Google Ads Suspension Case Study: Ads Disapproved for Malicious Software/Unreliable claims/TradeMark Issues 2024 Updated

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Use Google Ads and you think you would ever stay spare from the problems with the account, that is simply impossible.

Using Google Ads for the business, such critical issues can easily die down the whole business.

We wish you do not ever have such an issue in your whole business life but when you do, you need immediate help.

This is what our client did — making contact with us to extensively help their account to come out of the issues and reinstate back to business.

This whole Google Ads suspension case study circles around the issues triggered by malicious software, unreliable claims, and trademarks.

See the severity of them; these issues are too critical to even handle but the account was restored and the suspension was lifted successfully.

We will open up in all details, so stay with us.

Google Ads Suspension Case Study: Malicious Software/Unreliable claims/TradeMark Issues

Our interaction starts when the client reaches out to us in haste expressing the issues. Their way of the message was too disappointing for us because we know how severe the issue is and the clients feel trembling and helpless.

Such suspension issues may leave anyone hopeless, and that is natural to lose control.

But what we did exactly for that client is what we will detail out through this exclusive case study.

How Client Reached to Us

The client contacted us through WhatsApp expressing the issues the Google Ads team had sent out to him.

Outline of the Issues The Client Was Facing

Three issues that he was facing all fall under ‘Ads Policy Violation’ triggered by the Google Ads team.

● Malicious Software that is installed/available on the site
● Unreliable Claim
● Trademark used in Ad Text

Violating Google Ads policies in any way possible is a very sensitive issue because Google is extremely strict against such violations and it does not care about the ad account, budget, and history.

It straightway suspends the account(s) without any second thought which can definitely create a hassle for the people/businesses who are relying upon winning the business using Google Ads.

The Google Ads Account was not Suspended at All (at that very point!)

Yes, that is correct — the client was still able to log in to the account without any trouble. And the good thing was, he was still able to run the ads.

And still, he was using the Google Ads account where he was continuously creating new ads even after the notice sent from the Google Ads team.

What Actions Did the Client Take on His End before Coming to Us

In the act of desperation, he was lodging the series of appeals to try removing the notice from his Google account.

We also directed him to stop lodging the appeals to avoid falling under its spam radar. The one-time appeal is more than enough to Google and repeatedly contacting them for the same issue can be harmful to your main account.

What We Suggested to the Client

Upon knowing he can still use the account without any problem, we immediately advised halting creating the new ads because proceeding with the creation of the ads and then repeating the same mistake(s) that actually had triggered the violation notice, the further act could lead to the obvious account suspension.

So it was (the account) running on the notice period and was not hit with the suspension as of now. This was the prime time to stop using the account any further to converse from getting the suspension hit.

If the account goes into suspension, this is going to take a lot of hassle, a lot of time, and a lot of patience to go back and forth with the Google Ads team to sort things out.

Still, as you know this particular Google Ads account was not suspended, it still took a lot of time to sort everything in good order (we will mention on the later stage of this full-fledged Google Ads case study.)

The Actions We Took to Remove Google Ads Violation Issue

This is where we started with the whole process of removing the Google Ads privacy violation issue.


We had lodged three appeals to Google for three different purposes.

And the purposes involve;

  1. Malicious Software
  2. Unreliable Claims
  3. Trademark used in Ad Text

Website Audit

Steps We Took to Remove Malicious Activity Off the Site;

● We linked his account to our Google Partner MCC, and for that, the Customer ID of his account was the only one required
● We then analyzed (me and my team) first analyzed the websites using different tools.
We also used Google Search Console to look at the reported errors, sniffing through ‘Manual actions’, ‘Security issues’ to detect the availability of malicious activity on the site.
There was the link mentioned in the email coming from Google Team, they consider it as an unsafe external link that was redirecting to another external site caused by the developer and was actually an unintentional mistake from the site owner. The site owner was not aware of the link’s presence at all.
The malicious software can be caused using the nulled theme (crack version), nulled plugins, pirated applications/software, the site being hacked due to plugins or password breach, or it is just the false error from Google. In either case, it needs a manual review of the overall site to detect the presence of malicious software. We audited the whole website and emailed it back to Google after we were satisfied the site seems clean, the pages that were created in the past weeks and there is no longer any malicious activity with the explanation. In return, we had an email received from Google Team as the site looks clean and is now unblocked in our system. It will take 72-hours to re-index your website and then you can freely advertise.
● This whole process took around 10 to 12 days with the delay and such but finally, the site was cleared from the Malicious Software issue.

Steps Tackling the Unreliable Claims;

Unreliable claims are something that is part of either your Ad title, description, or the landing pages claiming the unrealistic claims/guarantees.


This naturally is unacceptable and can send you some exciting and worrisome vibes upon knowing such claims in real life.

And that is the reason, Google takes severely seriously reviewing such ads claiming such unrealistic claims.

The example of unreliable claims such as;

● I am the #1 Sales Person in the U.S.A. << Totally Unreliable Claim
● You are Going to Lose 10KG with This Medicine in 10 Days << Another example for Unreliable Claim
● Earn US$1,000 A Day Using this Acute Method OR If You Are Not Able to Earn $1,000 a Day Following This Method << Both are the Unreliable Claims’ example

So, our detailed back and forth with Google Team and the Advertise on this particular Unclaim Issue to make the situation feasible for both and this issue was also successfully resolved.

Tackling the Trademark Issue

Misunderstanding by Google : After Manual Review

The ‘Trademark Use in Ad Text’ was not actually a trademarked term, it was basically a misunderstanding that we sorted out successfully after a detailed overview. This was all sorted due to the help of our staff being constant in touch with our Dedicated Google Ads Rep to sort the issue.

How Long it Took to Remove All these Issues?

Whooping 30 to 40 days. The slow response time was the major culprit for the delay. But yes, you have to be extra patient to deal with these issues. Things may take time and when it does, do not panic.

Update : We have optimised the process to get these issues sorted in less then 10 days.

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Your Thoughts on this Google Ads Ad Disapproval Case Study

Now that concludes the Google Ads Disapproval Case Study: Malicious Software/Unreliable claims/TradeMark issues right here; the resolution may take a lot of time, money, and patience to sort things in good in such cases.

We believe the Google Ads account is the need of time. Due to the Corona situation, the digital revolution has sparked the bigger competition rage in the world, so the Google Ads account is the absolute winner here.

Those with a good budget can get them good business in no time if used properly.

Such issues are the clear turn-offs, so it is always advised to use it with care and along with the right practices to never get your account in trouble.

Now to you; share your thoughts, questions, and concerns regarding this case study. I would be happy to answer all with my best knowledge. 🙂

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