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buzz bundle review

This review is about Buzz Bundle which is an absolutely fantastic tool to drive more traffic and to engage more people with yourself and your website.

Yes, i need to admit that the hardest part of the blog is to drive traffic to it, even if you have an A+ content, there is no point of that if people don’t know about it.

And even with traffic, you need targeted traffic that build sales and revenue for you. So what do you need to do to get targeted traffic? You need to ENGAGE Yourself with people and thats what, Buzzbundle do for you!

BuzzBundle Review

  • Importance of Social Media Engagement
  • What Is BuzzBundle?
  • Beginning Your Practice with BuzzBundle
  • How to Find the Place Your Audience Weighs Out Online?
  • Learn How to Get Higher Productivity from Social Networking Sites
  • Bang For Your buck, Does buzzbundle worth?
  • How To Set up Your Campaign?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Conclusion

buzz bundle

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Let’s get back to the topic, We all know that Social media is necessary.

Social media engagement is EVERYTHING.

Build customer relationships on social media.

Have you heard these kinds of tips all over the internet?

Actually, we all listen to these tips and tricks.

Are you sure that you can grow your target audience faster?

Awesome, then you aren’t alone on the earth!

This really is uncomplicated, and maybe the most successful way.

There you have it:

Figure out where your potential audience goes online where you could place your posts in front of them. There’s a lot more going without running shoes than that. You’ll need your audience to question the right concerns, and you have to squeeze best content material glued to them to answer those concerns.

Being aware what to do is one challenge.

That’s certainly not the thing that makes this hard.

The thing that makes this hard is the right performance. The whole process of searching out the websites where your potential audience is showing interest that you can address with your articles is time-consuming. The reality is that this doesn’t have to be the truth. Throughout this review, I’ll teach you how BuzzBundle makes it quick to lay your content over right people at the right time. It will help you make hype for your brand name on the internet.

Would you like to overlook this review and check out BuzzBundle for yourself? You can download and install the free version and use it for long you like.

If you’re still leafing through then, let’s jump in…

What is BuzzBundle?

buzzbundle reviewBuzzBundle is a tool to make your social media activities easier.

It’s software based but not a cloud-based tool. The benefit is you won’t have to pay monthly payments even if you don’t use the tool too often. It can be used to control all your social networking campaigns starting from the accounts creation process to the social communications.

You can even use it to search out weblogs, discussion boards and social media sites where everyone is discussing your business or a specific matter. You may then monitor further reports to help keep an eye on the discussion.

The first couple of options featured are:

  • Create Different Personas
  • Add Any Number of User Profiles

Both of these functions work together, and I must say BuzzBundle is incredibly simple to arrange and use.

I dream I’d been aware of this tool ever before because it would have reaped the benefit a client tremendously; my main grievance with my social networking technique was that I got lots of accounts to handle, from my CEO’s ones to my private ones. BuzzBundle will handle that.

BuzzBundle helps you start some Personas. So if you’re the advertising manager, it is possible to make one for yourself, one for the advertising team, and even make a persona for your potential audience. Throughout each Persona, it is possible to create an endless number of User profiles. Add Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn accounts. At the same time, this software has a handy ability to include forum profiles, weblogs, and Yahoo Answers.

buzz bundle profile persona

Beginning Your Practice with BuzzBundle

With starting the application, you’ll have to do a project and save it on your PC. You can easily create different tasks, and you can control them from the menus in the right-hand corner.

There are a few configurations you’ll have to fine-tune before getting started out; in case you don’t then you may get some problems.


  1. Find the safety settings.
  2. With too many queries the software can be used to scrape the search engine, after that, the search engines will start giving you the captcha for verifications.
  3. Find the “user agents” tab to start off, enable the “human emulation” setting and then click the “random user agents.”
  4. You should use web proxy servers to find correct results, but you likely won’t need them except if you’re tracking plenty of keywords.
  5. Now you can start placing personas. The way you split this down is entirely your choice but breaking each of your tasks into its own identity is a great approach to get started.
  6. From that point, you can add more all your social networking accounts (such as Google+ user profiles, not only pages).

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How to Find the Place Your Audience Weighs Out Online?

Discovering the spots your audience spends time at and the related concerns they want to know is only half of the story because the remaining story gets completed with the use of BuzzBundle.

Find your audience.

You must find them at the perfect time, and that’s why having software to keep track of interactions makes a lot of good sense. If you want to start using BuzzBundle to keep an eye on discussion posts, you have to include a keyword group and select some key terms for the application to find.

keyword group buzz bundle

My primary search was with very comprehensive keywords that had a lot of success, but many of them couldn’t be used. Remain faithful to more certain keywords and you’ll have more pertinent results. Now you can check out the streams tab and start putting streams for some social websites and also social profiles so that you can interact through BuzzBundle.

There are four columns that you can use, the one of them is usually used for Q&A websites, for example, Yahoo answers. The bad news is, BuzzBundle fails to draw the results of Yahoo since Yahoo has closed its API. Yes, it’s really bad, it’s not under the control of BuzzBundle, the same applications have had the same issues, and technically it happens. The most interesting thing is you can add the additional filters and customize your stream to view the websites you want.

