11 Reasons You Should Start Blogging!

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This is the second post of my Blogging series, in the first post, we covered how to start your blog in 15 minutes, lets get back to the post. 🙂

Why You Should We do Blogging?

What if i tell you that, Every day, about 172,800 blogs are createdBlogging today have become more important then before and it’s going to become an essential part of our life. Life was never so tech before then this. Whether one is looking for an advice, wants to share any personal experiences through blogging, show your own critique towards any products, news, story, life or anything, all you need to do is start your own blog and start writing. Blogging is actually a way or better say, a tool to get reactions from the world and indeed it’s a place to say and then heard.

For me blogging is slowly becoming a passion, in fact it’s one of my hobby now to blog and now i regularly recommend to others. I started blogging to see how I see the world, what are my opinion to specific things, sharing my experience and journey with fellow bloggers & digital marketers.

11 Reasons You Should Start Blogging!


1. You will become a writer 

Writing was always a difficult thing for me, I never thought to start a blog and write articles, but contrary to that, I love blogging now and i’m posting at least 1 article a week now, Yes I have been receiving people critique on how bad my grammar is or even some spelling mistakes I did, but thats how we learn and improve.

And did i tell you that becoming a better writer has so much advantages in your life? From writing emails to your boss to explaining your customers, so much can be improved if you have a good command in writing. Even if you have to write a presentation, resume, an ebook or even an anniversary cards, writing plays a key role.

2. Networking

It’s great to socialize and meet new people via your blog, whether it’s through private emails, contacting on social media, comments on your blog, Blogging is one of the best ways to make new connections where geographical boundaries are not a limit, what matters here is meeting like-minded people and sharing knowledge between each others, like we learn from each other. 🙂

3. Trust/Authority 

It’s a great way to become an authority over a particular subject in which you are an expert. People get to know your knowledge, your idea’s, how do you see the world and then eventually you become an authority in the eye’s of your reader on your subject and the best way to do it is to share your personal experience. 🙂

Do check it out an article written by Dee, on 3 reasons to blog about your personal reasons, it’s a must read!

4. To Help People 

People often write blogs to solve problems, I have seen many bloggers who answer people problems, express there own point of view to a particular problem, even if your blog is not a problem solving, still people learn a lot from there experiences, so it’s a great way to help people too.

5. Highlight Social Cause or to help Society

I have seen blogging as one of the most effective media channels to highlight social issues, helping society in some way to make this world a better place, even if your blog is not connected to this niche, you still can make a difference when there is an important cause looking for your support.

6. Make Money Via Blogging 

earn money blogging

There are ample of ways people can blog online and make money, some people earn via sponsored posts, paid ads, Google adsense, amazon, selling consulting etc, etc. (Sky is the limit, if you have a good audience following you.)

However, take the blogging as your passion, money will always come later, whether you earns $10 an year or $100,000 an year, it’s still a pretty nice hobby to blog and it will pay’s you back somehow. 🙂

7. Advertising and Branding 

If you are a doctor, stylist, engineer, plumber, electrician or anyone, it’s a great way to promote your service and get new customers too and even if you have a business, it’s still a great way for new customer acquisitions as well to address pre-sales questions, I mean i can’t emphasize enough on how much it can help you.

8. Long Term Investment

What if i tell you that blogging is your life time asset, a post written in 2008 still belongs to you and if it has ample number of audience, its still beneficial for you.

9. Express your brand

blogging for business

Source : Hubspot

If your blog is about your business or company, it’s another great way to express your brand and tell more insights about your company, marketers who are doing blogging are enjoying 13 times more ROI then other business’s, in fact it can be a great place to share things like how your business is growing, what customers are saying about you, how your company has put there efforts into making this world a better place and a lot more, you can say, it can help too in improving your brand image in the world!

10. You can be viral

viral blogging

If you have something great to share or express or if you have a unique business idea which you want to tell the world about or even if you have a deep thinking and people always under-estimate you, blogging is a great idea, your content can be viral in no time. (Imagine millions of people sharing your content and advertising your blog and making it viral and that too, free of cost!)

11. It’s fairly cheap

You can learn how to start a blog tutorial of mine, yes blogging is dirt cheap, all you need to do is to buy a Bluehost Hosting for 12 months (which only costs $3.49 a month) and they give you a free domain too.

Please stay tuned, the next post is going to be about 14 Essential Settings for your WordPress Blog and after that, I’m going to discuss How to Make Money via Blogging! So a lot more is coming up!

Your turn

What makes you think to write? What are the reasons you blog? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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