5 Steps To Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

How to Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

Have you ever thought about how e-commerce sites and blogs convert visitors into customers?

You can turn your website visitors into paying customers, but you have to prepare your website to make that happen. The statement “turn your website into a sales machine” refers to the idea of optimizing your website so that it could produce sales and make profits.

Turn Your Website into a Sales Machine

This article is relevant to those companies, entrepreneurs, and services provider who have already figured out their products or services, and they’re already selling it online.

If you haven’t set up your website or haven’t figured out what to sell online, then you should bookmark this article and read after you choose what you want to sell.

So turning a website into sales machines requires three things:

Product Awareness

Product awareness means how much you know about different aspects of your product or service. It doesn’t limit to just knowing about your products, but instead, you must use the copy and design of your website to display the details and information about your product to let everyone know about it.

Clarity about the Audience

You can’t target everyone out there so clarity of your target audience would help you get more sales. When you know who is your prospective audience, you could design the marketing tactics and sales strategies accordingly. So try to understand your target audience as much as you can. You can do that by reading their feedback, comments, and messages. Plus, you can use online survey tools or create polls on social media from time to time.

Engagement Strategies

Engagement strategies are a combination of marketing and engagement methodologies that one needs to adopt for attracting, engaging, and converting the website visitors into customers. Content creation is a vital tool for engagement, but if it doesn’t help the audience, it won’t work out. Similarly, social media doesn’t bring sales by just sharing content, but you have to build a community and contribute to them for making their lives better. It’ll help you engage and convert the fans into customers.

So these were three essentials of turning a website into a sales machine.

Let’s move forward to the steps that are required to make this happen:

#1: Build a Clean and Optimized Website

A lot of people underrate the value of a clean, good-looking, and optimized website. They think the website design doesn’t matter so they should focus on the advertising and promotional side of the marketing to get the sales. If you want to sell through your website, you have to ensure that your website has a decent look. The reason is that if website visitors are not staying on your site, they won’t be buying either.

Good website design always attracts people to stay longer and explore the contents of the site, which increases the chances of conversion. And if you want to get compelling web design, you can hire graphic design companies to produce that for you.

#2: Utilize Different Call-to-Actions

A call-to-action (CTA) is a feature that reminds a visitor about an option or helps guide the visitors to navigate through the website. Utilizing call-to-action features come in different forms, for example, you use a CTA on the opt-in forms, popups, and exit intent.

When you’re trying to turn your website into a sales machine, you have to carefully mention the CTA buttons and option that remind people gently about the products you sell. If you bombard visitors with call-to-action buttons, you’d lose the visitors interest into your website. For example, you can use a banner on the sidebar that links to your product page, then you can add a popup form that tells about the offer, and later on, you can use a call-to-action at the end of the articles to make sure that visitors stop by your product page.

You can’t convert visitors without pointing them to your product or sales pages, which is why call-to-action buttons are essential in getting online sales.

#3: Collect Email Addresses through Opt-in forms

The most successful bloggers and online marketers consider collecting email addresses as one of the most important strategies to get sales. The reason behind this strategy is that they get to connect with the readers and visitors on a deeper level when they sign up for the newsletter.

Now, it doesn’t happen that easily as there are different ways or stages to convert visitors into email subscribers. First of all, you must be delivering valuable content or useful freebie to collect email addresses. When you solve a problem of the audience, you get a chance to build your email list fast. So find a problem and solve it for the people out there and do it for free. This way, people would fall in love with your work and try to connect with you through your email list just because they won’t want to miss what’s coming next.

#4: Design Sales Landing Pages to Cater to the Audience

Landing pages are extremely useful when you want to convert a segment of the audience into customers or subscribers. The reason is that every subscriber won’t be interested in checking out the landing page you have linked to. Therefore, only a section of high-interested people would click on the landing page CTA to check it out. So when the visitor lands on the landing page, you have a greater chance to either sell the product or convert the visitor into a subscriber, who might buy in the future.

The whole point is that why would someone click on a landing page link to open up. The answer is that you should use your opt-in bribe or lead magnet that people would love to consume. It could be a checklist or ebook that your audience would want to know. Let’s not forget that the landing page copy is also an essential part of the sales machine. If you are not using the copy, it means you are not communicating your product details to the audience. So use the landing page real estate to talk about things that your audience might be interested in reading.

For example, SEOs and bloggers love to know about creating backlinks or ranking an article. If you create a free ebook on that and use the landing page to distribute it, then you can get a lot of traction.

#5: Publish Useful Content Revolving Your Products

Most companies don’t even have a blog so how they could be convinced to create useful and relevant content for the audience. If you don’t have a blog, you’re missing out a lot of opportunities to engage, attract, and convert the visitors.

The point is that when you publish useful content on the subjects that your audience is likely to pay attention to, you get a chance to communicate with the prospective audience. Therefore, you could inject your products or offers or discounts attract the audience to check out your products as well. However, the relevancy of the subject matter and your product would be the key to the success of this strategy.

For example, if you’re selling helmets for bike riders, but publishing content on car driving, then it won’t work out until you start writing content about bike riding safety measures.

Your Turn

So I have shared five ways to turn your website into a sales machine. You can try out these strategies and see how they work for you in acquiring more customers because they don’t just work for me, but also many digital marketers around the world.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me something:

What are you likely to try out from the above-mentioned strategies?

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