[TUTORIAL] How to Write an Advertisement on Google & Facebook which Converts?

(Last Updated On: September 29, 2020)

Today I’m going to discuss with you a brief tutorial on how to write an Advertisement which converts well.

Before this,

Let’s define what does Convert can mean here?

-> Achieving your goals or objectives (not necessary sales)

Best Converting Ads on Google Ads & Facebook Ads

Let’s have a look on more wider definition of conversions on wikipedia :

“In electronic commerceconversion marketing is the act of converting site visitors into paying customers. However, different sites may consider a “conversion” to be some sort of result other than a sale.[1] One example of a conversion event other than a sale is if a customer were to abandon an online shopping cart, the company could market a special offer, e.g. free shipping, to convert the visitor into a paying customer. “

Source : Wikipedia

So Why do you need an Advertisement ? (Obviously High Converting Advertisement)

I will highlight and discuss the main points on why do you need advertisement for your business.

  • Let People Know about Your Product or Service (Brand Awareness)
  • Educate People on How your product or service can solve there problem.
  • Highlighting your Unique Competitive Edge.
  • For Branding Purposes (Very Very Important Point)
  • To Show Your Company’s Promotion & Innovation.

and Many!

Okay so now let’s bring some more excitement.

Why You Need an High Converting Advertisement?

Reasons can be many and almost everything goes around sales, but in marketing, sales are not everything. Here are few points which i think are the main reason we need to have a high converting sales pitch for our business, specially on Facebook Ads & Google Adwords.

  • Reduce Your Costing and Improves Quality Score
  • Delivers Your Brand Image
  • To create a brand urge so that people are more interested about your product or service
  • Build more awareness, sales
  • To Achieve Your Advertising Objectives


But everyone can’t write that type of advertisement and I feel most of the advertisers have many problems and complains.

Let’s have a look on

Major Problems in Writing a Good Advertisement

  • No one is clicking on my advertisement.
  • My Advertisement is Not Converting Well
  • I cant write everything in this short character limit
  • Our Advertisement is not reflecting what we are selling/showing.

Okay fair enough, let’s go further.

Advertisement Role in Converting User Into Visitor :

Most of you are aware about consumer buying cycle and the process of converting a visitor into a customer, but if not, Hubspot blog has an interesting article on it. It takes various phases for a user to think before he finally chooses to buy something, and it’s always a great idea to remind your potential consumer about your product/service via an Advertisement. Now a days, major companies are using re-marketing platform to indulge those user’s who are in the middle of there buying cycle.

P.S. I wrote an article For Bloggers On Converting a visitor into a reader, did you read?

Now we know, advertisement has a very important role in a business and we need a high converting advertisement to deliver our objectives.

Key Elements in Writing a High Converting Advertisement :


ad that convert1


Four Points of Writing an Ad : Attention Interest Desire Action

– The headline should grabs users’ attention and make them aware of your offering.
Description line 1 should spark users’ interest in your offering.
Description line 2 should develop a desire to obtain your product or service.
– And finally, the Display URL should consolidate a user’s decision to take action.

Know Your Audience

This is a very important point, you can’t write anything good unless you understand your target audience properly, Please keep in mind the following points :

  • Who are your exact customers?
  • What is there age group and gender?
  • Understanding their buying behavior?
  • What is there biggest Problem?
  • (Most Important) How does your product/service solve there problem?

Understanding Competitors

Question : So why it is important to understand your competitors advertisement?

Ans : The reason is ; If something is working for them, then it’s time to look, understand and analyze what is working for them 🙂 , additionally by having a strong eye over them you will also be updated with latest offers and promotions they are running for their business.

Please keep in mind the following points while understanding your competitors.

  • Your Strengths & Weaknesses
  • Your Competitor’s Strength & Weaknesses 
  • Unique Competitive Edge


Focus on Brand Impression :

After you have segmented your brand and know about your potential target audience, it is very important to know that your advertisement is representing your brand image so it is very important to design your advertisement accordingly.

Points To Remember

  • Do not use misspellings
  • Be Clear with what you offer, don’t make your potential consumer confuse
  • Educate on why your product is what they are looking for
  • Your Unique Competitive Edge
  • Highlight on Case Studies and Successful Clients.


