How to Make Money with TikTok in 2023

how to make money online with tiktok

If you get a chance to name the most-known and the popular mobile app, which name should swiftly strike back to your mind?

And what if you are given with the hints to name the app that is so-entertainment-rich?

Are you getting the name as of yet? Oh yes, you are so close to guessing it right!

Well, it is about the TikTok. 🙂

Earn Money Online With TikTok 2023

Almost every youngster and avid mobile users who love entertainment do know well about TikTok.

People do use TikTok for the pure entertainment purpose, and their input often does take off as the viral piece of entertainment content to surpass the social media’s limits.

So and being the most popular amongst the masses, TikTok can effectively be used to bring you the business or if we say, the money.

Yes, you do have to chance to make money with TikTok.

What are you going to learn and adapt with this piece of content that is exclusively dedicated to TikTok

And what this all blog post is going for about? To streamline the strategy that will show you the purest and most authentic process to reveal how to make money with TikTok.

Worry not like all of the legit ways you would reveal with to make money with TikTok.

And we have this process that will enlighten you with what TikTok is about and how to make money with it.

Let’s know the breakdown of the critical notes;

  • What is TikTok? The brief history of the short-length videos’ creating app!
  • The true stats of TikTok
  • The real ways of making money with TikTok

What is TikTok? The brief history of the short-length video’s creating app!

TikTok that targets the teenage, previously known as, is the popular lip-syncing videos filled with comedy and talent.

Generally, a TikTok video goes for the length of from 3 seconds to a maximum of 15 seconds.

However, the same TikTok with the name of Douyin that is specially launched to target the rising Chinese market but the difference with the Douyin is the different set of servers to meet with China’s censorship policies.

With the best targeting the teenage audience throughout the world (except China), that was the core reason of the sudden boost in popularity which TikTok achieved within the short period.

The true stats of TikTok

Now we should find out the exact stats of TikTok to estimate its value, performance, and the expansion that would get us to know how well it can help in setting up and assessing our expectations to make and earn money with TikTok.

Inauguration of TikTok: September 2017

Developed by: ByteDance

ByteDance purchased November 9, 2017

TikTok’s merger with August 2, 2018

Availability of TikTok in languages: 33 languages

Operating system TikTok supports: iOS and Android

Type: Free video sharing app

Installs: Up to 100,000,000+ as of today

According to Wikipedia, the valuation of the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance stands at around US$ 75 billion, and that makes it the world’s most-valued startup ever.


And we can evaluate the user base touching to up to 500 million active monthly users, making it the one fastest growing and leading application under the category of video.

That is the core area (the user base) to check when it comes to evaluating the power and usefulness of an application.

Reference to that pretty simple stats done by MediaKix;

That pretty straight uptick for the user base counts, you can see how rapidly it is gaining popularity versus Instagram and Snapchat and indeed indicates you to start capitalizing on this entertaining platform.

The real 7/seven ways of making money with TikTok

The earning out of TikTok is done through different and multiple ways.

They are accessible and legit. But it requires the right amount of effort to keep going with as well as start expecting the results are generating after some time.

While some of the ways might be instant to get started with, but many would take your time plus the dedication to attract a following and build your profile.

Influence Marketing

social media influence

The day you install, register, and start using the TikTok app; well, that does not mean you have turned out to become the influencer. Or that you are up for becoming the influencer in a matter of days.

Well, it is not like that nor an easy task.

Firstly, you got to have thousands and thousands (sadly, not a few hundred) of followers on TikTok to fall under the radar of fetching the attention of the community.

And for that, you should come up with the unique idea to make your videos, upload them frequently, and stick to that cycle.

Celebrities are the god-gifted influencers without a single doubt. But, an ordinary person cannot be.

I meant I am not outpowering you to become influential. Yes, you definitely can! But to do that, it would take a lot of energy, time, patience, and of course, the determination to become one.

You cannot beat Britney Spears due to the same factor; popularity, but you can overcome so many competitions with your ideas.

Get yourself towards the following good mark of attaining a few thousand through the organic and ONLY organic ways.

And that is only possible when you have your ideas, your thoughts, and most importantly, your own opinion.

  • A prankster will attract the audience that love (or at least like this domain.)
  • A movie reviewer will get the attention of the audience that is movie-goer.

So, what you are? What kind of opinion did you get to show and guide the world with?

If you aspire some in the real world, why not give it a try into the virtual world as well?

But please, do not just try to fake it or gain or maintain through the flukes of luck. This has to be done all the way legal.

