Google Ads Disapproved Reasons 2022 – Why Your Ad is Not Approved?

Google Ads Disapproved Reasons

Even though Google Ads is the paid tool getting your marketing to the next level, the thing is, it can get disapproved with and without a warning.

To find the Google Ads disapproved reasons, we can just hint out what possibly would happen in this scenario.

Still, it is quite embarrassing to find out what was that one reason that sparked the disapproval.

The bad thing is, the violation of Google Ads policies is the one that triggers the disapproval and eventually reduces your Google Ads Quality Score, so better stick with us and finds the 10 common Google Ads disapproval reasons for the record.

10 Top and Common Google Ads Disapproved Reasons

There are no technical issues that can cause the Google Ads disapproval. If you have been thinking about that, you are entirely wrong.

The common Google Ads Disapproval reasons are really that common you would eventually laugh about.

So, stick with us to the end to find those ten in much bigger details.

1- Spelling and grammar errors

Just like every other thing circulating around the real world, the wrong spelling and grammatical errors are in no way acceptable.

If that is what is happening up on Google, then it is too low for Google to stick to professionalism.

Try making the typos with the Google Ads, and here you go with the rejected Google Ads that you had invested hundreds and thousands to come up with.

It is the clear-cut policy of Google to reject such ads containing grammar and common misspellings outrightly.

Before punching the ads out on Google Ads directly, make sure to screen the whole wordings, structure, and all the involved grammars to make it alright.

That’s the first step, so double-check everything before putting them on the play.

2- Symbols and the punctuation marks

Thinking how minor these details are, and how come a big organization like Google would deliberately put stress upon them; that is wrong again, my mate.

Google is not really after the money. Google’s main focus is to present the value to its users, and this is the entire base of the common Google Ads disapproval; it requires complete error-free content to go with the ads.

After the raid of the wrong spelling and mismatching grammar, it is now time to police the wrong punctuation and unnecessary/irrelevant symbols to go into an ad.

Do not try adding gimmicks. Stay simple to stay in the play.

3- Use of CAPS

Not head caps, the words in CAPITALS. It is kinda bizarre to use capitals in any professional writing. It is mostly taken as a curse.

So, avoid the use of CAPS to avoid getting caught by Google.

But there are some cases and scenarios where one can use caps to highlight the promotional code, such as “SAVE10” to slash the price by 10 percent.

4- No Wording Shortcuts

It is gimmicky, and unethical to use the shorter forms of the common words just for the sake of saving the characters by adding more words into the ads.

‘U’ is not ‘You. ‘Y’ is not ‘Why’.

Never fall for these traits or be ready to witness your ads going down and out.

Along with these shorter words, the use of emojis is highly unprofessional. The ads need to be plain and simple, so let them remain plain and simple.

5- Mismatch of the Display URL with Destination URL

Display URL is what the users see on your ad. Destination URL is where they land after clicking on the ad.

If the destination URL does not match with the Display one, you better be ready to experience the rejection.

That’s outright deception where Google does not allow it to happen at all costs. Do not try to play smart and degrade Google by trying to bypass its policies. Sooner or later, this will definitely come under the notice where the rejection may lead to the permanent suspension of your Google Ads account.

6- Trickiest CTR, or Call-To-Actions

Unlike the click-baiting tricks where we mostly end up forcing users to read our blog posts, social media posts do stuff with trendy, uncommon, and intriguing call-to-action claims; that is not the case that can happen with Google Ads.

Use the simple CTR as this is the only advice we can offer to you.

No ‘Click Here’, ‘Open Now’ things would work. Instead, use ‘Shop Now” and such other claims to incite the click from the potential users-cum-customers.

7- Landing Page Throwing Errors

Be it 404 – NOT Found, 500 Server Error and such other errors including the site being down, domain expired, landing page not opening, etc.

Make sure your landing page is always accessible to avoid these common circumstances. It is not about the ad to initiate and then forget about checking over the page’s status.

8- Use of unsuitable content

Google restricts the ads with the landing page having the following scenarios;

  • Downloadable premium plugins, themes, software, etc
  • Targeting the various products such as the sale of ammunitions, drugs, explosives, gun parts, etc
  • Hacking stuff and information
  • Adult content, animal cruelty, graphical images, and videos

Most of the ad runners fall for this trick where they commonly take it as legal to target anything through Google Ads because they would be the one paying Google to show anything they got.

Legally acclaimed, you have no right to use anyone’s legal possessions through your Google Ads.

Just like ‘Just Do It’ that is the trademarked tagline from Nike, you cannot use this in your ad at all.

At first, it might not get detected by the Google Ads at the time of running the ad but anyone can report it, or the brand itself filing the claim to take it down.

If you proved ownership to the brands/persons, your ad would be gone in no time.

Again stating, they may go unnoticed at first, so never try doing it even for a day or two then edit for the sake of enforcing more users to click on your ad.

10- Too Long Ad Text

This certainly is the point where most of the marketers end up registering more words than the expected and allowed limit.

The Google Ads run based on character and not words, so this is the first problem the marketers have to face during the making of an ad as they mostly focus on the words to stuff.

  • The headline takes about 25 characters at the top.
  • Each description line has a character limit of up to 35
  • Display URL requires 35 characters before it splits

Bonus 11th Tip: Do not Include Phone Numbers

Without Using Google Ad Extension and get your phone number added into the ad text, and heir your ad would get flagged in no time.


These are the common 10 Google Ads Disapproved reasons which are that common the marketers tend to ignore at the time of crafting an ad copy.

There are certain scenarios when you over do it and which make your Google Ads Account Permanently Suspended.

Stick with the basics to ensure you do not ever hit rejection. Remember that Google never allows and likes the gimmick stuff, so tricking it may severely harm you in the long run.

Although, Google may ignore the mistakes once or twice but constantly repeating the same mistakes may lead to permanent account rejection.

Play safe and that is what we can only advise as being a Google certified digital marketer myself, and these common disapproval reasons are the ones that we often deal with by evaluating, correcting, and editing.

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