3 Most Important Steps for Getting More Affiliate Sales

Most Important Steps for Getting More Affiliate Sales

Worried about Affiliate Sales?

Are you worried about your affiliate sales?

Have you ever wondered how to increase affiliate marketing sales on your blog?

How to Make More Affiliate Sales

At some point, all bloggers come across this situation where they get a chance to promote a product or two and in return they expect some benefit out of it. Maybe, some of them just refer their readers to the products and don’t consider the referral their income source at all. Instead, they choose some other strategy to monetize their blogs via paid products such webinars, e-books, courses etc.

So, if you’re among the majority of bloggers who try to promote products and expect some money to come in, then this is a very important blog post for you all…

And you need this…

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If you haven’t figured it out yet that what it takes to get people buy through your blog and what it takes to refer a product to people that you think is best for them — It means you’re going through this tough stage of developing a passive income stream from your blogging.

Let me help you fight through this stage where you want to learn, how to make money online.

You can win this because I know these simple things that will take you further from where you’re standing now.

I have three steps to share with you that could help you in affiliate marketing and you’d definitely get the benefit from this. Without any further due, take a look at those 3 most important steps that you need to take right now for getting more affiliate sales:

3 Steps For Getting More Affiliate Sales

1) – Buy and Use it First

buy and use it first

The basic success secret in affiliate marketing is using the product first before recommending it to anyone else. It helps you build authority in your space because people don’t want to waste their money on a crappy product and when you show up and buy it first to share your experience with them and they look up to you and see how it goes. They trust you with this because you have spent your money on that and you’re ready to share your opinion about the product. People often search by typing “product name + review” in search engines to find out the reviews of different products. It could be a little hack to share with you guys. Many professional bloggers believe that using a product for quite some time is quite necessary to properly test and analyze the product. Because you won’t be in a position to talk about the product you haven’t personally used. When you use a product, you can share the screenshots, in-depth details, and pros and cons, which ultimately helps you in affiliate marketing.

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2) – Don’t Promote Products in Bulk


This is getting technical. Let me explain this to you. When you start to promote things and you get a few affiliate sales in your account and temptation to get more sales gets bigger and that’s where you start to think about hundreds of thousands of dollars a month plan. And there you actually go off the track. See, bulk products promotion means you’re promoting numerous products and obviously you look at the money side of it because you can’t use a number of products at the same time as it takes the time to experience things. Even if you claim to use all those products, you may end up frustrating your loyal readers who might get skeptical about things you’re saying. So, the whole purpose of telling you this is that don’t try so many products at the same try and even don’t promote so many products at the same time. There is another aspect of this suggestion is that when you promote a lot of products from different vendors, you actually jump onto different affiliate marketing panels which could divide not only your attention but also your sales money which would be earned on different platforms. Rationally, someone would rather want to get paid from a single platform than the 5 different platforms, not to mention at different time period.

One of the disadvantages of using multiple affiliate systems is that sometimes you don’t reach the minimum threshold on a specific affiliate program and you have to wait for it for the next month or so. It just delays your income that you’ve earned but you can withdraw it because of not reaching the minimum payment threshold amount.

3) – Try to Solve Problems

just solve the problem

One of the problems I have seen a lot of bloggers doing is that they keep on pushing readers on buying the products that they’re promoting. In fact, what they should be doing is solving the problems which i even briefly discussed in my how to start affiliate marketing guide for beginners. The problem solving should be the priority of the bloggers. When they do this, not only do they earn credibility but they also make money with affiliate marketing along the way.

The process of selling does have the importance in blogging and you should know when to do that. If you visit the blogs of newbie bloggers, you would find out that their blogs are full of banner ads and their blog posts also contain ads. This gives  a message to the new readers that this blogger is emphasising a lot on the affiliate sales. The idea of blogging is to communicate, help, and interact with people so that they get benefit out of it.

The audience wants to read your content in an easy way. In fact, when you focus on the help and benefit of the audience, it shows in your effort of creating content and sharing with them along the way. At times, when you feel it could benefit the audience or they could avail a discount from an offer, then you can send them an email about the offer to avail the offer. They would love because you’re helping them in a way.

In fact, the loyal audience comes forward to take action when their favorite and trusted bloggers recommend them something to buy. You must build that kind of connection with your readers.

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This is all possible.

If you want to achieve it.

It begins with an approach of helping the readers and putting your profits behind.

If you’re truly passionate about blogging and really want to do something for others, then you have so much space available to come join and blog to make money.


People follow bloggers who help them along the way.

Will you help the readers?

Leave a comment below and tell me about your affiliate marketing experience.

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