History of Digital Marketing in India (2024)

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Today in India, a country of over 1.25 billion people, every working professional is obvious to be familiar with digital marketing, whether he he’s a part of it or not.

History of Digital Marketing

Simply speaking, digital marketing is the way to promote your products or services online. As per Digital Media Institute, it’s targeted promotion of your products or services using digital channels, like SEO, SME, SMS, email, Social Media Marketing, PPC etc.

About Digital Marketing

This term of digital marketing was first coined in 1990.This advent started with the development of internet, although its initial modes were not as we look today, such as Facebook, twitter, Google adverts, etc. Since internet was not that widespread the talk of digital marketing was too early to talk.

But late as Internet began to expand in the world, in the year 1993, first clickable banner came into place. Later first commercial web magazine, Hotwired, bought few banners for their advertising. This was the start of the online marketing. Because of this steady shift, the year 1994 saw new technologies. The very next year, 1995, public access to internet was inaugurated in India.

The next come “Jerry’s guide to the world wide web” after which Yahoo got 1 million views online within its 1st year. This made the wholesale massive change in the digital marketing space, with other corporate optimizing their websites to raise to higher ranks among their competitors’ websites.

Another dramatic change in digital marketing came in India after Google came into being. Later Hotmail came in India that became so popular that Microsoft paid hefty sum to buy this. The internet world took a new trend in India when Google ousted small search engines from this virtual world, for it was no match with them in terms of quality. In the year 2006 with 40 million internet user in India, the search engine traffic increased many times. Microsoft too climbed the bandwagon and launched live search in answer to Yahoo and Google.

But no search engine abled to give tough time to Google, which started AdWords, AdSense, cost-per-click advertising scheme, that attracted a lot of Indian businesses. Because Google focused on the relevant contents, to which their rivals didn’t pay much attention.

Then came onto horizon Web 2.0, where Internet users became more active than before. With this, many internet users in India, especially businessmen started interacting with each other, and a term coined known as Super Information Highway. As a result the flow of information – increased many times. According to the statistics, India’s digital market reached to a stunning figure of $3.9 billion in 2009.

The time business trend was about to change dramatically when social network began to emerge. MySpace, which came in 2003 worldwide, was the pioneer in connecting people. With its advent, Indian businesses saw new opportunities to expand their businesses and got more customer reach. So, the trends of capitalization cost and investment also took a new turn, because businessmen felt more ease to connect to people rather than using search engines.

digital marketing india
Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOMQrpnxHLA

Cookies were yet another milestone in the online marketing industry. Advertisers in India began to look for other ways to showcase their content. One of these was to constantly track the user trend and his likeness by attaching cookies to emails.

One would estimate with following statistics that how much potential there is in Indian social media marketing. Today, there are most 100 million active Facebook users in India, among whom 80% access it via smartphones; 70 million Indian WhatsApp users; 33 million Twitter users, with 76% through their smartphones; 26 million users of LinkedIn, 10 million Instagram active users etc.

The digital market is in a steady state of change Therefore, as digital marketing grew rapidly in the world, in India too it rose that much. Today, world tech and ecommerce giants like Amazon’s net earnings are worth billions of US dollars in India. Therefore, digital market is prevalent in India’s market as retail market does and is keeping on changing.

  • History of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia are the new add ons.

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