10 Most common Blogging Mistakes to avoid as a blogger in 2020

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2020)

Hi Guys, I am back again here with an interesting post. Last time, I shared a tutorial about Fiverr and this time, I am going to share my views on the blogging!

As you know, Blogging has got popularity as a great online business that allows someone to get exposure in this online world. Also, it has become an excellent way to make money online. Isn’t it?

If you’ve started your blogging career OR thinking to start, you’ve to read these mistakes that I’ll share in this article. Promise me, you’ll not do these mistakes again :D?


Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Blogging

I am listing some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid in blogging:

#1. Lacking a Strong Blogging Niche

To decide your Blogging niche is one of the most important parts which many beginners don’t consider much. Either they think it is ok to blog in any topic, or they choose to blog on multiple topics at a time. As a newbie, it is not possible for anyone to master in almost all subjects, unless you are a genius to write on any topic.  So after some time, all or most of those blogs die an unnatural and immature death. This is essential for every blogger to choose a good niche that is profitable.


At Saurabh’s blog, I wrote a guest post where I shared How to Choose a Profitable Niche – Do Check it out!

#2.You Think you Need to Publish Daily

OMG, This is one mistake which many newbies make. In the start, I used to post every day. And for some reason, if I was unable to write in a day, I used to feel guilty thinking, my readers will be waiting for my article. But the right thing is, until unless you build a strong readership with some excellent blog posts, no one is waiting for them.

It is rightly said:


Don’t write everything OR anything which will not benefit your readers. Rather, try to research as much as possible for your blog post, make it more engaging for the readers and also optimize it for the search engines to reach a wider audience.

#3. Publishing As Soon As the Writing is Done

Almost 99.9% of the newbies make this mistake. During the early days of my journey, I made this mistake and learned that writing posts and publishing without proofreading impacts badly.


Find some time to edit your blog post & shape up your article. Fix typos, incomplete sentences, grammatical mistakes, & increase overall readability. Use Grammarly to proofread your blog posts.

#4. Trying Black-hat tricks to rank in search engines

Some bloggers try black-hat methods to get better rankings on Google and other search engines! These black hat tricks can help you instantly but can destroy you for a long time. The tricks include the spammy ways such as generating fake traffic to rank higher, using Softwares for automation, etc.

I agree that black-hat tricks work. But, remember, these tricks work for a short interval of time and can cause a permanent disaster to your blog’s SEO. Like, you might get penalized, and your blog will not appear in SERPs for the lifetime. There are some methods to recover, but you know that prevention is better than cure.


Only implement the white-hat SEO techniques that are shared on top SEO blogs like:

Repeat, don’t implement the black-hat techniques!

#5. Inconsistency

The biggest mistake any newbie makes is inconsistency. Inconsistency works as a killer for the blogging career. You’ll realize it soon if you’re new in blogging. I realized it after a long time since the start of blogging journey!

Neil Patel, a giant content marketer says:

“New bloggers also face this as it is hard to blog on a consistent basis. Without doing this it will be hard for you to grow your blog.

Years ago I took a month off of blogging. When I did this my traffic didn’t just drop, but it took me roughly 3 months recover. In which after 3 months of consistent blogging, my traffic returned to the initial amount I was at before I took a month break.

If you want to fix this, you’ll have to set specific time aside just for blogging so that you can write your content in advance. If there are holidays or if you get sick, you’ll still have content to publish.

To help with this process you can use a content calendar. In addition to that, every time you have a new blog post idea store it in Evernote or any note taking application” – Neil Patel

#6. Not Engaging with the Readers


Comments are a way where blog readers share feedback or views about the blog post. It’s a mistake that many bloggers don’t engage with their readers either through the blog post or comments. The result comes out as no improvement in readership, and the blog dies simultaneously.


The solution is to make sure that you write engaging posts that interact with readers quickly. Increase the readability of blog posts and make sure you engage with your blog readers via comments. Reply them and treat them as one of your best friends!

#7. Focusing on quantity instead of quality

Many bloggers make this mistake. They keep on publishing the blog post just to increase the quantity of blog posts, but they don’t consider the quality (the most important factor). The quality blog post is always better than crappy ones that have words with no power or truth.

Dag Holmboe, CEO of Klurig Analytics says:

I think a lot of bloggers focus on quantity versus quality and I think this is the biggest mistake. There is this theory that states that you need to blog a few times a week to make your blog always seem fresh; both from the perspective of human consumption and also from a search engine perspective. The advantage is a gain in quantity—perhaps also a gain in page rank—but there is a loss in quality.