Create an Urge for Action :

I have been saying this at a lot of occasions, specially at public events, about our potential consumer.

Our consumer is lazy and he/she needs a reason to open your site, product page or even knowing more about you.

Have a look at the following advertisement as an example with an urge :

ad that convert2

Your Ad Should reflect Your Landing Page :

Now this is something very important, as i have seen at many places that the advertiser’s brings miss confusion to the user which eventually ends up in the user getting frustrated over your ad and site.

Not only the advertisement reflecting your landing page will deliver what the user has expected when he/she was clicking on your advertisement, but Google & Facebook too will reward you with a Good Quality Score & User experience which eventually will help you to lower your costs.

Clear Call-To-Action

Another good way to attract more sales & traffic is to have a clear call to action on what your ad/service is about, have a look on this At & T advertisement :

ad that convert (clear call to action)

Key Visuals :

Our brains process images and their meanings more quickly than they do plain text. This makes sense, as 50 percent of the brain is involved in visual processing and 65 percent of people are visual learners.

Remember that ‘A Picture speaks a 1000 words’ rule here and work on it.


Appeal to Your Audience Emotions

Remember, this doesn’t necessarily always work, but it does work for sure because we all know that emotions drive buying decisions.

emotion ad


Have a look on Referral Candy : 15 Examples of Emotional Marketing, which are worth looking. 🙂


Negative Approach

This is another style of advertising which always work, if you ever stop some one from doing a particular thing, he/she will always be most interested in finding out what is it, because it’s unexpected.

Let’s have a look on this advertisement

ads that convert 6

What will your end reaction will be? Most likely you will eventually click on this button.

Give them a reason to click on your Adwords/Facebook ad

An attractive ad which is giving a user a simple urge with a call to action to click on your advertisement is always good because I know you can’t say everything with this character limit, so you want your visitor to click on your website and learn more about you, your product and service. 🙂

Guys at Unbounce have a given a very good example for this :

ad that convert 5 creating urge

Add a Little Humor

Guys at Wordstream described it very well

“Differentiating your ads from your competitors’ is vital, and humor can be an excellent way to accomplish this. However, what’s funny to one person might be deeply offensive to another, so if you opt to take this approach, be sure to A/B test your ads to see if your prospects get the joke.”

Have a look on this hilarious ad :

ads that convert humor

Numbers or Statistics 

Our human brain always focus on numbers or statistics and it naturally grabs the attention and even the number works for authority too (sometimes).

Let’s have a look

ads that convert 9




DONT’s of Online Advertising Ad Copy :

Now we have some Do’s of Online Advertising Ad Copy, let’s have a look on some of the Dont’s.

Do Not Over Sell

Never Ever Over Sell, Having Multiple Call to actions or if you say too much over selling, is not going to bring you any additional orders, instead this exaggeration is going to hurt you badly and the user will not only have poor brand impression but this will further annoy your user on your brand.

Being Viral is good, don’t forget your brand impression

I know, it’s a great marketing strategy where everyone is sharing your ad copy with humor, laugh or in anyway because it’s getting you exposure or fame, but remember not all fame is good, you need to segment your market and your advertising should reflect the living life style of those. Your main purpose shouldn’t be to go viral rather to deliver a good brand image.

Dont be confused with your goals

You need to be always clear on your goals as what you want your user to do in first place like

Do you want them to…

  • Click an “add-to-cart” button?
  • Visit a landing page?
  • Sign up for a newsletter?


Don’t underestimate the importance of good formatting

Just because you are short of characters, it doesn’t mean that you start writing in short codes, or doing mis-spellings, remember that good formatting and nice presentation of your ad is very important to appeal to your user.

Have a look at this ad, looks like the owner could spend some time on buying a good domain and ad writing.

mis spellings

Conclusion :

While I have spent heavy time and research in writing this article, one thing I have realised in marketing (over years by experience) is that there is no perfection and you always have to keep testing new things, keep on checking your competitors and keep on doing your marketing research, because the beauty of marketing relies in innovation and creativity, so just keep testing.. I have discussed Major Do’s and Dont’s of a good advertising copy but there can be something missed, so you can add it via comments section.

What kind of Advertising Ads Worked for you?

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