After setting up all your customize priorities, you can hit the “Find Buzz” button and software will start finding the websites you want. On the software panel, you can see the percentage bar at the bottom taskbar; you can check that bar for getting more details about streaming parameters that are working to find the websites.

find buzz

Once the percentage gets completed, you will see the list of results.

After that, you can answer through BuzzBundle (several websites will need accounts creation, e.g. Discussion boards and so forth). We’ll discuss a little more about social networking sites shortly because there’s considerably more that you can do with them. There’s also an organizing tool you can easily use to either draw in private messages from your accounts or search social networking sites for your keywords conveniently.

Learn How to Get Higher Productivity from Social Networking Sites

Taking care of your social media reputation is time taking, but if you have different tasks, it will take a lot more time.


  1. BuzzBundle leaves a variety of features in your hands that will help you save your time.
  2. Initially, you may add social profiles with different character types — very helpful if you wish to split out your social accounts.
  3. It’s important to note that each persona is only able to get one user profile for each and every network added.
  4. You can enjoy unlimited personas in paid version, but the bad news is you can only have two personas in a free version.
  5. To use the social media updates, you can use the tab “my activities” right after adding the personas.
  6. The most interesting thing that I like is when you capable of scanning through the social schedule and add notes.
  7. Add your social messages then.

Of course, it’s not as smooth as using a thing like Stream. However, I like that you can easily use Google+ user profiles rather than just pages.

Bang for Your Buck

value for money

Right before shelling out the bucks on application or software it’s worthy of considering good value. For my part, my time is my money. Therefore, the time that my application spares for me is an important part of my problem-solving process.

It’s going to be too much longer if you would be able to get results without BuzzBundle. I find this software program as a distinct way to save time. It’s important to note that BuzzBundle can be acquired as a cost-free version, but features are constrained. You may still have a lot to carry out with it. No matter the reason it’s a great way to test out the software.

The premium version will give you six months of servicing updates. Most of these updates encourage the programmers to keep the application working when social networking sites make developments.
At a cost mindset, I don’t like the very idea of spending my bucks for update versions. However, the fact is that if we didn’t buy update versions, it wouldn’t be considered a lasting business structure.

In this way, it implies that the software program will be better protected. I love that you can get these updates on required basis (at £6.95/month). If you buy it for more months, the cheaper it will be for example if you pay for the 36 months then the price will be £3.05 per month.

How to Set Up a Campaign?

For  a revision, remember you have to do the following steps!

  • 1st  step – create new project
  • 2nd step – add the website URL and click “Next.”
  • 3rd step – enter your preferred keywords to direct the software bring the conversations that are related to your search.
  • 4th step – get the preferred social media networks and hit “Finish.”



No doubt BuzzBundle is a great tool for managing your social businesses, but what if you can’t get access from anywhere else. Well, here I would prefer the cloud-based apps that can be accessible from anywhere. Apart of cloud-based concept, I love this software because it has a smooth learning steep curve that doesn’t mess you around with complicated keys and functions. It’s easy to handle, and way gets few days to become a rapid geek with.

Being a developer, I won’t get over smart; firstly I would go for the free version. Therefore, I will suggest that you should also go for the free version to see the things according to your perspective that what you can get most out of it. Especially your business doesn’t get loose shots, so why to go directly to the premium version.

Click Here To Get Your Free BuzzBundle Trial Now

Download it, go on it for a twist and find out what you believe.


  • The free version is available for you for the best try.
  • You can direct the software to complete the searches after setting up the customizable selected options with an autopilot.
  • This software makes it easy for you to create the social accounts.
  • Personalize your work
  • Plan social networking updates effortlessly
  • Set various projects together under unique personas
  • Facilitates Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and also Google+ (such as G+ user profiles, besides pages)


  • You need to leave your workplace if something gets complicated because it’s not a cloud based thing.
    Sometimes it gets sluggish when drawing out the results
  • If you put a large number of keywords, then you will have to buy proxies.
  • By default the “search safely” setting is disabled.

What Do I With It?

There are numerous ways I’ve been using BuzzBundle to develop and increase targeted traffic. Think of the results if you do this a few hours a day!

I’ve added extra keywords to my search, something that relates to the content I’ve posted I can find out more of my focused audience. I’ll be placing BuzzBundle and Buzz bundle in this review to add more charm for my audience. My technique is just to identify my audience and have interactions with them and showing my content; they could be serious about.

I’m assisting everyone, and they’re signing up for my blog, getting through my affiliate sites and discussing my posts.

BuzzBundle makes it unbelievably quick to do that!

BuzzBundle Synopsis: BuzzBundle gives cost-effective means of checking the internet for important discussions and trends that you can monitor and find prospects to increase your website’s audience. This also makes easy to schedule your social messages.

So why waiting?

Let’s start buzzingClick Here To Get Your Free BuzzBundle Trial Now

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