by that:

If you are buying traffic (Facebook™, AdWords), the goal of every ad is to get the click.

Note : You can read the pro guide on How to quickly optimize your adwords campaign in 30 minutes?

Landing Page:

Goal here is to get people to take action, now remember these people are brand new so the easier transition from Ad to Landing page, you will have better chances of conversion. (Coherence)

-Email Subject Line: It has just one goal… Open Rate

-Email Body: To get… Good Click Through Rate

-Webinar: Your goal is to get people to complete your segments in the form of milestones.

You get the point, I see many top blokes struggle with this, buts it’s important to understand and head with goals in mind and also the traffic temperate, which you also are about to learn.

Traffic Temperature: (Source and Distribution)

web traffic

Remember there are 7 Major distributions of Traffic
NOTE: Your marketing message should be different as per these traffic sources and distributions because all of these have different traffic temperatures you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT deal with them the same way.

  • Word of Mouth
  • Endorsement
  • Search
  • Curiosity
  • Interruption
  • Spam (I am not gonna get into this)
  • Hot/Warm (only 3% traffic volume – Super High Quality – NOT scalable)

Word of Mouth Traffic:

The hottest kinda traffic when someone possibly a client talk about your product or share his experience and how he was able to get results with your help.
Marketing Message:
Should be addressing to the solution directly relying your base on referral/client.
Market to Conversion Length:
Shortest as possible, may be a direct sale or a direct appointment.

Endorsement Traffic:

When you sign up a JV contract with someone or may be any affiliate with a list or subscriber base send your offer or services with the list.
Marketing Message:
Should be addressing should have a comparison (You vs. Others), talk about solutions can you can provide make sure the affiliate/JV do the pre-framing for you.
Market to Conversion Length:
Varies as per the relation that affiliate/JV has with his subscriber base, just remember he should be doing the pre framing for you in this setting (don’t expect him to come up with the material, have you stuff ready for him, content videos, emails, etc. etc.)


Cold Traffic (97% of Traffic Volume, Massive Scalability Option)
I will just say this, you will never have a Predictable Income Stream if you DO NOT tap into cold traffic.
Yes! People have made millions with 3% traffic but a business should be both about peaks and consistency.
With a proper system in place – you can tap both into 97% Traffic and 3% Traffic, a system that ease the transition from just a cold visitor to a raving fan and a High Paying Client.
This does not include retargeting, we have a totally different approach for retargeting.
This is just Good ol’ Cold Traffic.

Search Traffic:

AdWords, Bing are the leaders in here that we have tested ourselves not sure about others. Remember this traffic sort of have a warmish feeling to it because people already know the problem and they are looking for solutions.

Marketing Message:

Should be addressing the solution that you can provide while building your credibility and authority.

Goals before conversion process starts:

They should know who are you and you are the solution provider and you can actually solve their problems, they need to know you are the expert and what makes you different than others.

Marketing Message:

Remember people already know the problem, you should be addressing the solution, not the problem just solution.

Market to Conversion Length:

Should be relatively higher than endorsement traffic, a 2 – 3 days pre framing will get get the job done, remember it also varies with the market competition, price point and your conversion method (Direct Sale, Trip Wires, Appointment, Webinars, etc)

Check my SEMRush review for learning more on market and competition.

What to avoid:

Remarketing to those people with a higher bounce rate.

Curiosity Traffic:

Facebook™, GDN, Direct Media buys, basically banner ads.
People in here are not really looking for solutions, they might have the problem (based on your targeting) but they are NOT expecting you to market them, so you have to WOW them first in order to get their attention and read your message, don’t try to convert them or anything else.

Goal here is to get the click, you landing page, squeeze page, webinar page or whatever you are using will get them to take action.
(Remember what I said earlier? Every step you take in your marketing should have a clear and distinct goal that MUST be coherent to all the steps.)

Goals before conversion process starts:

They should know who are you and you are the solution provider and you can actually solve their problems, they need to know you are the expert and what makes you different than others.

Marketing Message:

Its different for every traffic channel.
Let me share some facts.

Facebook™ Traffic is easy and that’s why you can see a lot of people teaching Facebook™ ads, because it builds the social proof along the way if done right which gives you the unfair advantage over other traffic channels.

Anyway your message should be according to traffic temperature meaning if it is a brand new visitor, you need to follow this

(WOW >> Problem >> Solution upfront >> more content to support that solution >> introduction >> authority >> case studies testimonials >> conversion)

Market to Conversion Length:
It should be longer than search traffic to meet all the steps

(WOW >> Problem >> Solution upfront >> more content to support that solution >> introduction >> authority >> case studies testimonials >> conversion)

Interruption Traffic:

People in here might don’t even know the problem (which could vary as per traffic channel). But remember you have to tell them about the problem, what it could lead into and how it can be resolved, provide solutions upfront.

This traffic is HUGE, think about it… How do we all know Tai Lopez” Here is my Garaaage” knaaawwwledge?

YouTube instream ads, it work wonders with the right message and a proper system in place.

We have also test PPV ads like TrafficVance which is now PropelMedia, not for webinar leadgen though and it works better for aged crowd above 40years.

Marketing Message:

You need to tell them about the problems, relevant problems, what it could lead to if not done right and provide solutions upfront, making sure all these steps are taken care of

(WOW >> Problem >> Solution upfront >> more content to support that solution >> introduction >> authority >> case studies testimonials >> conversion)

Market to Conversion Length:

If it’s YouTube, you can have the same length as Curiosity Traffic because they are almost same only difference is YouTube has a larger volume of traffic.

We have never test PPV (PropelMedia) for webinar leadgen so I can’t really comment on its conversion length.

Buyers Traffic:

web traffic

I really don’t want to disclose that in here, because people will start selling it for thousands of dollars, if you want to know more about it just contact me personally and I might share it for Free (no charge).

Now the reason I prefer Webinars over all the other marketing methods is because webinars take care of all of these steps for me, ofcourse if done right.

And yes! I have learnt and tested all of this and more in a year and I am still learning and improving on daily basis.

I am sure many of you guys in here had been through my funnels that I set for Authorities, Authors, Consultants and many Top blokes, funnel and traffic both handled by my team. 😉

Research based of Traffic Sources: Adwords GDN, Adwords Youtube, Facebook, Bing, Direct Media Buys

Tracking: Google Analytics, Wicked Reports and CPVLab.

Conclusion :

Well this became a really long post, I still have to talk more about those 10 Steps, may be some other time.

FYI [For Your Information]: This webinar approach has been tested on these niches, Internet Marketing, Real Estate Consultants, Fitness Professionals, Freelancing, Affiliate Marketing, I might have an Ecommerce Coach and Lawyer signing up a contract real soon so looking forward to test those niches as well.

Let me know what you think about it?

And especially what are you selling via webinars or thinking about selling?

Let me start: I Help Coaches, Consultants & High-Paid Experts, Create a “Predictable Revenue Stream” Using Behavioural Dynamic Response Marketing. Click here.


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