Best 9 High Paying Jobs in Pakistan in 2024

best high paying jobs in pakistan

Studying all these years in search of finding a job that is at least payable to your routine life, and if that is your move, then get ready to suffer.

9 Top Earning Works in Pakistan in 2024

This move certainly would not do any good to you but keep you to earn from hand to mouth. Even if you happen to secure a good-paying job still, that will not remarkably change your lifestyle.

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So, what you need to do is to prepare from the very beginning, BUT if you do know what the current and ongoing job types that will swiftly swipe your future right from the beginning of joining such highest paying jobs in Pakistan are.

Before knowing the exact highest paying jobs in Pakistan, that would do wonder to you and your family; first, let’s get to know what do you need to win such a role.

How to secure one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan

Education. A degree to earn after completing the highest education to widen the chance of securing one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan with superb ease.

Experience. Experience also plays a huge role in getting good salary in Pakistan.

Passion. If you are passionate about something, it can also give you a good job.

Top 9 Highest paying Jobs in Pakistan

As the internet has been enormously evolving and surpassing the barriers to get started earning big money; but the jobs that we are about to reveal, they are the real jobs with going to the office every day.

So, take that hunch out of your mind that I would be praising the online jobs doing right from your home.

So let’s get started with Highest Earning Jobs in Pakistan

Chartered Accountant – The Highest Paid Job Title in Pakistan

Anything that includes accountancy, the organization cannot hire a person with just a little and basic know-how of accounts. Still, they would require the professional, educated, and the person who has a strong command over the subject of accountancy.

The chartered accounts are hired mainly for the high-level key posts to manage the organizations dealing with their financial tasks.

The job title include (but not limited to) the following;

  • CFO
  • Chief Accountant
  • Chief Auditor
  • Financial Analyst

The prime education demands to steer your studies to become a chartered accountant involves;

  • Passing intermediates with at least 50 percent marks
  • Completed at least two papers from A levels
  • Graduated with at least 45 percent marks

And once you become a successful chartered accountant; you can win a job in the reputed organizations from all types of industries where active accounts departments are working to keep the accounts checked and sorted.

How much do CA Chartered Accountants get paid in Pakistan?

The expected salary the chartered accountant can earn between 60,000 PKR. to 450,000 PKR. per month (depending upon your experience and would increase by the time.)


A physician or in simpler words, a doctor is considered to be one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan, where the doctor is responsible for diagnosing and providing medications to cure the illness. When you see a doctor and how much he is earning at the moment, it would feel like it is a piece of cake to become a doctor. But in reality, for becoming a doctor, you must have to do the matriculation science and stick to it until you finish your education by only studying the medical and dreaming about the medical.

The standard education level is MBBS to become a doctor. To become a specialized physician whether to pick the cardiology of neurology, you then have to study with having focused on such medical branches correctly.

How much do Physicians get paid in Pakistan?

The expected salary for the physician remains between the mark of 70,000 PKR. to up to 350,000 PKR. per month with always increasing by the time gaining the experience.

Cardiac Surgeon

Unfortunately, more of the Pakistanis are getting influenced by this unfortunate heart disease, and then they are required to undergo surgery to fix the impact.

Even though working in the medical profession should not be considered as a regular job. Still, it comes with the great responsibility to assist the human being with your extensive experience. So, being a heart surgeon is in scope

How much do Cardiac Surgeon get paid in Pakistan?

The cardiac surgeon with entry-level experience can easily make to 50,000 PKR. per month, and being an experienced one could earn him (or her) to about 700,000 PKR. per month.

Aviation Manager

If you want to become a part of aviation and aim to secure a job as an aviation manager and have already completed your bachelor’s degree. And having the inclusion aviation management, public administration, aviation administration, and airport management in the scope.

Once you are entitled to include in your bachelor’s degree, I am having the prior training and experience, then let’s welcome yourself to be recruited as an aviation manager.

How much do Aviation Managers get paid in Pakistan?

An expected salary of the aviation manager falls between the range of 150,000 PKR. to 600,000 PKR. per month.

But it would require a lot of responsibility from you to invest long hours at work, no leaves on special occasions, and such.

University Lecturers

To become a university lecturer, one needs not to do anything other than studying hard and reaching the height to obtain an excellent education along with the prior experience from the Educational Institutes.

Being the University lecturer is totally a different scenario from being the teacher because a lecturer is specialized in one subject to deliver the students with the best of their experience.

How much do lecturers at university get paid in Pakistan?

A lecturer can easily earn from 35,000 PKR. to 200,000 PKR. per month depending upon the experience level and seniority in Pakistan.

IT Professional

As we know that the information technology is easily dominating most of the industries offer the competitive high paying jobs the spirit of the educational background; because they required a specific skill set which is generally learned on their own or by doing the courses from the reputed institutes.

The jobs involve being a software engineer, web developer, Android and iOS developer, and more.

How much do I.T. Professionals get paid in Pakistan?

The salary range falls between 50,000 PKR. to as much as 500,000 PKR. per month, so expect building a fortune while doing a job to cash out our skillset.

Nuclear Engineer

Though not everyone would get fascinated by learning nuclear engineering but those who have a spark to become a nuclear engineer; there is so much to do in this field by staying and working in Pakistan.

To become a nuclear engineer, all you have to do is to keep your mind busy with researching to proceed with the system to create energy and radiation off of the nuclear.

How much do Nuclear Engineers get paid in Pakistan?

If you get successful in securing the job as a Nuclear Engineer, then expect the salary within the range of at least 70,000 PKR. to as high as 250,000 PKR. per month.

Audit Manager

An audit manager comes with the more significant responsibilities to oversee the organization meeting with the policies, performing all of the obligations, and jotting down the results for the overall performance to keep the business going.

With every organization and corporation needing to have their all department work seamlessly and that is only possible with placing the audit manager to play his (or her) significant role.

How much do Audit Managers get paid in Pakistan?

Expect the salary range of between 50,000 PKR to 200,000 PKR per month depending on the size of the organization as well as the sole experience of the audit manager.

Manager Marketing

Every organization deals with the sort of business that requires proper marketing to bring success. And manager marketing involves strategizing the marketing plan to work tirelessly to implement it to boost the company to the next level.

How much do Managers Marketing get paid in Pakistan?

Then expect the range of salary from 30,000 PKR to up to 250,000 PKR per month if you happen to secure a job of manager marketing.

Conclusion on best jobs in Pakistan

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Now that you are informed with what kind of highest paying jobs in Pakistan that you can secure for yourself, but they all require the prior preparation years ahead because they all are directly interconnected to the education.

So for the students, this post is the goldmine for them to understand the trending and highest paying job that they can do to turn around their future. And if you are already doing the job and have been out of studies for long, then let’s train your kids and other siblings still studying to shine off their future.

All in all, get availed one of these nine highest paying jobs in Pakistan and see the future turning to be good fro the very beginning.

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    Having a deeper knowledge, hard-work , preparation and education status also matters a lot in getting a good job.

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