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History of Digital Marketing in India

Today in India, a country of over 1.25 billion people, every working professional is obvious to be familiar with digital marketing, whether he he’s a part of it or not. Simply speaking, digital marketing is the way to promote your products or services online. As per Digital Media Institute, it’s targeted promotion of your products […]

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6 Ways to Grow Your Email List without Advertising

Email list building is an essential part of the online marketing and modern day business development strategies. A number of ways are being used to grow the email list. From bloggers to SEOs, Brands to non-profits, entrepreneurs to marketers, everybody seems to be inclined to grow an email list, which is why I thought to […]

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October 2016 Monthly Income Report

“The success lies where people get tired watching you trying over and over again but you don’t look tired. In fact, you show up every day with a smile.” – Hassaan Khan Welcome to the October 2016 Monthly Income Report for This is the 13th Monthly Progress Report of this Blog. The purpose of Monthly report […]

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Things You Need to Succeed as a Freelancer

Congrats. You’re here. It means you want to succeed as a freelancer. (This will make sense somewhere in the article). So freelancers, you want to succeed. Good. I mean you should be, why not you? For those who aren’t very clear about freelancing, let me explain it to them because I want everyone on the […]

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How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Blogging?

So you’re struggling with your blogging. That’s why you clicked on the title that says ‘how to keep yourself motivated for blogging’… There is no issue if you’re struggling with your blogging. We all do at some point. I know and i can understand the amount of expense and time you have spent on your […]

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