Failed at Fiverr? – 9 Exclusive Reasons why you are not making money with this platform.


I have been hearing all around that Fiverr is not working well for some people; many people are complaining that they are not able to get an order for an year or more and then i hear about some people who quit too early.

For me, I feel that out of every 10 people who are going to try at Fiverr; 7 are going to be disappointed and only 3 are going to be successful.

While ago, I also write a guide on 8 ways How Fiverr Can help you to get a job outside, many people liked it; but i received many queries for people who were trying hard enough but they were not able to get success on fiverr.

Below, I have mentioned some reasons why people fail at fiverr, do read them and see where you stand yourself. 🙂

9 Exclusive Reasons Why People Get Failed on Fiverr Freelancing

Make a Goal, If you don’t have one!

no goals

Starting without a goal is one of the worst ways to start your career; be it Fiverr, freelancing or anything, you dont know your goals, targets, what to sell, how to earn, You are going to be a Big time Failure.

So please spare a time, think and setup your goals.

You do not look over your competitors


Besides goal, the second biggest failure i feel is not monitoring your competitors; we need to understand that they are running successfully in the market so they are offering something really attractive; so we need to understand what kind of offers and services your competitor’s are providing; what kind of unique competitive edge they have and most importantly why customers are choosing them, is very important; not only in fiverr but in every field, because not only it helps you in finding your flaws but it will also help you in finding new opportunities; so you get ample of new idea’s in your own field and even you can find new ways to make money.

Value Proposition / Provide a Deal which cannot be refused by a buyer.

value proposition

Make sure you are providing value for money, fiverr isn’t all about just posting a gig and people will come and buy with a close eye, this i feel is another big reason why people get failed at Fiverr, You are not offering the value for money.

Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone) said in God Father,

‘I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse’

So just remember this. 🙂

Time to be serious!


Yes you heard it right, Fiverr is a business, take it seriously. Can’t emphasize enough on how much people i have seen who just failed at fiverr just because they were not serious at all.

Still Don’t Believe me?

I’m saying it because I have seen many gigs with

  • Poor Description.
  • Some gigs do not have a proper picture.
  • Some gigs do not have a video (it is beneficial for giving a good user impression plus it also helps in fiverr ranking).
  • Even Some gigs do not have an attractive headline.
  • Gigs being placed in wrong category or have wrong tags.

Remember, if you aren’t serious about your business, how come you think people will buy your product or take your business seriously?

So what are you waiting for? Start learning on How To Make Money on Fiverr?

You are not fully utilizing Fiverr!

Okay so you joined fiverr, and let’s suppose you are into WordPress. Thats good! But how many gigs you have? Are you going to post just 1 only? when you have the option to start as much as with 7 gigs?

The first reason I will give for having 7 gigs is that it will increase your chances of being hired by x7 times.

With more exposure, variations you can reach more customers and sell different variations of your orignal service or you can offer multiple gigs in your niche; like in WordPress niche, from installation to moving to another server, there are a lot of idea’s on which a gig can be designed.

Mystery Shopper

mystery shopper

Be a secret shopper and find out, how does your gigs sounds like, are you convinced to buy? if you are not convinced, then no one will be able to get them.

They key things you need to note down as a Mystery shopper is

  • Does your gig stand out of the crowd?
  • What factors you think are the reason you will chose your gig over your competitors? I mean whats are the important variables which attracted you in your gig? (it could be your offer, presentation, reviews, deal or anything.)
  • What factors you think are the main reasons you will not buy your product? (Try to list down all the factors, distractions which are hurting your sales, ask yourself why you will not buy your own gig and you don’t need to ask someone for this. )

Please don’t get disappointed!

I will call it, one of the major, even the root of all failures not only on Fiverr; but in life as well that we get disappointed too easily or we lose hope, like being said

‘Many of the Life failures didn’t realize how close they were to success when they lost the hope’.


So please, please, please, do not, I repeat, never, lose hope, things take time and you need to be patient because

“You do not have another option except being successful”

Pre Sales Questions


Often buyers have some pre-sales question before ordering your service; specially if you are new and have less reviews so its your task to convince them and turn your potential customer into a customer; but remember never ever exaggerate.

Not investing in your business

Fiverr is a business, and it’s not a joke! Start taking your fiverr business seriously. You want to earn thousands of dollars from fiverr but yet you are not ready to invest pennies in it?

Time to re-think and find out in what area’s I can invest money in Fiverr?

Well, the best area’s I find you need to invest money is :

  • Get a Good designed attractive image for your gig.
  • Get an explainer video which matches your services.
  • Spend some money on Facebook Ads (Read my step by step guide) or on Adwords [What is Google Ads?] or buy some advertising space in some websites.
  • If you can do a solo email and pay some one to get your gig out to all of there subscribers, it will be great.

Checkout my step by step process on how to quickly start freelancing

Conclusion :

Well, I have just highlighted few of the strong reasons why people get failed at Fiverr, if you think i have missed something do write it down.

For all those people who are failed at Fiverr, what do you think what are the main reasons behind the failure?

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Very nice article; worth reading. You have touched some very important points that most people neglect or does not bother to pay attention to.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Ali,
    I found your article helpful in analyzing my fiverr account. But the thing is that I am following all of these steps but still I am unable to get any sales. I did a tedious job for 30$ just to get a positive review. I got 5 stars for it but still after a month I am not attracting any more clients. I am also offering freebie, have a detail description for the gig, even I have spent money for having a video marketing for my gig but still the clicks and views increased hardly by 10. Kindly help me in this regard.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hello,

      There can be several quick tips to overcome this.

      1) Make Sure you edit your description and gigs daily, this will help in ranking too.

      2) Try to be always online at Fiverr, People who are online, there gigs get more impressions.

      3) Add videos in your Gigs.

      4) Add new relevant gigs.

      If you are looking for a personal consultation (2hour), You can contact me for that too.


  3. Hi Ali, the dialouge
    “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” is not from Dark Knight.Its from my all time favourite movie God Father I and Marlon Brando (Vito Corleone)
    was the one who delivered this magical line.
    Please Correct it. 🙂

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