7 Tips For Influencer Success In Your Industry

Tips For Influencer Success In Your Industry

Influencers are still a hot commodity in the digital era. More and more people are turning to the recommendations of influencers, family, and friends instead of brands. This is in some ways good news — if you want to be an influencer in your industry.

“Take advantage of influencer marketing as it stands today—it’s currently one of the most efficient and useful online marketing strategies around and it’s likely to remain that way for the next several years,” Jayson DeMers of Forbes said.

Do you want to be an influencer in your industry, make money via affiliate marketing and product promotion? Do you want to grow your following and become socially famous? Do you want to help people? The following X tips for influencer success will help you get there.

How to get Influencer Success in your Industry

Shift Your Approach To Objectivity

Most influencers, whether social media or blogger, use an approach that rinses and repeats what has worked in the past for other influencers. This is good, but you should also be shifting your approach to be more unique. For instance, using the First Principle Thinking approach. You can use this to make decisions based on objectivity, not the past.

Stay True To Your Industry

There are a lot of influencers that will start out as one type of influencer in an industry and shift gears to another industry or niche based on current trends. This is not a bad thing, because it gives you more versatility as an influencer to talk about and promote a variety of products, services, and/or brands. However, don’t stray too far, because you will lose your base following if you completely switch industries and niche.

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Pick A Social Media Channel

This is an important decision and one of the top tips for influencer success. The majority of influencers online are using Instagram as their channel of choice. In fact, 93 percent of them are on Instagram. Does this mean you should be too? Not necessarily, because you need to pick the social channel that your target audience uses the most. They might be on Instagram, or maybe they are using Twitter more. You can find that by finding out where influencers like you currently hang out online.

Don’t Count Out Website Content

Having a blog, or even a personal website that highlights you, is still important. This is easy enough to do these days with WordPress and the tens of thousands of site themes available online. You will need to have the right hosting plan and server, because your website traffic will be large once your influencer career starts to take off on social media. Most people begin with a shared hosting plan, but virtual private server (VPS) hosting is scalable. Understand the difference between shared and VPS hosting, choose one, and launch your site.

Develop A Powerful Content Strategy For Influencer Success

The content you deliver to your target audience needs to be top-notch, otherwise you simply won’t build the following you need to be a successful influencer. This means you need a content development strategy. First, find the questions people are asking in your industry using Answer The Public and answer them. Next, choose how you will answer the questions. For instance, using videos, simple messages, and interactive content on social, etc. This will be a driving force for your influencer success, because people want answers.

Have The Right Timing For Social Distribution

Did you know that there are certain days and times when social media content is digested more? And each time and day is different depending on the social media channel. For instance, Instagram posts may be strong on the weekends, but Twitter is only valuable during the weekdays. Here’s a list of the optimal social posting times to ensure influencer success. Remember, delivering your content is all about timing.

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Above All, Be Authentic

Last, but not least, simply be authentic. There are a lot of social media influencers that are not authentic at all. They may not have much knowledge in their industry and are just trying to make a quick dollar. This strategy will not last. In order to really gain a strong following passionate about what you are talking about, be authentic. It is that easy.

In Conclusion . . .

The above tips for social media influencer success in your industry will help you get a powerful start. There are other little tips and tricks you will learn along the way, but it is just important to get started. Deliver a quality message, at the right time, on the right channel, and keep it authentic, and success will come easy.

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