3 Tips for Companies Who Haven’t Started Digital Marketing

digital marketing for companies

It is true.

You might be the CEO of a successful textile exporting firm or a chemical refinery, and you’re reading this somehow, which means someone forwarded this article to you or you somehow stumbled upon through Facebook.

Anyways, it’s great!

You’re here. Now we can talk face to face.

The companies are understanding the social media game as well as digital engagement through the internet, they’re thinking that how they can leverage these mediums to gain attention and expand the business.

Here comes the digital marketing.

If you’re a business owner who hasn’t done anything related to digital marketing and want to get into it to stay competitive, then do the following three things:

3 Basic Tips For Companies who haven’t started Digital Marketing :

Build a Website and Blog


You might have heard that, if you aren’t online it means that your business doesn’t exist and it’s TRUE! Get your official website and blog ready as soon as you can. Hire a web designer to do that. Make sure that you must have an official blog. If you follow my blog, you might have seen this tutorial: how to launch a website in minutes. Btw, Bluehost is my favourite hosting company which i recommend to people, in case if you already have a domain and know how to setup a blog in just 15minutes, otherwise you can read my article, mentioned above.

Let’s not get into the difference between the blog and website. Just remember that blog is like a journal or diary that you write and publish online that anyone can access and check out. You would find a lot of companies these days who have their 5-page website up and running. That’s not enough.

Modern-day digital marketing requires a blog, where you could publish content to attract, engage, and convert prospects into customers. There are latest WordPress themes that might have integrated blog feature, which means you don’t have to install a blog on a separate directory. Check out the Elegant Themes.

Pump out Content that Helps Your Audience

developing content marketing writing strategy

The content creation is the core part of the process. Today’s digital marketing is based on engagement and communication, which is different from cold emailing. One of the essentials of digital marketing is content. It can be either video, audio, text, or pictures. You have to choose what you’re good at.

You may not be able to start with everything, but of course, you can add one or two mediums, later on. If you enjoy reading and writing blogs and think this skill or passion can be used for business marketing, then start an official blog and write about service or product. Share what you learned, how you started, and what you’ve achieved. People would react to your content if they find it helpful. So create as much helpful content as possible. For example, if your music is passion, create music and upload on Soundcloud. Don’t just upload 29 songs and wait for something to happen. You must love the process of making and uploading, don’t expect things to happen quickly.

Start Advertising Strategically

paid advertising channels

It’s important to know that you can’t just start a Facebook ad or an Adword campaign just because you have a website or you have enough content published online. Online advertisement requires patience and strategic planning.

One of the lessons you must learn about online advertising is that smart advertisers never keep all the eggs in one basket, meaning, don’t spill all of your advertising funds into a single campaign. First off, think about the right place to target the audience. You must have to decide that where you want to go and try out. Once decided, test out a campaign just to analyze the situation. You might have to try out multiple times with different ads format, design, and copy to see what works for you.

Secondly, if it doesn’t seem to work, then try out social networking ads like Facebook ads or Twitter ads. If A works for your competitor, maybe, B would work for you.

If you have never done an online advertising, my PPC advertising course will help you get through this hurdle and you will be able to learn a lot about advertising the business online.

I also recommend you to checkout a digital marketing tool which will not only help you in looking out on your competitors both organically and in paid marketing but will help you with keyword research as well. -> Semrush Review

Wrapping up

Digital Marketing shouldn’t be a complex topic for those who haven’t started it yet. The mission behind this topic was to give a brief idea of digital marketing to the business owners who might have heard about digital marketing but never got a chance to sit down and actually start something about it.

Digital marketing is a way of online engagement. There isn’t a specific medium to hop on and start doing it. In fact, this is a multichannel engagement strategy which is changing the modern-day marketing.

If you have any query about digital marketing, you can feel free to write in the comments section and I’ll try my best to answer that. So subscribe to my blog, if you haven’t done that.

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