Google Ads Disapproved – How to Quick Fix Compromised Site & Misrepresentation Policy Ads 2024

Google Ads Disapproved - How to Quick Fix Compromised Site & Misrepresentation Policy Ads

Me and my team are always dealing with the websites clashing with the Google Ads policies, but Google does not disapprove the ads just for one issue but with multiple of them.

But if you ask us what is the one common issue Google disapproves of the ads for, then we will raise the β€œCompromised Site” issue to be number one in the list. While we ranked β€œCompromised Site” to be the number one, most of the time, Google disapproval surfaces with at least two policy issues collectively and not just one.

So today, the quick fix that I brought to your attention is where Google disapproved the ads due to the base policy violation of β€œCompromised Site”, and that led to β€œMisrepresentation”.

Although we have also solved cases for Malicious Software, Unreliable Claims, Compromised Site & Circumventing Systems.

Here you will learn what exact steps we had taken in fixing the Google Ads disapproved by compromised sites and misrepresentation for our client.

How To Quick Fix Compromised Site and Misrepresentation Policy Ads

Believe it or not, we always feel satisfied to educate our audience on how we do all the stuff step-by-step to largely help them to take actions on their own.

So, this case study will be the best medium ensuring how to quick-fix compromised site and misrepresentation policy ads.

Know that this thing is exclusively critical to sort out because your website would be having trouble with showing up correctly on SERPs as well.

Our Whooping-Large Checklist Overview

My name is Ali Raza. And, I am Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads certified advertising professional as well as an owner of a Google partner company, so we have been providing series of services covering Google Ads management, Facebook Ads management, Bing Ads management, SEO services by helping the clients wanting help to restore their websites to be able to run ads seamlessly by fixing the suspensions, restoration, problems with Google Merchant Center (GMC) ads and restoration.

And that is the one of the reasons why we deem ourselves the best fit to deal with your PPC and SEO concerns, and thus possess ample experience which helped us compile the good-long checklist to ensure we are swift at dealing with the relevant issues.

For Google Ads alone, we got a big checklist of up to 60 steps always returning with 100 percent of successful results.

And a good whooping 70 steps-long checklist to deal with the issues your Google Merchant Center account will be facing.

So, it is up to a 130 steps-long checklist, collectively, which we always use for our clients (but that does not send us to hit our bottleneck, with the variety of experience my team possess, we are swift at finding the epicenter of the issue to fast-tackle with the fixes.)

Be ready to see a glimpse of what we exactly performed as you stick to this case study, so we urge you not to miss out on this yet-another amazing one!

Why Compromised Site Policy Issue Led to Misrepresentation?

Okay, no webmaster will ever think and practice to deceive Google. But still why did it lead Google to banning this website due to that?

Well, we must put everything unfolded to best represent the scenario for better understanding.

First, look at the compromised site issue. And that is mainly caused by the website getting hacked due to using malicious software like plugins and themes. Or, the access info being compromised like an attack on your web hosting server which is generally caused by not updating the software, and avoiding integrating the best security protocols.

And the misrepresentation issue is the time when hackers place some redirecting URLs on your website which Google detects a malpractice and thus places a ban eventually.

See you are not deliberately deceiving Google Ads but when the whole website is redirecting to any external web site, the set URL in your ad will no longer be accessible and that sends Google the signal there was a change in the URL. And the Google bot confirms and detects it being a real case.

Sadly, you cannot really do anything other than fixing the issue with your website first. Not able to fix things? Do not panic and hire us to take up all the tasks for you!

Issues The Client’s Account Was Facing

When the client shared the access information of her Google Ads account, we first ran the detailed meeting with her on zoom spanning for up to 20 minutes.

There she said her account was already unsuspended from Google Ads but her website is still having issues of β€œmisrepresentation” and β€œcompromised site”.

And there was even one more issue showing up on the account stating β€œdestination not working” which she sorted out as well.

Google Ads Account Fully Restored But Why Client Still Hired Us?

Let me show you something to get an idea of why the client hired us even though her account was already restored.

See when I run the overview for this month, you can see that the account is restored but you can see the ads running and the data receiving just fine.

But when I take you to the β€œAppeal history” page, you will notice that the account is still suspended.

There you can clearly see three appeals failed alone with a β€œMisrepresentation” issue.

However, β€œDestination mismatch” turned out to be successful but there were two issues afterwards compromising upon β€œCompromised Site” and β€œMisrepresentation” which were failed as well.

Even though the client had the account successfully restored on their own, these above stated issues require proper solution in order for the ads to run smoothly and avoid the permanent account suspension.

Now as you look around the β€œNotifications” tab, you will see there on the first notice stating β€œYour account is unsuspended”.