A good, in-depth blog post takes time to research, write and edit. Unless you’re a larger company with a team of professional writers, there’s not enough time in the day to do this well; thus there are a lot of blogs with underperforming material.


Focus on quality instead of quantity.

#8. Not joining the blogging communities

Oh! This might not seem to be a mistake but, blogging communities and forums are a must thing to join for every blogger. Why?

The answer is simple, almost in all blogging communities, there exist bloggers and experts that can help you grow faster. The main advantage of blogging communities is the bloggers that exist there act as motivation for every newbie. Once you see a blogger growing, you’ll start giving more heed to your blogging career and simultaneously, you’ll grow faster than enough.


The solution is easy, join top blogging communities and start connecting with like-minded bloggers and grow fast as a blogger.

#9. Not Promoting Your Blog Posts

This is a mistake, yes, this is a mistake. Many newbies just write the blog posts and publish. After that, they sit back and relax! They don’t promote the blog post. They don’t understand the real importance of promotion. They don’t know that promotion is the only thing that can let them grow!


Be serious in the promotion. Promotion is the main thing that can give you exposure. You can use social media, online forums, etc. for promotion.

#10. Your views?

This was all from my side. Is there any mistake, I forgot to mention? If yes, share with me in comments. I’ll be waiting!

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  1. Great Post and good advice ,
    what I often see and I think is important as well is that blogger have on every social media site sometimes different images or names ,this is not good ,better to have the same name and picture ,so it is easier and faster to share .
    thank you, good job

    1. Hi, Erika Ma’am!
      I agree that blogging is not about branding the blog it’s about branding your name and DP! 🙂
      So, that whenever somebody sees the image, he/she could recognize the real blogger.
      Have a nice day ahead.
      ~ Ahmad

    2. Thank You Erika! Yes Ahmad Did a great job! Thumbs up for him as always. I also second you on this that having same picture and profile across all social media channels is a great idea to do branding as well as converting the visitor into a reader.

  2. I never knew that there would be these blogging mistake factors… I really appreciate for your 10 tips. I love the article very much. Thanks for share Ahmed 🙂

  3. Splended effort Ali Raze and nothing left. Following these steps one can do wonders in his/her blogging career. Thumbs up

  4. Can you recommend good blogging communities to join because i am newbie and want to get success by joining good source of learning platform

  5. I just like the valuable info you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and test once more here frequently. I am quite certain I’ll be told lots of new stuff right here! Best of luck for the following!

  6. Hello there, I discovered your web site by the use of Google while searching for a similar matter, your website came up, it appears great. I’ve bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.
    Hello there, just was aware of your weblog via Google, and found that it is really informative. I am gonna watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you happen to proceed this in future. A lot of folks will probably be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  7. Hi Muhammad

    Indeed a great post about blogging mistakes.

    I am glad that you have covered major blogging mistakes and It is a fact that these are those mistakes which almost every blogger do.

    But We can’t deny that these mistakes helped us a lot to learn something new. Imagine without doing any mistake, do we able to learn something new?

    Absolutely not, because doing mistakes create questions in our mind and when we have a new question in our mind then we always try to get answer of these question which help us to learn something new. 😀

    I had also did so many mistakes when I started my blogging carrier and still doing. I used to copy articles from other blogs which is very much common for almost every blogger.

    Every new blogger publish 1st article by copying it from other site and same thing I did.

    Later I learnt that Google never ranks duplicate articles and then this mistake helped me to write articles by own. It taught me that how to write articles by yourself and also improved my english a little bit.

    Sometimes doing mistake become turning point in our life so I love doing mistakes. 😀

    Thanks for sharing such a great piece of content. 😀

    1. Hi David,
      Yes, I agree that mistakes are meant to be corrected. Mistakes teach us a lesson and help us to get attentive for the next time.
      Thanks for the awesome comment!
      You’re awesome 😀
      ~ Ahmad

  8. I really enjoyed your article. As a blogger I can say from experience that blogging mistakes can ruin a blog, so before blogging we must aware of blogging mistakes. You have shared your experience so thanks.

  9. I just want to mention I am very new to weblog and seriously liked your web site. Likely I’m likely to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with good articles. Thanks for sharing your web page.

