Can You Grow Your Business with Blogging?

grow your business with blogging

Blogging is often considered a money-making method for bloggers and digital marketers.

I want to change your perception about blogging. The reason is that you can certainly grow your business with blogging.

A lot of people are scared of putting out articles online because they think their English writing is not up to the mark. The thing they should know is that you can improve your writing as you progress. The “starting” is the key to improving at writing articles.

You must know that blogging is not just a way to make money online through PPC, CPM, CPA, affiliates, and many more monetization models, but instead, it’s a fantastic marketing tool as well.

Keeping that in mind, I thought to share my ideas with you all so that you could understand how you can use blogging to grow your business.

Blogging has significantly improved my business along the way. Whether they are speaking gigs, webinars, training, or affiliate sales. I have seen how blogging on my blog has contributed to my personal brand.

I’ll share some tips and tricks of using blogging as a general to increase sales, improve customer care, and build a relationship with the prospects. If you run a business, pay attention to all these ideas regarding blogging:

Blog Posts Bring in New Website Traffic

If you haven’t tried blogging for business, then you perhaps don’t know that blog posts or articles could bring new website traffic to your site. A lot of companies that have websites also maintain a blog alongside their website. The reason is that they know what I’m trying to convey through this blog post: blog posts bring new organic traffic to your website.

You may wonder how it happens, so let me explain it to you. When you have a blog alongside your website or on a sub-domain, you can publish blog posts as much as you can, if your blog posts start to get organic traffic from Google, it means, readers are checking out your content. If you do it right, you could drive organic traffic to your main website URL so that people could visit your website and find out about your business.

So don’t shy away from setting up a blog to drive traffic to your website. Blogging does so much than bringing new traffic to the website. You’ll read in the next points.

Outbound Linking Happens Due to Blogging

When you’re publishing blog posts, you have a great opportunity to link out to others’ websites, blogs, and content. What happens is that when you link out to others, they start noticing that someone has mentioned them. So it starts building a connection with others.

They can thank you by reciprocating the favor by linking out to your website or content. Otherwise, they email you to acknowledge the mention. All in all, it starts building a connection. If you want to get noticed by the brands and influencers, then start positively mentioning them. You’ll notice a surge in your social media and website engagement over time. But, remember, you should not link out to others so that they should also do the same thing. You can’t force anyone to do so. Be okay with if someone else doesn’t return the favor. You should link out to others because you’re trying to help your readers, but just trying to build relationships with influencers and brands.

Blog Posts Could be Used as a Knowledge Base

If you visit a lot of websites, especially businesses and startups’ websites, you might have noticed that there is always a knowledge base section on most websites. The reason behind a knowledge base is that it provides users, customers, and prospects with all the answers they are looking for regarding the product or service of the company.

Moreover, companies welcome further queries through phone, email, and live support if the knowledge base doesn’t answer a specific question. The upside of blogging is that you can use your blog posts as sort of a knowledge base on your website. You might see a lot of pages are mentioned at the footer of the websites. If you click-through those pages, you’d reach the blog posts. That’s what those companies are doing. So once you have a bunch of blog posts published, you can do the same thing. Not only would be you engaging the visitors, but you’d also help your site’s SEO.

Help the Audience through Blog Posts

If you’re a business, you must have many marketing channels such as SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook ads. Sure, you must be using blog posts for marketing purposes, which is great. You must understand that your content should help out the audience. Try answering their queries and solving their problems through your content on the blog.

It’ll massively impact your engagement, website traffic, and conversion over time. The best way to make the most of this opportunity is to choose the targeted and well-crafted topics to write about so that relevant people land on your website. It’s not easy to come up with useful content, but it is all worth it.

Announce Discounts and New Products

A lot of companies use their blogs to announce discounts during Christmas, New Year, and Black Friday seasons. You can do the same thing and use your official blog to announce all the seasonal discount offers. Moreover, you can also announce new products and product updates. Go through companies’ blogs, you’d notice that from time to time, they publish blog posts about their product updates or new features or new launches.

So those companies understand the power of blogging. They know that publishing content would not just bring the existing customers back to the website through the newsletter and social media, but it would also attract new visitors.

Your Part

It’s your turn now.

You have to tell me what you think about blogging for business.

If you run a business, would you consider launching a blog?

If you already have an official blog for your business, then what was the mindset behind launching it?

I’m interested in listening to your ideas and thoughts on this.

Let’s talk in the comments section.

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