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There are countless reasons when your Google Ads account is (and always is) at risk of suspension, and out of many I picked one topic for the day.

Luckily, this is going to be a successful case study where you will get to see me and my team’s effort to resolve the uncommon reason for Google ads suspension.

So, I am here to share an amazing case study regarding a Google Ads account which was suspended due to the site being compromised.

Now, this is different from your account being suspended. The account was actually not suspended rather the Google Ads were disapproved of for the compromised site.

In case you do not know that we provide different working solutions for the compromised site, malicious software, unreliable claim, destination not working, ad suspended for circumvention, and any such reasons.

So, this was the reason we ought to create one more case study regarding this severe issue most of the Google Ads account owners face in the wake of a site being hacked/compromised.

Continued Failure of Appeals to Google Ads

First thing first, I am going to show you the original Ads account where you can see the client started to sort the ads out for the compromised site.

But they actually failed in many appealing attempts. They failed in August. Then they failed again in September. And the appeal also failed on 7th of October, 2013.

Client Finally Handing Over the Case to Us

After so many failed attempts, they handed over the case to us in helping them sort out the problem for the ads to get disapproved.

Yes, it is not easy for the site owners to sense, detect, and fix what Google suggests. Sometimes they are easy to spot, sometimes the case gets trickier where the traces are impossible to detect.

Then comes the turn of handing down your case to the professionals. And at the time of fiddling with Google Ads specifically, we are your go-to guys to suggest, fix, and provide you with the best solutions for safe operation in the future.

We Failed As Well….

Me and my team commenced with the case and tried to get the issue sorted. But we also failed. And you can see we have had 3 failed attempts as well registered

Know that it’s always a team effort, so my team decided to take a manual route to fix things up.

Our Strategy Proposed by the Team: Investigating Coding and Shopify

Manual investigation and we, the team, opted with two options;

First, we contacted Google support on our own as the team commenced with the manual review by sending them an email. Know that the account is an established one and has huge spending hitting the mark of more than US$ 3.5m, and has been in use for a while so we were quite confident as the client would not be having any issues at all.

While we were sending the email to Google, we ran through the discussion within the team for our own traces to the issue for the possible sorted out reasons.

Secondly, we had to go through Shopify, we also looked into GSC (Google Search Console) for any current and past errors.

Upon finding nothing from all of the above, then we dug deep into coding. Also used several malware scanning software but know what? We eventually did not find any issues with the site using those tools and scanners.

But that does not end here — we found the coding to be disturbing. So, we thoroughly investigated the issues, starting with Shopify, with the thought some apps were eventually causing the problem.

Commencing our manual research with coding, we went through extensive investigation step-by-step, app-by-app to find the trace of the possible epicenter of the issue.

Gladly, that was not such a case with the majority of the apps and codes looking just right.

Detecting One Suspicious App

But we found out just one app that got us suspicious. We were not actually sure that this could be the reason or we were like “Okay! This could be or this could be not.”

All in all, we were super confused with this app.

Google’s Not Responding to the Query

On the contrary because we are a Google Partner company and you know because when we sent an email to them and another email specifying the app to be a possible culprit but surprisingly we got no reply from Google by far.

So, we were like what could have happened because we have a good dedicated Google rep as well but you know we tried a different strategy over here.

Change of Plan: Play-in with Test Account

We basically employed a service strategy, so what we did was we had several test accounts and then we tried creating that same ad over there (which our client has) as well and the same thing happened: the ad was disapproved…

The ad had the same issues as the premium account (client’s one.) The third error from the screenshot below, shows a compromised site resulting in failure.

We raised another support request from this test account. Now we were having two same requests for the same site from two parallel Ad accounts.

Google Finally Emailing Back to Us [Dedicated Support]

Since our account is issued from our Google Partner MCC thus we have the privilege of priority support, so we got an email from Google which you can see from here.

The notable part from the email reads; “Hi! Thank you for your patience!

I understand your concern about disapproval ads for your Google Ads in account 704*******

With that said, we can confirm the latest scan of this domain came back clean and the domain is free from malvertising violations.

The domain should be fully re-enabled to serve ads once the system synchronizes in a few hours (it can take up to 24-48 hours.) We recommend re-uploading the ads for faster processing.

At the original account, since they had various failed appeals, the ads needed to be re-run. Upon navigating to the “Policy Issues” tab, the ads automatically went to the “Past Violation” which means the ads are no longer suspended but rather passed.

And you can from the below screenshot, on our test account the client’s domain is now approved.

So, this is another successful case study regarding the disapproved ads and you can see the ads are mostly eligible.

For those who do not know what “Past Violation” is. Well, it simply speaks those ads that were disapproved in the past and now lo longer require approval but they have classified as “Past Violation” in order to run/re-activate them knowing whether you should be ready to spend more on the olds ad or not.

Since we cannot re-activate the ad without client’s approval, we wanted to show you an approved version of the disapproved ad from our test account, and also the email we received from Google discussing everything about the issue is no longer being detected on the websites and is free from malvertising violations.


Originally in our case, the ad was suspended due to the site being compromised and I have seen many cases where websites are suspended due to malicious software, unreliable claims, circumventing systems, destinations not working, Ads disapproved due to misrepresentation and many other cases.

How Can We Help You?

In case your Google ads have been disapproved of for any of such reasons, me and my team can help to sort your problem out.

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