  10. Hello Great Post Indeed about Mistakes, bloggers make these days.

    Personally, when I started my career in blogging, I was not sure, for whom I am writing for and what I need to provide to attract readers.

    Also, i was focused on writing for search engines as I wanted my posts to rank, but actually it was a big mistake from my side.

    As, I have learned over the past few months, we just need to cover the topic by maintaining quality and rest will be ok itself..

    But I sadly believe, many still not aware of this fact, they are still making tons of mistakes in blogging.

    So, they need to start reading more to get more knowledge and then proceed in blogging the right way.

    So, brilliantly described points.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. I would must say that you just rocked in this article. 😀

    It doesn’t matter, In which field you are working. You would definitely make mistakes and these mistakes will help you to learn something new. So we should never afraid of doing mistakes.

    In this article, the blogging mistakes which you have mentioned above are very much common which most of the bloggers or webmasters make when they start their blogging career.

    When bloggers like me do mistakes then It is obvious that they can’t generate that result which they want because of that mistake. When It happens, they again start doing all the things and tries to find what they did wrong in previous turn and then they find their mistakes and learn from that mistake.

    So some how, mistakes helped us to learn new things. Right? 😀

    Most of the people think that doing mistakes will give them failures which they never want but they should understand that every successful person makes mistake at their initial stages and learn from them.

    Every successful blogger copied others article once in their blogging journey but later they learned and started writing by themselves.

    I would like to give a great Thanks to you for covering these amazing blogging mistakes which people can use to learn from them. 😀

  12. Agreed!

    But daily posting is vital and give our readers a reason to visit our blog on daily basis, so they can get new things to work on.

    Also, it depends on your niche, if you have a news blog you have to post many times a day and on a “self improvement” blog you can post 2/3 times in a month 🙂

    Hope you’ll get my point – thanks 🙂

  13. Thanks Ahmed for sharing such a great post, I always like your writting style. I have few questions, please do responce with your ease.

    You mentioned that we should be carefull while selecting our niche, but if we select our niche first based on our interest then how can we make it profitable rather selecting a profitable niche in which we don’t have any interest.

    I want to know more about black hat tricks, I don’t know what is it? But want to see if I am doing something wring unintentionally.

    If we continuously publish our articles with 5 to 600 words, will it be considered a mistake?

    1. Hello Sohaib! I’m glad that you liked the Ahmad’s writing style, he is a gem. 😀

      There are few ways you can make that niche profitable in which you have interest.

      a) Gain some readers who are always looking for new content on your topic, obviously you will find some people who have same interest as of yours.
      b) You can checkout my article on how to make money from blogging, it will certainly help you.

      Obviously, if you get some readers in your niche, generating money isn’t an issue at all. There are literally hundreds of ways through which you can earn.

      So I more focus on generating readership then looking for how much potential this niche is.

      Obviously Ahmad may have something better to say on this!

      Good luck 🙂

      1. Thanks Ali for your revert regarding niche selection.

        Looking forward to get answers for rest of the two questions from Ahmed.

        1. Hi Shoaib,
          Thanks for the kind words.
          Here are my Answers:
          (1): In order to make a niche profitable that meets your interest, you should stick to it. Google your niche and find the ones that are rocking the first PAGE. See how they are growing and monetizing heir webpages.
          Once you do this, you just sit back, take a notepad and start writing what you’ve researched for. That’s it, follow the trend enjoy blogging!
          (2) Black hat tricks are really illegal. They are time savers but killer too.
          I would not say anything related to that.
          (3) It depends on what you do before writing an article, if you research and then write, that’s awesome. Keep publishing daily.Otherwise, if you write just by considering the topic and start writing, that’s a mistake. Simply, don’t write just by finding the topic. Find a topic, research it well and then write.
          If you do follow this step, its upon you how much posts you can publish.
          I hope you got my point.
          ~ Ahmad
          P.S. Answered in hurry, will update the post answering your queries after 8 June. As my exams are gonna end that day!

  14. One of most important mistake I noticed which is not listed above is that newbies are failed to choose a correct domain name & I have seen many new bloggers who select the names similar to existing domain names & I think, this is wrong.

    What’s your opinion because you are an expert.

    1. Thank You Usman for writing back.

      To some extent, domain name selection has importance near me, it also depends on your goals/objective. But a part from domain, there are many things to consider and domain isn’t the only factor to consider.

      Good luck

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