Google Ads Account Suspended for Suspicious Payment and Unpaid Balance 2024


Google Ads Account Suspension for Suspicious Payment and Billing Activities can be a serious turn off for any business or entity doing regular online business and advertising via Google Adwords/Google Ads.

Google Ads Account Suspended for Suspicious Payment / Unpaid Balance 2024

We all know that when it comes to online advertising. Google Ads is the most accredited and reliable way to acquire traffic. Many studies and researches have shown that Google Ads bring highly intent traffic with a specific buying behaviour purely targeting towards your product or service.

Why Google Ads Suspend Accounts for Billing Couldn’t Be Verified for Suspicious Payments?


Even though user buy’s or not but he do has the intent to go with your product or service.

Sometimes its very frustrating to know that Google Compliance Team is a little rude and you may need reference at Higher level or with a Guy with whom you can properly explain the problem you are facing and how the mishandling of your Google Ads account is disturbing the business.

Do not forget that if your Google Ads Account is suspended for suspicious payment or billing cannot be verified. Don’t think to open a Google Ads account on your own because this will eventually lead to mass suspension of all of your Google Ads account and may result in permanent suspension of your billing profile as well your website.

We all know and understand that being, Google the top company in Online Advertising & Digital Marketing is determined to give users a great experience either by organic results or by Paid.

The company uses various algorithm based ranking factors along with Quality Score and a Top Compliance team which uses advanced crawling technology to detect policy violations. Accounts then are sent to staff for a manual review. Most of your issues can be solved if you remain patient, complies with the Google team and do the changes as requested on your account.

How to Remove or Unsuspend a Google Ads Suspension For Suspicious Payments or Unpaid Balance

account suspended

First thing first, the suspicious payment error means you are running multiple accounts or you have used in first or the laptop you are using has more than 1 Google Ads account connected. Sometimes Google is also mistaken on this but this can be a very very rare chance.

To successfully advertise on Google. Let’s put a reminder to ourselves and get familiarised again with Google Ads Policies.

One thing i like about Google, being a user is that, Google is committed to protecting you as an advertiser, user, or partner. Google rewards honesty, transparency, and accuracy.

Let’s re-call if you are not doing :

  • Prohibited Products
  • Cloaking
  • Promoting White hat product or services.
  • No scamming with users.
  • No fake claims
  • Your data collection policies

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    Resources on Google Ads Suspension:

    Do checkout the below resources, for sure it will be a great help for you to read.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Google Ads Suspension

    Below are some of the most common questions for people who are looking on Suspicious Billing Payment and Unpaid Balance Suspension For Google Ads

    Whats the difference between Suspicious Payment Suspension and Unpaid Balance?

    With Unpaid Balance, Google has doubt that the same billing profile owe’s Google payment on their other accounts. [In principle, Google doesn’t allow a user to use more then one Google ads account at a time]

    Why is my Google Ad account suspended for suspicious payment activity?

    There can be many reasons. However majority of the time [95%] or more it’s suspended automatic due to Google Assumptions that you are using

    • Someone else billing details
    • Your location or billing has been compromised.
    • You are using vpn or pretending to be on different location.
    • Your billing location and IP location doesn’t match each other.
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