Top Fiverr Alternatives (2024)

top fiverr alternatives

We all know that Fiverr is a great platform for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, it’s a great deal to hire someone to take the hassle in $5 and for freelancers it’s a great way to show your talents and skills to the world and cash it. Even I’m personally, great admirer of Fiverr. Fiverr has helped directly or indirectly, millions of people to get a job, some are working part time too.  For those who don’t know about Fiverr, it’s a simple platform where sellers show the services they offer via uploading a gig. The gig price starts from $5.

Why read about Fiverr alternatives?

  • Analysing Fiverr (Pros vs Cons)
  • This article will discuss various other Fiverr Alternatives
  • Reselling other platforms services on each other. (Twist)
  • My Thoughts and Your Opinions.

Best Fiverr Alternatives

Like being said, never put all your eggs in one basket, I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t rely on a single source of income but i have been counter agreements too where the point is, rather becoming jack of all, be a master. Whatever your side is, I still believe, having presence on online multiple sites can bring multiple opportunities.

Analysing Fiverr :


Before moving further, let’s discuss and analyse some positive and negative aspects of Fiverr.

Advantages of Fiverr :

  • Great Platform specially if you are trying to make money online
  • Has the most buyers
  • King in his own category
  • Recently started complete gig service package, which is a great addition.

Disadvantages of Fiverr :

  • High Fees
  • Poor customer support, there are a lot of things which can be improved here.
  • Difficult to start for new comers, this leaves the option for starters as entirely difficult to jump in.

Obviously the disadvantages are the reason why you will look for the Fiverr alternatives, but their is something more to it. I’m not saying you to divide your attention to multiple streams of income rather i’m suggesting you to promote the same set of skills to all platforms. This way you can attain more clients as well, you have backup streams of income too. (No body know’s when fiverr suspends your account, even if it’s get restored, it will be days of downtime.)

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Still not convinced?

Imagine you are earning $1000 a week and suddenly there is a trouble with your fiverr account, some one hacked your account or post negative reviews or imagine fiverr being down (highly unlikely)

So what are your chances of survival? let’s say the issue only took you a week, but you actually lost $1000 of earnings right?

Another side of story : Imagine you earn $1000 per week from fiverr and you still have 15 hours free every week due to less orders however if you were trying to acquire customers from multiple sources, the situation could be different. Suppose you charge $10 per hour, even at this price, you were losing (10 x 15) $450 amount per week, had you been looking for fiverr alternatives and getting jobs via that way, the story could have been completely different.

Must Read Articles about Fiverr

So let’s get back to the topic, let’s have a look on some of the cool alternative options to look for :

Top Best Fiverr Alternatives

PeoplePerHour – [Best Fiverr Alternative], I have many reasons to like Peopleperhour, one of them can be the quality of clients i get from PPH, they out-stand others in terms of decency and matureness. Black sheep can be every where, but i found this platform much better in terms of client types. If you are a buyer or a seller, do join this site. Click here.

You can read about PPH (People Per Hour) at Wikipedia.


Upwork – [Great Fiverr Alternative], Formerly, Now known as Upwork, after Elance-Odesk Merger. Upwork is a famous freelancing platform and a great fiverr alternative. If you haven’t signed up here yet, then let me tell you to do it,  over 1 billion USD business is being generated here annually just through freelancing. The site is being used by top professionals, industry experts and has a high authority in it’s niche.

As per statistics mentioned on their website. They have 10 million + registered freelancers with over 4+ million clients.

The negative side i feel about Upwork is that they charge high commissions on each job (10%) and if they can improve their support a little bit.

Fivequid – [Fiverr alternative with same pricing structure]


Fivesquid is also a great alternative to consider. Fivesquid is primarily focused to UK market. The website is quite similar to fiverr and they charge £5 to £50 for services. Their website have mostly SEO related services but you can sell anything you want. If your service is focused for British market, then you need to have a look on this website. This website also specialises on graphic design reviews with huge number of sellers selling Graphic designing related services.

According to Wikipedia, All micro-jobs fall within 4 payment structures of either £5, £10, £20 or £50.

  • Alexa Rank : 47,067.
  • My Recommendations : 7.5/10


SEOClerks is a real deal for anyone who is selling SEO related services. If you are selling seo related services or planning to sell in this industry, I would recommend you to have a look on it.

The downside is, that most services here are inexpensive, so i feel the margins will be less as compared to Fiverr, but if you are a buyer, you will find it great. In anyway, it’s worth your attention.

  • Alexa Rank : 15,826
  • My Recommendations : 7/10 (The reason why I’m deducting points here is because it’s mostly deals in SEO related services only and has a downward trend in Alexa.)

Freelancer – [One of the oldest Fiverr alternative] launched in 2009 successfully caters more then 18,807,128 users. Marketers can successfully buy or sale their jobs or skills there. A great alternative to fiverr which has been around in market for years.

The downside I feel about this platform is that, they are a little greedy, takes 10% of commission on each job, take money for each test you take. They have different membership plans too but the biggest drawback with them is that, if a client hires you for a project and even if he didnt paid you yet, the amount of commission 10% is already be charged from your account.

I still remember, when i first opened my freelancing career and it was with this website. 🙂


Imagine getting all the love and same services of Fiverr, at 20% less? Great? Fourerr prides themselves in being a Fiverr alternative which is not only a buck cheaper but has a great user friendly design too.

Payments and withdrawls is through Paypal, which is a turn off for those who don’t have a Paypal Account.

  • Alexa Rank : 101,784
  • My Recommendations : 6.5/10 (The low number of traffic and 20% fee’s is a huge disadvantage.

Gigbucks is another cool fiverr alternative but lately i haven’t seen it working as effectively as it was before. The policies are almost same as of Fiverr. The downside i feel is that it was once posted on Flippa for selling. So don’t know if it’s sold or not and if it’s sold, how is the new management.

  • Alexa Rank :  60,558.
  • My Recommendations : 6.5/10

99Designs Alternative

Twist you can do with fiverr alternatives

One cool strategy I would like to mention here is that you can resell services of one platform to the other, let’s say you select some top services on Fiverr and sell it on Fivesquid, PPH or at Upwork and vice versa. It always doesn’t work and you need to have a strong profile to do it, but i just wrote thinking maybe it’s of use to someone.

Your Turn on Fiverr Alternatives!

If you are going to start working on any of the above mentioned site but still the confusion of How to start, When to start etc, then make sure to check my complete guide on starting the freelancing carrier.

Collectively, all these platforms present an opportunity for efficiency, output and consistency at the tip of your fingers quite literally.

Are you working with platforms other than Fiverr?

What do you think about Fiverr alternatives? Like being said, never put all your eggs in one basket, it’s always a good idea to maintain some good profiles at multiple platforms What do you think on this?. If you have to select the alternative of Fiverr, which one you will select?

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  1. You have some really great posts here, i have read few of them, but thoroughly enjoyed reading them and learned a great deal of things, keep it up the good work.!

    1. Right said, actually everyone is trying to make money, thats what fiverr is doing now a days. The unique competitive edge they have over market is, there name, branding and ample of buyers.

  2. Great Alternatives! By the way I would recommend Freelancers to start their own site and provide services their. This way you build a brand. It is little difficult but It is a good idea.

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