And when you have it (the right and live audience according to you) which listens to your opinion; start with the recommendation of services or products which brands would be glad to compensate you for your advocacy of their products and the services.

So, that is this easy to become the influencer and thus, conduct the influence marketing with your authoritative TikTok account.

The four/4 big accounts that TikTok have;

@lorengray – – Loren Gray >> 33.1m followers

@babyarielBabyAriel >> 29.8m followers

@kristenhancherKristen Hancher >> 23m followers

@jacobsartoriusJacob Sartious >> 20.9m followers


cross promotions

And cross-promotion cannot be capitalized with only the monetary gains, please.

It means do it on the “you promote me, and I will promote you” basis.

And the promotion is done through various options…

  • Make a whole video about other TikTok account
  • Share their account
  • Mention them through their products/services
  • Add their logos in your videos
  • Place the dedicated stickers to promote them
  • Wear the promotional t-shirts or hats showing or representing their names

And any other cross-promotional ideas that you can devise.

In return, get precisely the same done by them to promote you.

Deals for brands

deals for brands

Wherever a social media network is boosting and tearing apart all of the progressive barriers, the brands do pay attention to take full advantage.

And TikTok is the brand that attracts a lot of younger audience to feed them with the entertainment-rich content. And with the rapid speed of progress of TikTok, the accounts that are generating the great content relevant to their audience and ultimately growing themselves, they often come under the radar of big brands.

So, that is your time!

Take full advantage of your efforts and hard-spent days to make your account to grow and charge the brands with an outstanding amount to promote them.

Charging a few hundred bucks and even thousands of dollars would make no difference to the brands, but! But always keep the negotiating door open.

Put aside your ego and think of striking a good deal out of it.

The brands always pay, so grow your TikTok account to grab the brand’s attention.

e-Commerce business


Enthusiastic of the cars? Wear fancy clothes?

Always fond of getting the great-looking watches? Love the interior decoration?

Whatever you do, and you are inclined to make the content about the same; then hop over this portion of monetizing your own TikTok account.

Get the products yourself, use, and give the honest review and ultimately, start to promote that.

Yeah, not anyone’s product I am telling you about to think of promoting as the e-Commerce product to sell but your own. Get it promoted and see what reactions you receive from your audience. If good and people are interested in buying from you, do that to pack and ship to the person’s address.

This way, you are not promoting other products to gain the sizeable commission. Sell your own and grow your business being operated through TikTok.

Affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing new

That is the earning avenue that will never die. Whatever the social media network or anything you use online, there are indeed the inevitable chances of doing the affiliate marketing the right way.

Though you may devise the few simple ways to do the affiliate marketing through TikTok. And I would suggest promoting the products through filming the video covering every aspect and the features that particular product hold.

But that is only possible if you have the enormous and real fanbase that you know is relevant to what you are going to promote as the affiliate.

You should not destroy the fanbase by recommending and coming up with the relevant product/service. The link that product/service up into the video’s description to get your audience flooded towards and count the commissions! 🙂

Reminder, please! Get the relevant AND only relevant products/services to promote.



Shoutouts are generally given at the time of starting the video, though it would not look okay to flood this short-lengthier videos you can still try.

So, talk with other TikTokers to get them interested within this offer of shout-outing them in your videos. But that offer will work best if you have the right amount of fanbase and offering this service on the affordable price range.

Enjoy the shoutouts that will pay you!

Sell your own


It does familiarize with the e-Commerce business step, but it is a little different here. Sell whatever you have that can be beneficial for your fanbase. Anything in particular that you have in excess do try to politely and softly attempt to sell.

That could be risky, but it is worth a try, and you must not DO it every other day. Take the time delivering the best content to your fanbase to keep them engaged with you and do a single video based on the stuff that you want to attempt to actually sell.

Thus, target the ‘how to’ kind of videos to attempt with this try to test how this experience goes. Or do the few frames at the very end of such videos to feature whatever you are to sell.

Additional Resources


So, that concludes our best post for ‘how to make money with TikTok.’ And we came up with 7 real ways that can make you earn out of TikTok.

But believe me, earning from TikTok is not an easy task for sure.

All it requires the enormous fanbase, the following to build up first before even trying your hands with anything.

So, come up with the best content that is funny, informative, and entertaining (according to the target audience and your interest that you want to dilute) to actually build the fanbase/following through ONLY the organic ways.

You should NOT attempt to fake the fan base count. And if you do, you are not going to take any advantage then.

Go slow but go real and see how TikTok will explode your fan base to easy up your earning methods!

May the shower of money be upon you, amen! 🙂

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