But that is not going to work at all, the other restoration issues need to be fixed first.

So, when you see this β€œAppeal history” page, the few reviews were failed initially and that β€œStatus” column returned with a few β€œNot reviewed” which was the clear indicator of reviews getting β€œFailed”.

And the β€œNot reviewed” error happens when the review requests were initiated excessively and that Google will now stop reviewing the request mainly for β€œMisrepresentation” policy.

Thus, this can indicate how frustrated the client would be because Google is not even considering reviewing the appeals.

Even though she was facing such an issue, she did her best to help us and support us throughout the process, which is the ultimate weapon leading to success when the situation is almost in no one’s control.

Client’s Collaboration

With her supportive attitude towards the case, we both came up with a prior agreement that we would not change anything on the website and the same will be applicable for the ads without her knowing and approval.

I committed to the agreement even on behalf of my team because I always credit my team because these issues cannot be solved alone, and thus my experienced team always helps to pinpoint and fix the issues.

Turnaround Time

She was asking for the turnaround time for the account’s full-restoration, so I was about to give her the time period of up to six days in the first attempt.

But to keep things on the safe side, and you know the uncertainties could happen eventually — I told her it would take up to 12 days to get things sorted out.

Well, that was not a case of 12 days only but we were able to restore the account within 72 hours (or 3 days) thanks to my good team’s contribution.

You would still see some failed attempts on the β€œAppeal history” page, but if you head to an open campaign, you would clearly see those ads are eligible now as shown from the screenshot.

And as I scroll further down, every ad is returning as eligible and you would not see anything like the ads are not approved anymore.

See that the ad spending as well on the client’s account meaning everything is performing just normally.

Cannot Show the Website Link, Sorry

Due to our confidentiality and the agreement with the client, we are sorry that we cannot show you the website link but you may witness the website link from the ad copies.

But what exactly we are going to show you over here is that we got to restore even though the reviews were continuously failing and now Google is not taking up any interest to further review upon requests.

Yes, that will lead anyone into a state of frustration because Google is not even listening to the requests. And further pushing them could lead to the account being permanently banned.

With us, the situation is quite reversible but we can still do almost anything to raise the query with Google.

In the start as we introduced ourselves that we are a Google partner company and we help clients revert to us with their PPC and SEO problems. So, I and my team had a deep discussion internally over the issue the client was facing, then we rushed looking into the website. Then we checked into ad copies and almost everything that we could think of.

As you already know we own a good 130 steps-long checklist in hand ensuring we could fix any possible violations your account is committing.

With the β€œCompromised Site” issue alone, we already have helped hundreds of clients, and thus we have hundreds of successful case studies, and you can expect how experienced my whole team would be.

So with this particular case study, the account was approved and unsuspended but the ads were unapproved and returned with β€œCompromised Site” and β€œMisrepresentation” policy issues which caused serious concern among the client.

Audit Time!

To further proceed with the case, we decided to run a thorough audit once again with the site as per our internal discussion with the team.

So, we finally decided to raise the query with Google using our Google partner account because we have a dedicated manager assigned to us.

We told Google what steps we took like we ran the website through a malware scanner. We also did virus tracking on the website. And we also conducted a plagiarism check on all of the published content, and took many other steps because you know how big our checklist is.

Eventually, we were able to track the source of the issues finally.

But frankly speaking, you would be surprised that there we found no issues with the website and with the ad copies at all. So, we are hundred percent confident of our tracing and we are finally on the right path but still, why the ads are being disapproved.

Resolving with the Help of Google Support and Finally Fixing the Issue!

We further went on to discuss with the Google team claiming we found no issues with the website.

I must acknowledge that the Google team was super helpful towards our support request and was constantly in touch with me and my team who were working to restore the ads. And the same I can claim for my client who showed utter confidence in me and my team.

So, we finally had the ads restored by asking for a manual Google review for the website. But the Appeal history page still showed failed but the ads were no longer disapproved, and we were able to create new ads which were being approved as well.

So, this was another Happy-cum-Successful case study for the website being disapproved due to compromised site and misrepresentation policy issues.

How Can We Help You?

Coming back to you, if your website is fiddling with any issues where your Google Ad account is at risk of suspension and you cannot devise a way around; we are your last resort.

You can ping me back from here, and expect my reply back as soon as possible.

Hire us Via Google Partner Company ( :

Get Your Google Ads Disapproved Solved for  βœ… Compromised/Malicious/Circumventing/Misleading/Unreliable Claims πŸ‘‰

Know that we are running with 100 percent of positive results towards all the account issues in the domains of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads; yours case is going to be listed positive in our list.

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