Ways To Sell Your Video Creation & Editing Service

(Last Updated On: October 5, 2020)

Freelancing is a popular way to build your online career. Millions of people are earning through it and then there are millions who want to learn on freelancing. Videos are one of the most important segment of freelancing services.

Ways To Sell Your Video Creation & Editing Service Online

Are you currently working in the video creation/editing service? Or are you going to start your online venture with video creation/editing service? or this service is a part of your firm/company, then I’m writing down Top 11 Ways to Gain Customers for Your Video Creation & Editing Service Online.

Yes, it’s right, the demand for Video Market is Ever Increasing, more companies are jumping in and getting there videos developed, the trend is changing, the reason i will cite here is that, I feel consumers are lazy to read all the boring articles and since Images can speak thousand words, so video is the animated version of those images and they are more interesting to watch then reading a 1000 word long article.

Even further, have a look at Forrester Report, which discusses that videos were 50 times more likely to receive top organic rankings as compared to ordinary websites.

video marketing 2

So now let’s discuss about it.

The top 11 ways on How you can promote and sell your video creation & editing services online.


Without a doubt, one of the best places to start, there are ample of people looking to buy videos from there, sellers are also doing good, specially when they reach the level 1 or 2 with several add-ons to offer in addition to the video creation, such as Voice Over, HD quality etc.

Fiverr has a separate category for Video & Animation


Here’s the picture of one of the Fiverr Seller in Video Animation category, which alone has 1237 reviews, and guess what, not every member gives a review and majority of them buy with add-on’s.


Let’s suppose if all of the user’s takes only 1 addon of 5$, though we can charge much high for the add-ons, but let’s do the math at 1237 orders (i know the real orders amount are quite high).

1237 x 10 = 12,370$ alone from ONE GIG and One platform!

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Promote it on your Existing Website

Do you have a website or blog? Websites and Blogs are great way to sell your current services, not only these websites are already receiving traffic but you have a some kind of authority over them, and since they do know a little or more about you, convincing them can be easy.

Bundle it with your existing services/offers

Are you currently in the market? Are you selling something at the moment? or if your friends are selling something? ask them to bundle your service with there service at a low price, get some clients and testimonials and see, how beneficial it can be on long term basis.

Promote it on Job Sites, Elance/UpWork/FreeLancer

Freelancing sites such as Elance, Upwork & Freelancer has a great potential to bring new clients for your service, but few things you need to follow while working on these sites is :

job sites

  1. Understand What Your Competitors are doing
  2. Find Your Own Unique Competitive Edge over them
  3. Make a top notch customized proposal for every client.
  4. Not too low bids and Not too high bids doesn’t make sense at start, so understand the project first and bid accordingly.

Advertise on blogs

Advertising on Blogs can be done through 2 ways, one is the paid way (effective one) where you buy a banner or text ad over different blog to target there audience with your service and the other is blog commenting (i wont be suggesting blog commenting with this service though) , but if you target properly through paid ads with a high converting landing page, you can get ample of orders in no time.

Most blogger now offer ads on there blog via Buysellads.com, to make everything safe for both. (Buyer and Seller)

Use Social media, ask your friends

social mediaUsing Social Media Channels, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest can be a great add-on to your line up for selling these services, ask your friends there to promote it will even further help.

Ask your old clients, give them incentives

Do you know that one of the hottest way to gain more clients without the hurdle of convincing them, is by Word of Mouth, studies have shown that it is one of the best way to gain new customers quickly and efficiently, so ask your old clients to refer new customers, maybe you can give them an additional commission or incentive for this, so they more likely push new clients for you.

Make an Email List

email listHow much of you know that Email Marketing is a Premium Dollar Service? Yes, You can make millions through it, if you know how to use it properly. One good day to build clients is to make an email list, offer something freebies relevant to your industry, and time to time introduce or promote your service to them, but please don’t over do.

White Label Solutions to Different Companies

white labelWell, One of my favorite thing to do is, reach different companies through different mediums, like communities, forums, blogs or anywhere and ask them to outsource there video creation & editing services to you, this strategy works like a charm, however starting is hard.

P.S. Make sure to have an attractive communication skills, proposal and a good portfolio.

Promote it on Internet Marketing Forums

internet marketing

Participating in different communities is also a great idea to build your customer base for Video Creation/Editing Service, I know it takes time, but once you build up a reputation, sky is the limit for you.

For start, I suggest to go with these forums :

Please note that, I’m naming a few, if you Google, you will find ample of forums and opportunities which are looking for your service.

Fiverr Alternatives

Fiverr, is just one platform, don’t rely on it, as being said, never put all your eggs in one basket, likewise, never depend upon a single traffic source. Below are some other good places to gain more customers for your service

Now again, possibilities are endless and don’t forget, Google is your friend. 🙂

Advertise it on Google Adwords & Faceboook Ads.

And If you want to expand your business now, got some recurring clients, good amount of testimonials and you are looking forward now for managing bulk clients, start Advertising Your Video Creation & Editing Service Online. Here’s an example of an advertiser who is advertising this service on Google Search Engine Via Google Adwords.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.58.03 PM

Thank you everyone for reading this article, hope everyone liked it, please post your thoughts and other ways which worked for you in the comments section. 🙂

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    I always to keep the resources in hand related to video creation. Video creation is a serious business.

    Thanks for pointing out such an incredible and important topic

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